Papa and Nanna’s Place (4)

Hello all you wonderful people. I hope you had a great hump day (Wednesday) and it’s only down from here to the weekend. This week has seemed to pass by quite quickly like all the past weeks. Time just seems to pass by so fast, way too fast for me. One day the month starts and the next thing you know it’s the last day of the month. Today was a pretty quiet day. I did a few over due touch ups to a painting I have been working on for quite sometime now. I have called this painting, ‘Working Hands.’ It is unusual and created by an unusual person. I am my own worst critic and always see some flaw in everything I create. My creations are one of a kind. Along with my writing and painting, and drawing, I keep pretty busy.. It’s too darn cold outside tonight for me and the puppies. I know spring will get here, but when is the question of the day. ‘Soon I hope, before I turn to ice.’ I would like to wish all of you a great Thursday. Take care of those you cherish and be safe out there… See you tomorrow….  🙂  🙂

This is my new addition to my story for April 11th:’s-place-4

If you get  Papa and Nanna’s place (1)  just scroll down and the new story will be there. For some reason all parts of the web site name are not high lighted and it takes you to the first part of this story. I don’t understand why…

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for joining me today…   🙂

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