One in a Million (2)

Hello, everyone. I hope your Monday was good for you, and you are warm and safe where ever you may live. My Monday here in Canada has been freezing. ‘And I don’t mean cold.’ ‘It’s freezing.’ ‘The wind is so strong that if you weren’t weighted down with winter love handles, you would be blown away.’  “The trash cans can be heard and seen rolling all over the place.’  They have been blown into the road and down the street, while cars dodge then as they drive past.’ ‘I had to hobble out and get my trash can as it was reading it’s self to topple over and go rolling away.’ When I came inside my hair was standing straight up as the wind styled it for me. :-0 The style did not suit me so I brushed it back into place. ‘I’ve had about enough and am seriously thinking of ditching this place and heading to warmer weather.’ ‘Spring… come back… I need a tan.’ I’m so pale that any picture I have taken makes me look very sickly.’  I really hope everyone is comfortable, and take care of your selves and the ones you love… 🙂  I will see you later…

My new addition can be found at:

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS. Thanks for coming by…..  🙂

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