One in a Million (4)

Hello all you wonderfully, beautiful people: I hope your Wednesday and hump day has been full of love and happiness. There is no other way to go but down from here. Thursday is upon us and Easter will be upon us on Friday. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend, and you enjoy your dinner feast with your families. I have a fifteen kilogram turkey to cook with all the fixings, and a ham to dress up and cook. Needless to say I will be pretty busy on Saturday, as I wait for family member to arrive. Our weather will be rainy and yucky, but we will be inside where it is dry. I  hope your weather will be good for your weekend. Well, I must go and get started with my day.. Take care of the ones you love and be safe out there on the roads….  🙂  🙂

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One in a Million (3)

Hello everyone; I hope your Tuesday turned out as you had expected it to. The week is whizzing by like a car on a race track. Most of the months have been doing that. Heck we are in the middle of the month of April already. Time seems to be going too fast. Today was a pretty nice day, but not near enough nice to start my tanning. This Easter will be rainy and miserable at least that is what our weather man has said. ‘Wow.’ How wonderful is that?  Then if that news wasn’t fun enough there is supposed to be unusually high temperatures this summer. Well, I guess it won’t take me long to crisp out there in the sun. Well, the time is telling me that I must get going and get my house work done. Till tomorrow be safe and take care of those you love….. “Till then.”  🙂  🙂

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One in a Million (2)

Hello, everyone. I hope your Monday was good for you, and you are warm and safe where ever you may live. My Monday here in Canada has been freezing. ‘And I don’t mean cold.’ ‘It’s freezing.’ ‘The wind is so strong that if you weren’t weighted down with winter love handles, you would be blown away.’  “The trash cans can be heard and seen rolling all over the place.’  They have been blown into the road and down the street, while cars dodge then as they drive past.’ ‘I had to hobble out and get my trash can as it was reading it’s self to topple over and go rolling away.’ When I came inside my hair was standing straight up as the wind styled it for me. :-0 The style did not suit me so I brushed it back into place. ‘I’ve had about enough and am seriously thinking of ditching this place and heading to warmer weather.’ ‘Spring… come back… I need a tan.’ I’m so pale that any picture I have taken makes me look very sickly.’  I really hope everyone is comfortable, and take care of your selves and the ones you love… 🙂  I will see you later…

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One in a Million (1)

Good day to everyone who have come to visit with me. Thanks for joining me on this Monday in April 2019.. I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend with your families. My weekend was pretty much uneventful. I did my best to do as little as possible. I believe I achieved my goal… After all weekends are made for relaxing and lazing around on the couch in your pyjamas. I have no idea what your weather has been where ever you may live. Here has been dreadful, cold and miserable. The snow showed up for a bit, and it has been raining all day in my little corner of Canada. Like I said I think spring took a hike and went south. “Why didn’t it take me with it?” Easter will be upon us soon and most of you will have a long weekend which is always very nice. Easter dinner is planned to be here at our house. Easter at mom and dad’s place. That can’t be beat in any way. Short of Christmas of course. I wish all of you a wonderful Monday and be safe when you are traveling down the road ways…..  🙂

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (5)

Hello all you beautiful people. It is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. I hope everyone has a great weekend with their families as I intend to do. Today was too cold to be a spring day. It feels like spring has gone south, and will never come back. My poor flowers are hiding under leaves and will be staying there till the weather gets warmer. I will not clean away the leaves till it is warmer because  butterflies, bees, and other pollinators lay their eggs in the leaves. When you clear the leaves from your garden too soon, you kill all the eggs. There for, leaving us with less pollinators. So, leave those leaves in the gardens alone for a while longer. Well, the house work is calling my name and I must get moving. Everyone take care of those you love and be safe out there in the world. 🙂

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (4)

Hello all you wonderful people. I hope you had a great hump day (Wednesday) and it’s only down from here to the weekend. This week has seemed to pass by quite quickly like all the past weeks. Time just seems to pass by so fast, way too fast for me. One day the month starts and the next thing you know it’s the last day of the month. Today was a pretty quiet day. I did a few over due touch ups to a painting I have been working on for quite sometime now. I have called this painting, ‘Working Hands.’ It is unusual and created by an unusual person. I am my own worst critic and always see some flaw in everything I create. My creations are one of a kind. Along with my writing and painting, and drawing, I keep pretty busy.. It’s too darn cold outside tonight for me and the puppies. I know spring will get here, but when is the question of the day. ‘Soon I hope, before I turn to ice.’ I would like to wish all of you a great Thursday. Take care of those you cherish and be safe out there… See you tomorrow….  🙂  🙂

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (3)

Well here it is Wednesday already, and the air is actually cold today. The darn weatherman says snow is here again in my little part of the world. ‘Snow!!’ ‘Who the heck ordered this.??? I know it was not me.’  ‘It’s so cold and damp here and my bones are not happy.’ My little puppies didn’t even want to go out for any longer then they had to, and I don’t blame them. I’m having fun writing stories that have children in them. There is something about the way children enjoy their fun that seems to wake the child in me. I sit to write and the words just flow from my mind like water falling from the sky. I am amazed about this talent that I never really knew I had. I’m a creative person to start with but writing stories was never something I went after. But since my stroke it’s like this creative talent was awakened. And I’m happy it did . I don’t know where the ideas come from but they are there each day. I can hardly remember what happened sometimes and I find it frustrating. But I’m doing my best to deal with it. Well, I must be going. Take care of the ones you love and be safe out there in the world where ever you maybe……   🙂  🙂

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (2)

How is everyone today? I trust you are all safe and very happy. I sit here with my puppies beside me as I write. The house is silent and the only sound that can be heard is the snoring my pug makes when she is sleeping. And yes she does snore loudly and a lot. At least at night I have the calm feeling of knowing she is still there. I have no idea what is going on with the weather here in my corner of Canada. There are snow warnings from our weather man and yesterday the air had a bit of an arctic feel to it. “Where is spring?  Has it moved somewhere else and left us to freeze?” You know I have to laugh as this happens every year, and come summer we will be wishing for the cooler weather. Makes me laugh! :’-D  Aren’t we fickle people? Well, I must let you go. Have a great day and be safe out there.  🙂

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Papa and Nanna’s Place (1)

Hello everyone. How was everybody’s weekend? I trust you all had a good weekend with you families. It’s been really beautiful today and I partook of sometime outside. The squirrels, chipmunks, and a wide variety of birds have returned again. The red wings black bird call from the tree over my head, and the chipmunk comes and sits on the chipmunk watches me from the deck. The lone dove sits on the deck railing waiting for me to fill the feeder. I love this time of the year as life starts to return in the garden. Well, take care of those you love, and have a good Monday April 8th…. 🙂

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Beach Babies

The weekend has found us again, and I’m happy for that. When I wrote my story for Thursday I found it easy to write. I have a problem with what is happening with our mother earth. I enjoyed that story as it had a special place in my heart. Thank you for reading the story. The darn weather man has done it again. He so politely slipped in the fact that we would have freezing rain first thing tomorrow morning. I know I don’t like that as many drivers won’t. I just say to all those who will be in those conditions to be very careful. I wish everyone a very happy weekend and be safe out there….  🙂  🙂

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