Further north

This story starts in a cold freezing place where the wind blows hard and the deep snow is covered in a sheet of ice.

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Water sports

In the warmer times of our seasons, is the time when we shed all those layered clothes. We choose clothing such as shorts, tank tops, sandals or light fabrics to keep us cool.

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I Had A Dream

I had a dream, that you came to me.

I watched as you approached. My mind filled with thoughts of another time.

I looked closely in your eyes, I felt your breath upon my face.

Was this really happening?

I assumed that it was.  Could I be going crazy??  My Mother had me checked as a child.  I know not what the answer was.  So, just maybe I was crazy…

I felt the warmth of your body as we touched. I snuggled into the warmth of you.

Into a sleep, I fell, the sleep that takes you away from all the worries and cares you have in this crazy world. ” I  was in heaven.”  Such a peaceful place.

Time went by so slowly. I could feel my body releasing all the troubles of the day, “I did not want to leave.”

I felt a movement next to me. It was you!  I held my breath. Waiting to see if you were leaving…

A wave of sadness swept over me, like the waves on the ocean.

What would I do without you here?     I had No answers.

I started to raise my head, to see if you were still there.

When all of a sudden!  I felt something on my face.  Wet and sloppy.

“Oh my, what could that be?”

I opened my eyes. There standing front of me was Ginger with all the pack behind her. “This is life, not a dream.”  I was then covered in sloppy wet dog kisses.  Time to get up.


We all dream, be they good or bad ones. I must say that reality is a wonderful place to be…

Just dreaming about wonderful places, beautiful people, and hug your pets…