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Hello to all you wonderful people out there. It’s cold here again and we have more snow. The temperature has been colder than yesterday, but the snow is really light and puffy. So when it gets down to shoveling the white stuff, it really easy to move. I have found out when I let the little pups out it doesn’t take long for them to be limping back to the door with very cold little paws. I always leave the door open enough so they can come back in when they wish. Today has been a pretty laid back day, and I have enjoyed every minute of the day. There will be a camping show happening on the weekend in my corner of Canada. I’m really looking forward to going, and seeing the different varieties of trailers, and all things camping. There is supposed to be an impending storm that will hit on Saturday. I’m hoping that the weather man is wrong and it won’t hit till Saturday evening. Then I will be at home all warm and cozy with my fancy slippers on and the T.V. playing a movie. So if you are expecting the say a me, stay safe and warm. 

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Hello to everyone out there in the world. I’m sitting here freezing and tired. It’s cold here in my corner of Canada. The temperature is somewhere around minus sixteen centigrade. That’s not counting the wind chill that makes it feel much colder as it nips at your nose, and freezes your toes. I spent my early part of the day shopping at Costco. Something I do at least once a month, and if any of you have ventured there to shop. You will know the time you will spent in crowds, and line ups. Neither of which are my favorites. I usually go in with my battle plan, my list, and my trusty pen. I usually leave with more items than I need, but who can resist that cute little stuffed puppy staring at you. Well I can’t!  Oh, and I didn’t get the toy, but I will never say never.  Well, take care people and be safe. See you all tomorrow.

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Hello everyone! It great to see you all back here again. Well the storm here in Canada where I live is still causing a few issues. The wind is howling like a wolf in the wild. We had a huge crash up of seventy cars, and trucks on the hyway just outside of town. Then further north there was another pile up on the hyway. It was a dangerous day for drivers. Luckily no one was killed and any injuries were minor. It’s cold again, and the wind still blows on. Tomorrow promises to be a better day. I hope all is well with all of you. Take care of those you love.

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Hi! This is Mags from Canada, and its nice to see you all return to continue with my story. It’s so windy where I live that the dogs don’t want to step outside. There has been a dusting of snow on the ground but nothing like the weather man has been talking about. Thank Goodness! Earlier today it was like a spring day, but all good things had to come to an end. Now it’s freezing out. Darn winter. Hope you all have good weather where ever you maybe. 

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Here it is Friday already, and another weekend is upon us. I don’t know if it is just me. Or, has this month just flown by like a flock of geese on their way back to Canada. Like last month this one is a matter of days to its end.   I hope everyone has a fun weekend and a safe Friday. Take care of those you love. This my new part to my story. I hope you enjoy.  🙂’s-world-5

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It’s nice to see everyone again this evening. Here in good old Canada we have rainy ice pellets hitting the ground. The poor puppies have come in wet and covered in ice pellet type snow. I really hope the roads are not bad out there. If you are here in Canada and anywhere near me be careful on the roads.

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Take care of those you love, kiss then a lot, and always say I love you.  🙂  🙂

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I hope everyone had a great day yesterday and was safe on the roads. Here in Canada its freezing again. We had some great weather over the weekend, but old man winter decided to through us another cold streak. I don’t know what your weather is where you are but if you have some heat send it my way. I’ll be the person at the corner wrapped in many layers of wool, and three scarves covering my face. There will likely be ice cycles forming under my nose.  BRRRRR!  It’s great to be Canadian. Ah!

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Hello everyone, I would like to invite all of you to read my next part of this story. I hope you enjoy. Take care of those you love, and be safe out there on the roads. 

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We have snow falling here in Canada again, and it looks so beautiful. It’s not near as cold as yesterdays snow fall, but it is cool. I hope where you are the weather is nice and pleasant. I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend, and a great Friday. Take care of those you love, and keep them safe. 🙂

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