Skunk’s here…

DSCN2003.JPGThis is a night photo.. The light on the fence that looks like it has a shade is just a shadow…

This is my banter for Thursday October 3rd…

Hello all you beautiful people:: I trust everything is well with you and your family.. We are all as snug as a bug in a rug.. My day has been pretty laid back.. I cooked up a storm today.. I had home made from scratch chili and spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove.. The house was filled with the comforting smell of food.. When the hubby woke from his sleep he was drawn downstairs by the aroma… As soon as the grandson entered the house after work the smell made him instantly hungry.. I had garlic toast with cheese set up and ready to cook under the broiler.. For dinner I gave the guys a choice of one or the other… They chose both.. The sauce and chili was a big hit.. I did it again.. Well, I’m blowing this popcorn stand.. Take care and be safe.. Till later… Stand up for what you believe in… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.. Thanks for being here… 🙂 🙂

Rain drops…

DSCN2020.JPGThis beautiful horse was grazing on the grass in the early morning..

This is my banter for Wednesday September 25th…

Howdy all you smiling people:: How has your day been?? Mine has been cool and miserable.. The rain drops fell most of the day again.. Pretty soon I will see the plants hiking up their roots just to stay out of the water.. But, the grass is very green and not brown.. I dressed warmly as I was freezing cold.. If I catch a chill it takes sometime to get rid of it.. Once I find my way to bed, I will be warm and cozy.. Snug as a bug in a rug.. Thinking of that.. I do have to go as I have a few things I need to do before heading to that warm cozy place.. I wish you all a safe Wednesday and good fortune.. Till later.. Enjoy life… 🙂 🙂

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DSCN1837 (2).JPG            The clouds are like the strokes of an artists brush..

This is my banter for Thursday September 5th…

Hello everyone:: What’s up with all of you?? I hope the weather is treating you well.. I send prayers out to those effected by Hurricane Dorian.. I have seen a few photos of the devastation that has been inflicted.. The wrath of these types of storms is unthinkable.. They return each year and leave little standing in their wake.. I pray that all government leaders will send aid, and funds to help those left alive.. To rebuild what you have lost is heart breaking.. Let’s all give as much as we can to help.. Take care and be safe.. This gal is on the move.. Till later.. Keep your head above water… 🙂 🙂

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Visiting the garden (10)

DSC_0304.JPG    Even the tiniest of flowers can attract crowds…..

This is the last part to my story for Friday July 25th.

Hi everyone… The heat has struck the world again. This weekend will be quite warm and sticky. If you are a lot like myself, people will find us inside by the fan that blows the most cool air. I do not like the humidity. I have this thing about my clothes clinging to my sticky body. It feels like, trying to get dressed after stepping out of a shower. And not getting dried off enough. Just one of those things I’m not finding, my most fondest thing to do. I hope that if it is hot where you live, that you could do me a favor. Please make sure there is water outside for the furry, feathery, and hairless critters that depend on us to help them stay a live. Bring our pets inside, and out of the heat. Hydrate often, check on seniors, and your neighbors to make sure they are okay.. Lend a hand when ever you can…. Someone will appreciate you for it… Till next week.. Have a great weekend and Friday…. Be safe… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Thanks for being you… 🙂 🙂



Lazy Daisy (2)

DSC_0211.JPGBeautiful flowers…..          Photo by: Mags.

This is my next addition to my story for June 19th.

Hello all you wonderful people: I hope everyone had a great Tuesday. The weather here was the best warm, sunny, and no rain. Our day was pretty busy. Two of our pups had to see the vet. One for needles, and the other for an eye problem. One of the tests for the eye problem was a florescent gel put in the eye to detect and ulcers. None were detected. Thank goodness for that. That test took a full five minutes and cost us ninety five dollars. The total bill, came to a grand total of five hundred and fifty three dollars. I almost had a heart attack.  I even asked the girl “how much” a couple times. Holy crap. I think when I live my life over again I will be a vet. That job pays really well. After that was all finished with we had dinner with our son and his wife, and our grand daughter who had just graduated. It was a beautiful end to the day.. Well, take care of those you love, and be safe out there….. Till later… Don’t take any wooden nickels…. 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for topping by…. 🙂 🙂

Lazy Daisy (1)

DSC_0394.JPG  Daisies are beautiful…..   Photo by… Mags.

This is my first addition to my story for June 18th.

Hello everyone out there: On Moday I sat and watch the reutrn of the Raptors to Toronto, Canada. The parade took longer than expected, due to the amount of fans that packed the streets, and Nathon Phillips Square. The crowds were bigger than most could have expected. The roar of the fans could be heard through out the city, as it was carried on the wind. I had sat on the edge of my seat as I watched the win play out, as many others did. I felt the same pride for our team as others did. Our Rapters won, and were bringing the trophy home to Canada. The hype around the win was over whelming. I say, “Congratulations to the Raptors” for the win they brought home…. Till later… Keep smiling… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS. Thanks for being here…  🙂 🙂