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Hello all you beautiful people out there in the world. I hope you Thursday was as enjoyable as mine. Today is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Thursday was quite a pleasant day and we did not have all the rain that the weather man had mentioned a few days back. Thank goodness for no rain. My heart goes out to all those whos lives have been disrupted by the flooding waters. The waters have started to recede a little, and with that comes the devastation left behind by the floods. I wish there would be some kind of law put forth that would not allow builders to build on lands close to the water. And would have stipulations that have to be followed in order to build in those areas. I wish all of you a great Friday and a wonderful weekend with your families. Take care of the ones you love and be safe out there on the roads….. 🙂 I will see you on Monday with the continuation of Coventry Lake… 🙂  See you then….  🙂

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Hello all you wonderful people in the world. How was every bodies Wednesday, either at work or with your families? My day was pretty great, if you call doing house work pretty great. It rained on and off today but, not near as much as what was expected. We have squirrels that raid our bird feeder all the time. I have done everything I can think of to keep them out of it, but seems to be a loosing battle. They are so cheeky and smart. I have seen them on the deck railing laying on their bellies looking in the patio doors. That’s just too much. I would never hurt them, but it’s frustrating. So I have to tell everyone in , advance, that the battle will be on again this summer. Me against them, and it would seem I loose a lot. It’s makes me smile when I think about how crazy I must look chasing the squirrels with my cane over my head screaming . It’s going to be fun for the neighbors to watch. Well, I have to go, laundry today…. Yahoo! I’m so excited…. Take care of those you love and be safe out there….  🙂  See ya on the flip side…. 🙂  🙂

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Hello everyone out there: Today has been a wonderful day as our dog is going to the vets to have some surgery. She is home laying beside me with her head on my leg. She seem to be breathing a little harder than usual, but that may be the pain she has. She will be okay, but the next couple days will be rough for her. I hope all of you had a great Tuesday and the very last day of April 2019. When we raise our heads from our pillows in the morning we will be starting the month of May 2019. Wow! That’s cool. It is said, that April showers bring May flowers. With all the flooding over the past while, there maybe no flowers left to bloom. Our wonderful weather man is calling for rain over the next three days. With accumulations of one hundred and forty millimeters of rain. I’m not looking forward to that much rain.  I hope our soil can soak up that much rain and not cause any flooding. Well, I got to tend to the puppies. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there….. See ya on the flip side…  🙂

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