Amateur Sleuths (2)

detective 2.jpg                           Amateur Sleuths on the job….

Yesterday our group of amateur sleuths had been called to duty. Mr. Potter a  senior in the neighbour hood could not locate his wallet. The group of amateur detectives were on the case and would do anything they could to find his lost property.

Jack and Melcom were at the Piggly Wiggly to find out if the wallet had been turned in at the store. Jack and Melcom asked to see the manager. Jack introduced himself and Malcom he gave the manager one or their detective cards and explained why they were there at the store. Melcom asked if the cashier from earlier that day was still at work. The manager said she was still there and he would have someone cover her and they could talk to her. The lady who was on the cash came into the manager’s office. Her name was Carol, and she recognized the badges the fellas were wearing. The manager left the office while Jack questioned Carol and Melcom took notes. “Carol.” Jack said. “Did you see an older gentleman in here this morning…he had his on shopping bag to put his things in.” “Yes, I know him he comes in all the time Mr. Potter I believe is his man.” Carol answered. “It would seem Mr. Potter has lost his wallet, and we have been asked to find the wallet for him.” Jack told her. “Yes I have heard about all the good work you amateur detectives do to help people.” Carol said with a big smile on her face. “Thank you Jack!” said as Melcom gave her one of their business cards. “We are wondering if you have seen or had Mr. Potter’s wallet given to you by anyone?”  Jack asked with the kind of detective stare that makes not want to lie. “I seen him take the wallet out of his jacket pocket to pay, and then he placed it back in the same pocket he took it out of.”  Carol said. “He did have it with him when he left.” Carol said. “Thank you very much for your help Carol.”  Jack politely said to her. The fellas left the store and got on the walkie-talkie to contact Emilie.

Emilie’s walkie-talkie began to buzz and Dot picked it up off the chair and gave it to Emilie. “Hello, how is it going?” She asked. “Not as good as had wished it would have… He did put the wallet back into his jacket pocket and left the store with it.” Jack replied. “Emilie can you ask Mr. Potter what streets he walked home on after he had finished his shopping?” Jack asked. “Just wait a minute Jack I will ask him.” Emilie said. Raham was busy walking in the garden with Mr. Potter talking about his plants, when Emilie and Melanie came over to them. Melanie took notes as Emilie asked the questions.  “Mr. Potter… What streets do you usually take to walk home after you are finished your shopping?” Emilie asked him in a soft soothing voice. Raham looked at Emilie and she shook her head ‘no’ and Raham knew that they did not recover the wallet. “I always walk down Arthur street to Market drive then onto Button street which is the street the store is on.” Mr. Potter said with a lost look on his face. He looked like he had no idea why she was asking him. Raham continued talking to Mr. Potter asking what the flower in front of them was called. Emilie returned to the walkie-talkie and buzzed the fellas. “Hello.” Jack said. “He usually takes Button, then Market, and then Arthur, and home.” Emilie told him as Melcom took the streets down in his note-book.  “Okay Emilie…We are going to search all the grounds and bushes on the way back just incase it fell out od his pocket.” “Okay!” Emilie answered.

It took a fair amount of time for Melcom and Jack to make a sweep of the area on the way home. They passed by a trash can and found nothing there and each house they passed by they checked the bushes and hedges along the route. They even went to the door to ask the owner of the home if they had noticed or found a wallet in their yard or near their bushes. They had covered all of Button street, and half of Market. As they kept searching and asking each home owner they noticed an elderly lady waving at them from four houses ahead of them. Melcom got on his bike to see if the lady was okay. Jack watched as Melcom approached the lady. Melcom waved Jack to come. Jack arrived, and spoke with Melcom who asked the lady if she was okay. Melcom had asked if the lady had found a wallet in her yard, or bushes earlier that day. The nice lady named Lilly had found a wallet, and had seen the fellas looking for something at each house. Lilly wondered if the wallet was what they were looking for. Jack asked if they could see the wallet? Lilly came out from her house with a wallet in her hand. Melcom had already explained to her who they were, and she said she had heard people talking about how good they were at finding thing for people. Jack said. “Thank You Miss Lilly.” Jack gave her their business card and told her if she needed help to give them a call.  “May I look in the wallet Miss Lilly?” Melcom asked as Jack wrote down what was happening at that time. “Yes..You may young man.” Lilly said as she gave the wallet to Melcom.

Back at Mr. Potter’s house Dot had talked Mr. Potter into coming inside the house to have a tea or a cool drink and get out of the hot sun for a while. Emilie and Raham sat with Mr. Potter as Dot made a cup of tea for Mr. Potter. Emilie was beginning to wonder what was taking the fellas so long getting back. But then she remembered they would be searching each place they passed on the way back. Mr. Potter got up from his chair in the living room and took an old photo album from a shelf and brought it back to Emilie and Raham. He showed they pictures of him in the war, and told them stories of the mud and friends he lost there. He showed them pictures of his late wife who had passed away two years earlier. He had a tear in his eye as he removed his glasses to wipe away the tears. Mr. Potter really missed all the freinds he had lost and missed his wife dearly. Raham assured him that he now had freinds from the ‘Amateur Detective Group’ that he could talk to anytime he needed to.  Mr. Potter sipped his tea and told Dot she made tea just like his wife did for him. Dot said thank you and blushed turning her cheeks a light pink. They sat and talked about anything they could think of that would interest Mr. Potter. They did not realize, that not only were they locating the lost wallet for Mr. Potter, they were making a good friend, and making his lonely day not so lonely.

Emilie’s walkie-talkie buzzed and Emilie went to the kitchen to answer it. “Hello.” She said. “Hey this is Melcom…We have located the lost wallet.” Melcom yelled with excitement in his voice. “You did.. That is the best news ever.” Emilie said as she stood in the door way to the living room. She raised her thumb up and Dot and Raham smiled.  “We will be on our way in a couple of minutes, and there is a lady who would like to come and give Mr. Potter back his wallet.” Melcom said. “Okay.. over and out.” Emilie said and sat down on the sofa to look at the pictures Mr. Potter was showing them. About ten minutes later the door bell rang and Dot went to answer it. “Come in.” She said with a smile.  Jack spoke up and Mr. Potter looked up to see who was there. Jack and Melcom stood in the living room with a beautiful lady between them. “Hello Mr. Potter.” Lilly said in a voice that sounded like angels talking.  Mr. Potter stood in front of her. “You can call me Evan.” He said with an awkward smile on his face. “Evan, I found your wallet in the hedge of my front yard… I noticed you pass by and seen it fall out of your pocket when you bent over to pet my dog Louis.”  Lilly said with her eyes unable to turn from the gaze between them. “Thank you so much Lilly… I could not find it, and thanks to my friends I now have my wallet back and I got to meet you.” Evan said as he reached for the wallet in her hand. Evan asked if Lilly could stay for a cup of tea, and at that point the amateur detectives knew they were no longer needed. As they left Evan’s house they could hear Lilly and him laughing loudly.

Join me tomorrow as we follow the ‘Amateur Detectives Group’ as they  wait for another call to duty. ‘I wonder what it might be this time?’

As you travel through your day this March 19th, I wish you love happiness and a safe trip home. Take care of those you love, and tell them you love them as often as you can.  🙂

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all of my followers, readers, and visitors who pop by to read my stories.    🙂   🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.  Thanks for being here. 🙂

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