Margo.jpg         This is my fictional story about a girl named Margo…

This the first part of my story for Wednesday December 11th…

This day has been one of snow again.. It’s minus 11 outside and you would freeze off you fingers if ya didn’t have a warm gloves… Tonight or tomorrow is going to be a carbon copy of today (Tuesday)… We went out to the Mandarin this evening to celebrate a birthday.. It has been along time since we have been there to eat.. The price has gone up like all places now… It cost near 30 dollars a person… Now I’m not one of those people who can eat that kind of food… The place is raking in the money for sure.. And we can’t even take home a doggie bag for Fido… What’s this world coming to????

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Darkness 2…

death.jpg                   The reaper will be waiting…

This is my post for Wednesday November 27th…

I hope you have all had a wonderful day on this Tuesday? My day was good again, and the sun shone really warm and bright… Right now it is freezing outside… I let the dogs out and had to get on my heavy sweater just to go out with them.. I had a pretty good chill going on after being outside… There is a chance of snow coming to visit us over the next week… “Crap I’m not wanting to be plunged into winter weather again.. Be safe out there, and be good… 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Have a great day on Wednesday… 🙂 🙂

I’m here again…

DSCN2902.JPG     Through the frost bitten window…

This is my post for Wednesday November 13th….

As you can see by the photo above… Our snow has not stopped falling and is predicted to keep on coming down until Saturday… That could all change in a blink of the eye, as storms do change direction.. It’s fine to predict the weather ahead of time… I once seen a forcaster say it was snowing heavely around our city and the out lying areas.. I looked out the window to see the storm, and to my surprise not a snow flake had fallen on the ground in my area.. I must say, “why don’t news rooms have windows to the outside.. Then they could really see what is happening outside.. Reading the forcast from a machine is okay and used often… But the machine is very seldom right.. That’s how the forcast is done… At least we have a good laugh when the forcast is not right.. The weather is a sensetive action of our hurt planet, and climate change.. You know, everytime I see a fire destroying hectars of land and homes.. It makes me remember a passage I heard as a child in Sunday school… It was a predition that the world would be destroyed by fir.. The flouds came and the Arch was built, and I believe fire will be the end of our planet.. 😦 😦

DSCN2906.JPG     This little squirrel is picking away at the frozen bird seed…

Last week, I finally seen a surgeon about my hurting hand… I waited five months to get to see him.. I think that is crazy and am sad that things are getting so slow in the medical profession.. I guess all the cuts to hospitals, loss of nurses, hospital beds, and god knows what else the government has in plan for the people.. I shake my head in disbelief.. Disappointed by the idiots who run our lives, by cutting whatever they can… Now back to the surgeon visit.. I seem to have a lot of arthritis and a cushion is not where it should be.. Yummy!! Now I know why the pain is so ouchie… Every time I move my hand bone rubs on bone.. At least I know now why it is so painful… He is going to operate, scrape the bone, and fix the empty space.. He would not know if there is futher damage till he goes in.. The operation is not till the end of January 2020.. There ya go, the waiting part of medicine..


I seen on television that Canada’s Wonderland is going to have a festival from November 25th to December 5th this winter.. This is the very first time they have tried this approuch to using the park in the winter.. There will be no rides but, skating, and different events will fill up any visitors time.. I’m quite happy for the park and wish it well for years to come… If you are ever near Toronto, and wish to visit just head north on the hyway four hundred.. You’ll see the place on your right, you can’t miss it.. If you deside to visit I wish you a very pleasent day.. You won’t be disappointed… Some of the ski hills are hoping to be open early this year again… The skiers will be happy about that… For anyone that wishes to know, it is still snowing here.. Lightly, but still snowing.. Everything looks so clean and white.. It’s very pretty… 🙂 🙂gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Till later. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂 🙂






Rain (8)

rayn.jpg     Pouring rain….

This is my next edition to my story for July 11th…

Hello everyone. Wednesday was really hot here in my corner of the world. I hope that all of you had somewhere safe, and out of the heat to hide out in. I stayed inside most of the day, and as the sun was going down I ventured outside to sit. I hope those that work in factories, plants, or whatever you may call them. I hope they have ample air conditioning. The work and safety board, I believe has set a temperature that is the max it has to be set at in most places. The temperature they have chosen for factories is way too low to help beat the heat. Sure there are fans used to blow the hot air around, which I believe that is futile.. My son works in a place that only has air conditioning in the lunchroom. WOW!! He said where he works it was 42 degrees Celsius. That should be against the law.. The company should be fine by the law for not providing a safe temperature to work in… I recall a man that died in a bakery a few years back and the temperature there was 44 degrees Celsius. He Died in that heat.. I hope all of you are keeping cool and drinking lots of water.. If you feel dizzy, or faint get help right away… Till tomorrow… Be safe… 🙂 🙂

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Rain (7)

ran.jpg         A walk in the rain….

