Down for the count..

sick - Copy.jpgUnder the weather….

I hope everyone had a great Friday and weekend. We will be having pretty high humidity levels and hot temperatures for Monday. I hope everyone has a cool place to hang out in… Please keep your pets inside and out of the heat…. Make sure your neighbors are okay and drink lots of water… My head hurts and my stomach doesn’t feel good.. 😦  I have been on the couch most of the day. Cuddled up with my dogs. I know I need to get some rest…. It is with sadness I have to tell you all, that I will not be writing the start of my story today… You take care of those you love, and be safe… Till later.. Keep hydrated…. Till tomorrow…

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Rain (4)

rainy.jpg       Rain pouring down….

This is my next edition to my story for July 5th.

Hello everyone: I wish to say Happy 4th of July to all my readers in the U.S.A. I trust everyone had a great day, and enjoy your up coming weekend. It’s been pretty warm here, and we have done our best to stay out of the heat. Today we had a baby bird fall out of the nest. She was in our back yard calling for her mom and dad. I could see the parents looking for her all along the fence. Once they found her they both gave her food. The baby could not fly high enough to get back in the tree, as her feathers were not long enough. I watched as she flapped her wings as she climbed the tree back up to the nest. Mom and dad were both there to cheer her on. Once she was in the nest I felt a lot better.. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday… Well, take care of those you love and be safe… Till later… Keep cool… 🙂 🙂

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Garden Pics



This is my addition to my story for July 1st.

Thank You for joining me on this first day of July..  Due to our holiday here in Canada. I am just compiling some of my garden photographs to share with everyone out there. To all those in the United States I wish you all a wonderful 4TH of July… Take care of those you love, and be safe out there on the roads…. Till later…. Keep smiling….. 🙂 🙂

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Father’s Day


This is my story for June 17th.

Hello everyone. I wish all the dads, fathers, and those words you may use to describe your father. I hope you all had a great day with your families. My celebrations took a lot longer than we had expected. Because of that I will start a new story tomorrow. Thanks for coming around to visit, and take care of the ones you love, and drive safe… Till tomorrow…. 🙂 🙂

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Detective Files (1)



This is the start of my story for May 27th.

Hello everyone: And how is everyone today. My weekend was fair enough, as I got to plant my flowers in the garden on Friday. Thank goodness I did them then as Saturday was cool, and rainy as ever. It was a day made for ducks, and not humans. I trust you all had a good weekend as well. I hope you had a great time with you families and friends. Today I spent time with our new grandson Parker. He is the sweetest little fella. He seemed to be listening to everything I said to him. His expressions and his jibber jabber was priceless to behold. I would like to say thank youto my son and his lady for a great dinner, and the company. Thanks… I love ya…. Well, I must be moving now… Take care of those you love, and be careful out there….. 🙂  Till later…. Keep it real…..  🙂

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Peanut’s Story (8)

daughyter mom.jpg      MOM and Daughter…..

Howdy to everyone in this wide world: I hope you all had a great Tuesday, and enjoyed the sun shine that kept me warm. My day yesterday was quite nice, and I spent sometime out in the sun shine. The birds seem to have returned to garden after the bad weather we had on Monday. I find pleasure in listening to the songs they sing as they sit on the tree branches. From inside the house I could hear their songs. There is nothing like the sweet sounds of spring to sooth the soul. I think sometime this week I will plant the seeds I have from some of last years plants. I also have a couple trays of plants to put in the gardens as well. Once all the plants start to show off their beautiful colors, I will post some pictures for you all to enjoy… I must get moving… Be kind to others, and protect those you love…. 🙂  Till later, keep it real… 🙂 🙂

This is my new addition to my story for May 22nd:

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Peanut’s Story (7)

Hello to all my readers and friends: The trek home from the places people hung out on this long weekend began yesterday. The roads were backed up with stressed out drivers, who prayed the traffic would start moving and stay that way. ‘Moving’ The amount of road construction has for another season caused havoc on our roads. I myself had been caught in traffic quite a few time this year. Then there are those who come sailing up beside your car then edge their way in front of you without even a signal light on. And don’t get me started on the people known as ‘rubberneckers’.  These people slow down to find out what happened, how much damage was done, who was injured, or killed, and just to see if they can see blood on the road. They are a big problem. That’s all I have to say about that. I wish everyone of you people, a great Tuesday, and relaxation from all the driving stress….. Love the people you cherish, and take good care of ‘you’. For without you, your family has nothing……. Till later… 🙂 See you on the other side of the fence….  🙂  🙂

This is the next addition to my story for Tuesday May 21st:

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Peanut’s Story (6)

lady.jpg       Emptiness….

Hello everyone: Well, Victoria Day has finally come, and I hope everyone has enjoyed their first long weekend. The weather has been fair enough, with a few showers that have made the grass grow tall and green. The dandelions have made many lawns yellow as they bloom in all their glory. As you pass homes on the streets they are covered with the color yellow. It’s too bad that grass could not be as infectious as the dandelion. Can you imagine all the green we would have in our lives….. I seen people in the water at the beach, and all I could think of was how crazy were those people to do that.. I would not be there with them as I find I am very allergic to extremely cold water in a lake…. Call me a wuss… If that is appropriate… Well, I must be running… Take care of those you love, and be safe on the way home today……  🙂  See you Tuesday… 🙂 🙂

This is my latest addition to my story for May 20th:

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Peanut’s Story (5)

Hello everyone out there: This Friday is the beginning of the kick off to camping season. For those brave enough to camp, I wish you fun and be safe. Please do not drink and drive, and do not smoke drugs and drive. The roads will be packed and the police will be out in droves. Please do not make a mistake that you will regret later. I will be here Monday to carry on with this story, as Peanut has much to tell you.  Be kind to those you meet along the way. And take good care of those you love…. TA TA, and enjoy this long weekend….. Catch you on the other side….  🙂  🙂

This is my new addition to my story for May 17th:

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Peanut’s Story (4)

Hello everyone: I hope everyone is doing great and enjoyed your Wednesday. Enjoy Thursday as we are even closer to the weekend. My day was good as there was no rain to speak of. Having no rain makes a day good. As I wrote the last part of my story, I was drawn into the sadness felt by Peanut and her family. I felt like I was standing with them as they prayed. I hope you enjoy… I must go…. Take good care of those you love, and be safe out there… See you tomorrow….  🙂  I would like to apologize for the post for Wednesday. I am working to correct the problems.  Thanks for your patience….

This is my addition to my story for May 16th:

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