Sonya Roche’s world(8)

Hello to everyone out there in the world. I’m sitting here freezing and tired. It’s cold here in my corner of Canada. The temperature is somewhere around minus sixteen centigrade. That’s not counting the wind chill that makes it feel much colder as it nips at your nose, and freezes your toes. I spent my early part of the day shopping at Costco. Something I do at least once a month, and if any of you have ventured there to shop. You will know the time you will spent in crowds, and line ups. Neither of which are my favorites. I usually go in with my battle plan, my list, and my trusty pen. I usually leave with more items than I need, but who can resist that cute little stuffed puppy staring at you. Well I can’t!  Oh, and I didn’t get the toy, but I will never say never.  Well, take care people and be safe. See you all tomorrow.

This is my addition to my story:’s-world-8

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.   Thanks for stopping by.   🙂  🙂

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