Papa and Nanna’s Place (5)

Hello all you beautiful people. It is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. I hope everyone has a great weekend with their families as I intend to do. Today was too cold to be a spring day. It feels like spring has gone south, and will never come back. My poor flowers are hiding under leaves and will be staying there till the weather gets warmer. I will not clean away the leaves till it is warmer because  butterflies, bees, and other pollinators lay their eggs in the leaves. When you clear the leaves from your garden too soon, you kill all the eggs. There for, leaving us with less pollinators. So, leave those leaves in the gardens alone for a while longer. Well, the house work is calling my name and I must get moving. Everyone take care of those you love and be safe out there in the world. 🙂

This is my April 12th addition to my story:’s-place-5

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for popping by…  🙂

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