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Hello all you beautiful people out there in the world. I hope you Thursday was as enjoyable as mine. Today is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Thursday was quite a pleasant day and we did not have all the rain that the weather man had mentioned a few days back. Thank goodness for no rain. My heart goes out to all those whos lives have been disrupted by the flooding waters. The waters have started to recede a little, and with that comes the devastation left behind by the floods. I wish there would be some kind of law put forth that would not allow builders to build on lands close to the water. And would have stipulations that have to be followed in order to build in those areas. I wish all of you a great Friday and a wonderful weekend with your families. Take care of the ones you love and be safe out there on the roads….. 🙂 I will see you on Monday with the continuation of Coventry Lake… 🙂  See you then….  🙂

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Hello all you wonderful people in the world. How was every bodies Wednesday, either at work or with your families? My day was pretty great, if you call doing house work pretty great. It rained on and off today but, not near as much as what was expected. We have squirrels that raid our bird feeder all the time. I have done everything I can think of to keep them out of it, but seems to be a loosing battle. They are so cheeky and smart. I have seen them on the deck railing laying on their bellies looking in the patio doors. That’s just too much. I would never hurt them, but it’s frustrating. So I have to tell everyone in , advance, that the battle will be on again this summer. Me against them, and it would seem I loose a lot. It’s makes me smile when I think about how crazy I must look chasing the squirrels with my cane over my head screaming . It’s going to be fun for the neighbors to watch. Well, I have to go, laundry today…. Yahoo! I’m so excited…. Take care of those you love and be safe out there….  🙂  See ya on the flip side…. 🙂  🙂

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Hello everyone out there: Today has been a wonderful day as our dog is going to the vets to have some surgery. She is home laying beside me with her head on my leg. She seem to be breathing a little harder than usual, but that may be the pain she has. She will be okay, but the next couple days will be rough for her. I hope all of you had a great Tuesday and the very last day of April 2019. When we raise our heads from our pillows in the morning we will be starting the month of May 2019. Wow! That’s cool. It is said, that April showers bring May flowers. With all the flooding over the past while, there maybe no flowers left to bloom. Our wonderful weather man is calling for rain over the next three days. With accumulations of one hundred and forty millimeters of rain. I’m not looking forward to that much rain.  I hope our soil can soak up that much rain and not cause any flooding. Well, I got to tend to the puppies. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there….. See ya on the flip side…  🙂

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Hello everyone out there in this big wild world. There is a lot of flooding going on out there, and I wish to ask all of you to help these people out in anyway you can. They need help, and our government, and other governments don’t seem to care about what is happening because of the pollution that has been caused by emissions. Lets all stand together and make a difference. Today was pretty cold in my little corner of Canada. And if the cold wasn’t enough the snow fell again. The was no significant accumulation, which was a blessing. We took out the patio table and chairs in the hopes that spring was here. But no chance…. Well I must be running… Take care of your families, and yourself and be safe out there…. See you all later…  🙂   🙂

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Hello everyone; I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend with their families. My weekend was as fair as it can get for spring. The sun was great when it shone directly on your person, but the breeze was pretty cool. Went downtown for a Birthday celebration to a pub. The building was old but had a lot of old time charm. The two bars took up most of the room in the place. The food was not the best that I have ever had in a pub before. I don’t see anything that would draw me back there. Had roast beef for dinner that melted in your mouth. No potatoes, just coleslaw,  beans and cranberry sauce. A very good diet friendly meal. This will be the the last Monday for April 2019. May 2019, will be here in a matter of a couple days.  Take care of those you love, and yourself…. Be safe out there…. See you all later…   🙂

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Hello all you beautiful people out there: I have survived another day of fluctuating temperatures. I have given into the fact that maybe winter is not over yet. I figure if I just go with the flow spring will come visit and decide to stay. Now, that would be really delightful. It is now Friday and the weekend is right ahead. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with your families. We are now near the end days of April, and will be going into the fifth month of 2019. Wow!! How time flies when you are having fun. I’m wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend, and I will be back again on Monday with a new story for all of you to read. Take care of those you love. And be safe out there on the roads…. See ya all… Later….   🙂 🙂

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Hello everyone: It’s nice to see you back here. I trust you enjoyed your day yesterday. Mine was not too bad. That is until I heard the weather man say that nasty word “Snow.” That really bummed me out. What the heck is going on? We will be at five degrees C with minus three to minus five at night this Saturday. We are heading out to a Maple syrup festival in a little town near where I reside. I guess it will be winter coats and boots that day. But no matter how cold, we will have fun. If the weather is going to be crappy, I feel sorry for the birds that come back to my garden. They return each year, and I enjoy their company. I hope that everyone keeps safe, and takes care of all those you love. I must be on my way… See you later….   🙂  🙂

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Hello everyone out there in this big wide world. I trust everyone had a great day yesterday. I had planned to take a walk with my puppies, but the rain flushed that plan right down the toilet. I don’t know what the weather is doing in your part of this big wide world. Here in Canada the rain has made the ground squishy and wet. As if that wasn’t enough the darn weather man is calling for some snow. “Darn…. I just got into my wearing ‘No coat mode,’ and now I will likely have to wear that darn winter coat again.” I’m not impressed. I just wish Mother Nature would make up her mind on when spring will come to stay. I’m all bummed out because the Leafs lost the hockey game against Boston. Everyone was hoping this would be the year the Leafs would win. But no such luck. Oh well, we are Leaf fans through and through and we will cheer them on next season as we have done so through this season. 😦  Well, I must be running, and I ask that you take care of yourselves and those you love. Keep them safe and healthy….. 🙂   🙂

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Hello everyone: Here we are at the start of a new week after the weekend and Easter is over. Today was one of those days that didn’t call for a warm jacket, and that was amazing. It was the first time I did not have a jacket on. Spring must be finally showing it is here to stay. Well, I must run as the chores are calling me ‘again’. I wish everyone a great day and a light work load. Take care of those you love, and be very careful out there on the roads. See you later…. 🙂  🙂

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Hello everyone. I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter celebration with your family and friends. It’s brings me such joy when my children gather with us and break bread with us. Every time I look at them all talking together, I see how they have grown into such wonderful adults. I must have done something right as I showed them how to be good people. My little grandson Parker has not been born yet and I am patiently waiting to meet him for the first time. It makes me smile to know he will be here soon. The rain did come this weekend and made it quite soggy here. The flooding of areas threw out this world, leaves me feel said for the people whose homes are threatened by the rising waters. Say a little prayer for the water to recede. Take care of your families and your self. I will be back with you all tomorrow….  🙂

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