I’m here again…

DSCN2902.JPG     Through the frost bitten window…

This is my post for Wednesday November 13th….

As you can see by the photo above… Our snow has not stopped falling and is predicted to keep on coming down until Saturday… That could all change in a blink of the eye, as storms do change direction.. It’s fine to predict the weather ahead of time… I once seen a forcaster say it was snowing heavely around our city and the out lying areas.. I looked out the window to see the storm, and to my surprise not a snow flake had fallen on the ground in my area.. I must say, “why don’t news rooms have windows to the outside.. Then they could really see what is happening outside.. Reading the forcast from a machine is okay and used often… But the machine is very seldom right.. That’s how the forcast is done… At least we have a good laugh when the forcast is not right.. The weather is a sensetive action of our hurt planet, and climate change.. You know, everytime I see a fire destroying hectars of land and homes.. It makes me remember a passage I heard as a child in Sunday school… It was a predition that the world would be destroyed by fir.. The flouds came and the Arch was built, and I believe fire will be the end of our planet.. 😦 😦

DSCN2906.JPG     This little squirrel is picking away at the frozen bird seed…

Last week, I finally seen a surgeon about my hurting hand… I waited five months to get to see him.. I think that is crazy and am sad that things are getting so slow in the medical profession.. I guess all the cuts to hospitals, loss of nurses, hospital beds, and god knows what else the government has in plan for the people.. I shake my head in disbelief.. Disappointed by the idiots who run our lives, by cutting whatever they can… Now back to the surgeon visit.. I seem to have a lot of arthritis and a cushion is not where it should be.. Yummy!! Now I know why the pain is so ouchie… Every time I move my hand bone rubs on bone.. At least I know now why it is so painful… He is going to operate, scrape the bone, and fix the empty space.. He would not know if there is futher damage till he goes in.. The operation is not till the end of January 2020.. There ya go, the waiting part of medicine..


I seen on television that Canada’s Wonderland is going to have a festival from November 25th to December 5th this winter.. This is the very first time they have tried this approuch to using the park in the winter.. There will be no rides but, skating, and different events will fill up any visitors time.. I’m quite happy for the park and wish it well for years to come… If you are ever near Toronto, and wish to visit just head north on the hyway four hundred.. You’ll see the place on your right, you can’t miss it.. If you deside to visit I wish you a very pleasent day.. You won’t be disappointed… Some of the ski hills are hoping to be open early this year again… The skiers will be happy about that… For anyone that wishes to know, it is still snowing here.. Lightly, but still snowing.. Everything looks so clean and white.. It’s very pretty… 🙂 🙂gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS… Till later. Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂 🙂






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