Christmas 2018

Christmas Day, is almost here. Santa tracker is already tracking Santa and his reindeer on the other side of the world.

Christmas, has crept up faster than I had expected. This evening, I have been baking apple pies for dinner, on Christmas Day. Shortbread cookie dough mix, is in the fridge, waiting for the pies to be done. The smell from the kitchen is intoxicating. The dressing for the turkey, has been partially prepared for Tuesday Christmas. I love to cook, and the menu for Christmas Day, will be a delight on the palate. With fourteen, family members visiting for dinner, on Christmas Day. On Boxing Day, there are another seven family members visiting.

Our Christmas tree, is different this year. This creation is what, I like to call a “Christmas Ladder Tree.” In the day time, you can see all the decorations, that make up this tree. In the evening the lights, add a beauty, that will make you stare. Your curiosity, will draw you closer to see the lights, that glow from this tree. DSCN0414 (2).JPGChristmas ladder tree.                                       Photos by, Mags.


DSCN0418 (1).JPGAs we worked on the tree, it came to life. Each piece was added, with loving care. The placement, of each village scene, had been moved more than once. I wrapped the lights, down the front of the tree, cascading some lights to the bottom. One light fills each village piece, with a subtle glow, they would make you think, someone was really at home.  The villagers, hustle around, passing Christmas cheer. The children, roll snow balls, large, medium and small to create a snowman. Ice skaters, twirl, spin and some even fall down. The Post Office, is busy with villagers, picking up there presents.  A young fella puts his Santa letter, into a mail box. As, Santa sits reading letters, and checking, his list twice.

DSCN0398 (3).JPGAs the tree comes to life.

DSCN0436 (1).JPG

DSCN0503 (1).JPG

DSCN0438 (1).JPG

DSCN0429 (1).JPG

DSCN0428 (1).JPG

DSCN0509 (1).JPG

DSCN0427 (1).JPG

DSCN0486 (1).JPG

DSCN0434 (1).JPG

DSCN0511 (1).JPG

DSCN0506 (1).JPG


DSCN0446 (1).JPGWe love our design, of a Christmas tree. I’m sure your, decorations on your Christmas Tree, does to you and yours.

Our Family, wishes everyone in the world, and all their families, a very Merry Christmas. We wish peace, and love to all nations, and their people’s.

I will be absent, on Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. I will return to my Blog on December 27, 2018. Till then, enjoy your holidays.

Take care of those you love, and “Don’t Drink, and Drive.”

Thank you, to all my followers, readers, and visitors, who come to read my stories.  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

“Have a wonderful, Monday, and enjoy your holidays.”  🙂

Please, leave any comments, or questions below. Thanks  🙂







5 Replies to “Christmas 2018”

    1. Santa Claus 🎅 lives at the North Pole is where it’s so cold that you can freeze 🥶 your toes in minutes. Where the wind blows cold. Santa’s home is hidden in the deep snow ❄️. At least it is for me.
      I must say Sartenada, I love your photographs. You have a great talent.

      Liked by 1 person

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