Our Future

I’d like to say thanks to all who have come to read my stories. With out you I would not be here writing. But I would be writing. Today has been a mix bag of weather. The sky got dark, the snow fell enough to cover the ground. Then the sun shone and melted all the snow, and the cycle of dark, snow, sun, and melting continued throughout the whole day. I found it quite funny each time the weather changed. You should have seen it.. Tomorrow is tax day. ‘Yikes..’ I always have that panic attack while sitting with the tax man. “Do I owe…. Do I get a return?” This runs ramped through my mind until the final tally comes along. Really, I believe it is better to get it done than pay penalties for being late. Well, tomorrow morning I will find out our fate. Till then take care of those you hold dear to your heart, and be very safe out there today…

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Hello everyone out there. I hope Tuesday was as enjoyable as mine was. Today turned out to be not a bad day weather wise. The temperature actually rose to six. Tonight on the television the weather man told us that rain and snow was coming our way. What the heck is going on? I want spring to find its way to my little corner of Canada. Today more birds have returned to my bird feeder and it was nice to see them and hear them. The red wing black bird loudly called to me as I filled the bird feeders he watched from the tree limb above me. The starlings spread the seeds to the ground as their mates gobbled the seeds up. The lone dove that is here in my garden picks at the ground eating any morsel he can find. I sat one afternoon in my living room and happened to look out my sliding door window to find the dove looking in the window of the sliding door. That was an amazing sight to have experienced. I am truly blessed. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there on the road ways.

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Who’s that girl….

Hello everyone. I trust that your monday was a great day and as we travel through this week of April. The snow here in my little plot in Canada has taken up root and refuses to leave. But I have faith in the sun shine that it will out shine the snow. The flowers will poke their heads from the cold earth. The bees and the birds will return to the garden. The barbeque will be wheeled from its hiding place in the garage. Families will gather to laugh, joke and eat good food. The sun will shine brightly each day except when the rain falls to water the ground. The lakes will warm enough to swim in and do boating on. Summer will be upon us before long. I wish all of you a very happy Tuesday. Take care of those you love, and be safe on the roads.

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Angels Within

Hello, everyone from my little nest in Canada. The out doors are covered with snow and the wind could freeze the nose off of Frosty the Snowman. The sun shine we had last week decided to go south and get the heck outta here. I sure hope it returns really soon as the cold is not my friend. I trust everyone had a wonderful weekend as I did. The Birthday celebration went fantastically and everyone had a great time. The waitress we had is a friend and took excellent care of all of us. I believe there was twelve of us and that was not the whole family. But they were there in my heart. I got to wear a crazy hat that follows the theme of the restaurant. The waiters sang one of their birthday jingles. A good time was had by all. Today is “April Fools Day” Try not to get tricked by anyone today. Take care of the ones you love and be safe out there…..

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My Birthday Tiara…. Very fashionable… :0

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Out of the fog (5)

Hello everyone from my little part of heaven in Canada. This story has been a pleasure for me to write as many others have. I write of the cuff and try to keep my words simple and away from confusion. I have written two hundred and ninty-four post to date. I have enjoyed every word I type into each story. I will keep writing until the day my mind goes loopy on me and I can’t remember where I left my false teeth. Oh I still have my own but those words kind made me laugh. This Sunday is my Birthday and I will be sixty-eight years young. My children are taking me out to celebrate on Saturday, and have promised to have home before I get into too much trouble. I have that little child in me and she keeps getting me in trouble, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So from me to you: take care of those you love and be careful out there on the roads. See you all on Monday….

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Out of the fog (4)

Howdy everyone from my little corner of Canada. I trust that everyone enjoy this beautiful Wednesday. The sun shine was great and it was the warmest we’ve had in quite a long time. It’s a bit cool this evening, but I think that the cool makes it much better to sleep in than the sweltering heat. Oops! I just got that vision of the covers off and the hot flash making me feel like I’m on fire. Oh no!That was just the dream I had last night. It’s pretty bad when you live and dream about them darn flashes. GRR! Today I had a video shared with me from someone and I would like to share it with all of you. If you want to have a good belly jiggling rip-roaring laugh this lady can do it for ya with her comedy act entitled Til Death. Her name is Mrs. Hughes, and you can find her at: dailymotion.com and find her name. I hope you will enjoy her comedy as much as I did. Take care of those you love and laugh loudly anytime you get the chance.

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Out of the fog (3)

Hello there you wonderful people. It’s me Mags, and I’m coming from somewhere in Canada. The day was not too bad today but that darn breeze keeps blowing cold, and I’m not going out in that. My puppies did their lay in the sun today and seemed to enjoy it a lot. I would if I had their fur to keep me warm but I don’t. Thank goodness for that because with these darn hot flashes I would likely explode and god help anyone near me. I have dealt with them for over fifteen years now, and I think the doctor was lying when she told me they can last for up to fifteen years. I must be a different kind of duck from anyone else. Oh lucky me! Tomorrow is vet day for one of my puppies. She is going for needles, nails, and ears. She’s okay just time for a visit. With that said I will have to bid you all a due and wish you all a great day tomorrow.

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Out of the fog (2)

Hello everyone. I hope your Monday was an enjoyable one. The weather here in my little corner of Canada was pretty darn nice today. The sun shine enticed a lot of people into the out-of-doors. The wind was chilly, but that did not stop anyone but me from being outside. Our weather man has promised double digits by Wednesday. But I will believe that when it happens. Take care of those you love, and be safe on the roads.

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Out of the fog (1)

Howdy from my little corner of Canada. I trust everyone had an enjoyable weekend with your families. I had a nice dinner out with my husband on Friday night and laughed and carried on like kids. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a baby shower on Saturday. The shower was for my son and his wife. ‘It’s their first child.’ Which means I will be a grandma again which make the count now seven grand-children. The turn out was great as close friends and family gather to celebrate. There was a game that was kind of weird. A part of a chocolate bar was squished in a diaper and the diapers numbered. The whole point of the game was to figure out what each chocolate bar was, and yes it did look like poo. It was funny watching each lady looking at and sniffing the diaper, and then saying I know that one. You just had to be there to get the full humour in the situation. My son and his beautiful wife had four and a half bins full of baby items. Plus toys and lots of books to read to the baby. It was really a fun time and I enjoyed being there. From me to you be safe out there and see your Tuesday.

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Amateur Sleuths (5)

Hello everyone. Can you believe that we are nearing the end of March already. My how time flies. As far as I am concerned it is flying way to fast for me. Another weekend is coming and we have come to the Friday of this week. I am wishing everyone a great Friday and a great up coming weekend. Here in Canada around where I live there is going to be snow again. We will have rain which is going on right now. The rain is not anywhere near heavy and the rain comes with the warning of freezing rain. Yahoo!!! Let’s go play slip and slide on the streets. NOT!!! Then on top of the freezing rain will be snow. Oh when will spring come?? The mud in the back yard being carried into the house by dirty dog feet. Oh, how I love spring. Thank you for stopping by to read my final addition to this weeks story. There is a possibility that the Amateur Sleuths may return again. I have had people asking for the story to return.. Cute and funny were the words used to describe the stories. Thank you to all those who enjoyed this weeks story enough to ask for it to return.

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