This is my next edition to my story for July 10th.

Hello everyone out there in the world. Tuesday was a pretty good day. A little too hot for my liking. I understand Wednesday is calling for cloudy with thirty one.. Oh yay, I’m NOT looking forward to that at all. When I’m hot I will do whatever it takes to be cool, and comfortable. I will be sitting outside on a chair with an ice cold water, and my feet in the doggie pool. Just dangling your feet in cool water, no matter where it is can cool ya down. That is my number one thing to do on Wednesday.. So, if ya need me I’ll be beside the doggie pool… Take care of those you love, and be safe… Till tomorrow… Keep on truckin’….. 🙂 🙂

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Detective Files (15)


In jail for life.

This is my last addition to my story for June 14th


Hello everyone out there: It is Friday now, and the weekend is following right behind. The weather here in my little space of Canada has been wet and more wet. It’s great for the plants, but not so good for those who wish to spend sometime outside. I’ve got my fingers crossed hoping we will at least have nice weather over the weekend. Sunday is “Father’s Day” Do something great with dad. I hope your family celebrations are filled with great memories, and lots of love… Take care of those you love.. and stay safe… Till Monday… Keep it real… 🙂 🙂

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Detective Files (12)

dec.jpg    Sherlock Holmes…..

This is my next addition of my story for June 11th.

Hello to all my readers: I trust everyone had a wonderful Monday, and you got some pretty good sun shine. In my little part of the world it did nothing but rain. It was somewhat of a depressing day. The plants were put out to get watered by the rain, and had to be removed from any further rain. The poor things looked like they were drowning. I sure hope Tuesday turns out to be a better day by far. We watched the basket ball game, and our team lost by one freakin’ point. But the battle will continue in two days. But not in front of a home team…. Till later take care of those you love, and be safe…. Keep passing those smiles out…. 🙂 🙂

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Detective Files (11)

racoon.jpg      Vicious Racoon…..

This is my next addition to my story for June 10th.

Hello everyone: I trust everyone had a great weekend. The weather was beyond fine for having fun outside. It was the best feeling to sit in the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately there is a calling for rain today. Oh fun. The grass was cut on Saturday, and looks absolutely fantastic. With the rain it should get longer again. At least we are not dealing with brown dead grass. I through together some essential oil, dish soap, skin so soft, and a dollar store bottle of mosquito spray, and water. I sprayed it around the yard and onto a tree where I see a lot of mosquitos. Those miserable little bugs seem to latch onto any human or critter that is around. Oh, also be aware of any mosquito bite that swells up and gets infected, and makes you weak.. Get to medical help right away…. Well. Take care of those you love and be safe….. Till later… Keep smiling… 🙂 🙂

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Detective Files (3)

cell.jpg         Perpetrator in a jail cell……

Hello everyone: Here it is Wednesday. I hope you Tuesday was better than the one I experienced. It rained. It was cold. And there is nothing about a day like that to love. I’m praying that today will be sunny and warm. At least with the rain the plants grow taller, and the grass, and the weeds are green. This time of the year is famous for the great weed… Dandelions. Have you ever noticed when a person is cutting the lawn, how dandelions seem to duck down blow the blades of the mower. Then in no time at all, your yard is filled with the rotten things. We really only have two ways to get rid of these pests. That seems to be weed killer, or sitting on your butt in the grass, and picking them out one by one. No matter how you look at it, it’s a daunting task…. Well… I’ve got to run… Take care of those you love and be safe out there on the streets….Till later.. Keep it real… 🙂 🙂

This is my next addition to my story for May 29th:

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Detective Files (2)

twins.jpg        Twin boys are a handful…..

Hello all you beautiful people: I trust your Monday was delightful and ended well. I hope Tuesday brings you a better day. It was quite beautiful here in my little corner of Canada. The sun shone all day, and I got to spend sometime outside. The breeze was cooling the heat that the sun was bathing me in. I have a lot of plants peeking their heads out of the soil now. I can’t wait till the colors start to show, and the smells are so amazing. I have a brat squirrel that comes to my yard a lot. He loves to torment my dog. The squirrel had it’s paws on the top of the fence, and he was peeking over the fence to see if the dog could see him. He sure is one cheeky little devil, and I love to watch his antics. Today is calling for rain and more rain for the next three days. There goes getting my big umbrella on the deck and my chair under it. I guess I will have to wait till the weekend…. I must get my butt in gear… laundry day.. :0  Take care of your families and yourself…Till later… Catch you on the flip side…. 🙂  🙂

This is my new addition to my new story for May 28th:

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