Half way there…

cold.jpg                  Now, that’s cold…

I looked at the calendar today… I was hit with the reality that by Friday we will have hit the middle of November.. Where the heck has this month gone?? The start of the month was looking pretty darn good… Now, it has all gone to pot.. It amazes me how quickly the days pass by… I don’t know about you but, I’m cold, and I’ve even turned the heat up a little higher.. That’s not like me at all… If anything, I’m the one turning down the heat.. I have covered the bed with warm blankets, and a down filled comforter.. Sure the bed is cool under all those covers… Once you thrash around a bit, the sheets warm up some.. Unlike the couple in the photo above, I haven’t gone to winter coat wear as of yet… I hope you are keeping warm as well.. I’m speaking about all those who are experiencing winter conditions.. If you live in a place that is always warm.. I’m very jealous… 🙂

toung on pole.jpg             Stuck to a pole… Like that… Not so good…

While looking through the buy and sell adds on Facebook… I happened to notice various people asking for orders for Christmas desserts… There were also decorations for the outside of a person’s home.. Those decorations were quite impressive.. Lots of gift ideas for the holiday season.. On our news there was an arsonist that started a fire in a car repair shop a few days back.. Today, (Wednesday) the news showed the video tape of the fire.. The person who started was running from the fire… The only thing was, he was on fire… It’s pretty sad… The burns he would have experienced would be rather horrific, and very painful… The ski hills were all talking about being open by this weekend.. Wow! That’s really fast.. They have been working each night to build up a solid base of snow.. I never have been a skier, and never will… Each time I think about trying skiing, I see myself  out of control… Speeding down the hill, headed for a group of  skiers.. I take all of them out, all at once.. There I am laying lifeless in a pile of moaning bodies.. May sound pretty funny, but not to me it don’t.. So if you decide to ski this coming weekend, watch out for the out of control person speeding down the hill behind you… 🙂

fella cold.jpg                     This photo is fascinating..

I applaud the photographer that took this photo.. The frost that has gathered on this creation is stunning.. The eyes are almost real in reflection… The pose in it’s self is so realistic, that one would think this is a real living man.. I believe it tells a story of aging and being frozen in time.. He is waiting for a return to his former self, and a life he once lived.. At least this is what I see… 🙂 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg

MAGS… Till Tuesday next week, be kind to others and be safe.. 🙂 🙂

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