Trouble X 2 (5)

Millie, and Jasper,¬†really¬†had fun playing in the mud. Mud pies, are always fun. Smearing mud in each others hair, and on each others clothing was the best part of the mud pie fight. Their mom’s where looking for them, once it became dark.¬†

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Trouble X 2 (4)

Jasper had gained the famous name of Picasso. His dad had found, talent in his creative designs, he had used to paint Millie. Buster, was still carrys the stains of his paint job. The children’s hair, has returned to their natural color. Doris, and Jasmine have, regained their emotions, and think of themselves as good parents.

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Trouble X 2 (3)

Yesterday, I wrote Trouble X 2, the third part. I am introducing my domain, and I am having a great deal of problems with posting my blog through the site. I apologize for all the problems created. I will be writing on here till everything get solved. Till then, I hope you enjoy.

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