Outdoor time…

DSCN1673.JPG            I believe this is a corm flower…


This is my banter for Friday August 23rd..

Hello everyone:: How was your Thursday?? I hope it was incredible.. Ours was the best day so far.. The sun was up and the wind was blowing a cool breeze.. It was not sweltering, nor rainy, nor overcast.. It was perfect for sitting outside, and taking in the day.. I noticed that some of the trees are losing leaves.. I don’t know if it could be the wind, and rain we have had for the past couple days.. I witnessed one of the neighbors cutting down a large branch from their tree.. The tree covers the area over the driveway.. It was a big enough job, but the two of them got the mess cleared away pretty fast.. Well, this gal is going to get going.. You have a good Friday, and good weekend when you get to it.. Till later.. Watch where you pee in the bushes…  🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.. Thanks for filling my day with your beautiful smiles…  🙂 🙂


Eating too much.

 Good eats, are something which entice us, to eat like we have never eaten before. It’s like standing in front of a pastry shop drooling on the window ledge. Food, and more food. 

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