The count down

A few, hours to go, before a new year begins. With best wishes for all, for a great New Year. Kisses, and hugs for each other. 

I sit, comfortably on my couch, watching the clock, as it slowly moves forward. My mind drifts, to times past. Times of great happiness, times of great fear, and sorrow. A time when, getting away for the weekend, was a regular event. I have always been a person, who loves to escape, from the hustle and bustle of the city.  A time to see, nature in its rawest form. My heart, has always drawn me there. With camera in hand, I see, in my mind’s eye, photos that others do not understand. The water rushing by, like, crowds in the streets, during a Festival. Rushing, but never getting any where. A smile, on a child’s face, as they run to their parents arms. All the fine pleasures of life. Those are things, that will be in my memories, until my life has come to an end. The things that live in the photos I take. Will build memories in those, who see them, later in time.

I have changed to my, warm fuzzy pyjamas, as my puppies cuddled in close. The hockey game is on, and the game is tied, in the second period. Tis, now nine-thirty in the evening of 2018’s last few hours.  It is two and a half hours, before mid-night. The count down will begin. “Oh Yes, I will be counting down too, as I have set my alarm, to wake me, if I should drift off to dream land.” I am part of the older set, but, I still have a child in my heart, and the stubborn streak, I was born with. The only thing, that seems to slow me down, is my body, and my mind.

IMG_4264“I want to wish all my followers, readers, visitors, family, and freinds, a very Happy New Years. May 2019, be the best year, you have ever, experienced.”


I, have decided, to let my alarm wake me, when the count down begins, unless my puppies, wake me first. 🙂

Please make sure, you drive safely, if you have to. Kiss those you love, many times, in 2019, and keep them close, to your heart. 🙂 🙂 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

Please leave any comments, or questions below. Thanks 🙂


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