Thunder above…

DSCN1840 (2).JPG          A downed tree will soon become the home for wild life..

This is my banter for Wednesday September 4th…

Hello all you wonderful people:: I trust your Tuesday was uneventful, and safe.. I have had a good day.. Dried laundry that I had washed the night before.. I took the liberty of cooking a roast chicken dinner, with stuffing, and the works.. It was a nice change from the usual eats we have eaten.. The dinner was later than most dinners.. But the wait was well worth it.. The potatoes had a savory hint of sage and rosemary.. As I write this I can taste the dinner again.. I love to cook meals that bring us all together.. Meals that fill the emptiness within.. For from my table all bellies are full.. Well, it’s time I go out of here.. Have a great day tomorrow, and be safe… Till later.. Speak only the truth.. 🙂 🙂

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Visiting the garden (4)

DSCN1021 (2).JPGUp close and personal.. This is the squirrel who picked the top of our plant and took it away… GRRR…

This is the next part of my story for July 18th..

Hello everyone. I hope Wednesday treated you and families well. I had a pretty good day, even though the day was hot and muggy. I did rain for a bit, which heightened the mugginess. I spent a lot of time inside keeping cool. I did go out and visit my daughter and grand-baby. Parker has grow so much, and is a lot more active then before. He kicks his feet and waves his arms all over the place. His facial expressions are so cute. I miss seeing him. I love the both of them very much..  Well this gal has got to get moving…. Till later.. Keep hydrated… 🙂 🙂

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Visiting the garden (3)

This is a bunny that has come to my garden since she was a baby..

This is my next addition to my story for July 17th.

Hello everyone.. I hope your day was comfortable on Tuesday. We had heat and humidity to deal with, and a couple rain shower. If the heat doesn’t get you then the humidity will. When it’s too hot, we complain. when it’s too cold, we complain. Wow! We humands are fickle little creatures, aren’t we.. The gardens loved the rain that fell yesterday, and that’s a good thing. I wish all of you a wonderful Wednesday. If you are in the heat, don’t forget to drink plenty of water… Till later… Stay cool… 🙂 🙂

All Photographs are taken by myself.. Hope you enjoy them… 🙂

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