Eating too much.

 Good eats, are something which entice us, to eat like we have never eaten before. It’s like standing in front of a pastry shop drooling on the window ledge. Food, and more food. 

I don’t know about you, but I love to cook the foods, that make humans drool, and dogs/cats beg for one little taste. “Please.”  The kind of delights that make your stomach rubble. The aroma of  turkey, dances through the air, making its way past each person.  The smells, linger in the air. The kitchen is busy with family, waiting for the lid to come off the pan that contains, “The Turkey.” The crispy darken skin, the dressing oozing out of the turkey, attracts spoons, held by tasters. Dipping, in the that they are the first one, to taste the dressing.   Armed with a large spoon, I begin to fight off the tasters.  “I must defend the turkey at all cost,” from the ravenous, growing crowd.  I hold my spoon high in the air, “snap” on the knuckles, and the warrior’s cry, that sends everyone running for cover. Even the skin picker, has disappeared.   “YES!” Peace, and quiet for a while.

The dining room is a buzz, with chattering, and laughter. Family members, getting caught up on, what has happened since last week. Distance, may not be relevant for this family.  The closeness they have, is a wonderful quality, that binds a family together.  There was one daughter, and her mate, that were unable to join us, due to the miles between.  They are missed by all, but never forgotten.  The grand-children sit quietly, watching a Christmas movie on the television, or immersed in their electronic devises. Everybody, is patiently waiting for dinner, to be placed on the table.

The call from the kitchen for help, falls upon deaf ears.  I, rely on  names of those who can help, but not get in the way.  One carver, one masher, one sticky bun maker, and someone to run the dishes, and bowls to the table.  The wine is poured, and a toast to all, for good health, and good fortune.  I am still in the kitchen, gathering up the last dish of garlic roasted peppers. As, I turn to go sit down, I’m told the stuffing is all gone, do I have more. Thank goodness, I always make extra. My stuffing is one of the dishes, I make from scratch, and it always disappears quickly.

With forks in hands, the first round is devoured, and the second helpings are placed on plates, and eaten.  Compliments are given to the chef, and this chef takes a bow. “Thank you.” I say with a smile on my face.   Our chatter begins, while empty plates, lay in front of each guest. The conversations are somewhat enlightening in their own way.  I find such pleasure, in my families chatter.  My, once little children, now grown and mature. I’m sure there are many mothers, who feel as I do.

Dessert, is the next course to be served at the table. Home made apple pie, short bread cookies, that melt in your mouth with each bite. Peanut butter cup short breads, ice-cream, and other delights, too many to mention.  Slowly, dessert disappears, as positions are adjusted, and belts loosened.  The echos of, “I’m Full.” Fill the air, and sitting up naps are quickly snuck in, by those effected by their turkey consumption.  Coffee, tea, or water, is served to those who wish some.

The unwrapping of gifts, is always fun for all. The delight in the eyes of the giver, and the receiver is very satisfying to watch. I got to be Santa, without the suit, to hand out the gifts.   A couple of large extra tough bags, hold the unwanted wrappings.

I love Holidays like this, and I love my family.

I would like to say, “Thank You,” to all my followers, readers, and visitors who pop by to read my stories.  🙂

“Have a wonderful Friday, and weekend. Hold the ones you love close to your heart, and tell them you love them.  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

Please, leave any questions or comments you may have, below. Thanks  🙂

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