Once upon a Christmas (5)

Christmas is creeping up on us. People are braving the crowds. Line ups to get into a store to snap up that, sparkling piece of Jewellery. For that special someone, in your life. 

‘T was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a Mouse….

“Hold on a minute!” Don’t you know there is a mouse stirring. “That’s me..” “Prince Mortimer.” I’m the resident mouse, at Donnelly Palace, England.Mortimer

This is me, Prince Mortimer. I am a Christmas mouse. And, like my family, we are “Christmas Mice” that live at Donnelly Palace, in England. This is the story, of how we came to live at Donnelly Palace.

We are not like your normal house mouse. We came from a long line of Mice, that were born in Buckingham Palace. Our blood lines, go way back, to the seventeen hundreds. The lady of the house (Miss Sarah), was a kind lady, who each year had a huge Christmas party, for the village children, and their parents. Each Christmas there would be, a large tree erected in the main Hall, and presents for each child under the tree. Miss Sarah, had been given a pair of white mice by one of the village children. Olive was his name. He told her that these, white mice were royalty, and would always be her best friends. Oliver had taken care of the mice for many years, but he had been given only a short time to live. Doctors said he had brain cancer, and had only a few more months to live. Miss Sarah, took very good care, of Oliver’s mice. She named them, Prince Oliver, and Queen Olive, in memory of Oliver. Oliver had passed away after the birth of the little white mice babies. He had spent most of the afternoon, and evening with Miss Sarah that day. Miss Sarah, was happy that Oliver got to see the birth of the babies. Miss Sarah, promised Oliver, that she would make sure his white mice, would always be looked after. Oliver died in her arms.  Oliver was buried in the Palace Grave yard, next to Kings and Queens, and so were his parents. pair m.png

Queen Olive                                                                  Prince Oliver

As time passed, Miss Sarah heart heeled, and her sorrow dwindled. But, Oliver was always a part of her world. She would sit, and talk with the mice, and they would squeak back at her, like they knew what she was saying.  She was delighted when, the family of mice would take cheese from her hand. The little mice, were so playful. Dashing around the  halls of the Palace, playing hide, and seek.  Miss Sarah, would leave their cage open during the day, so they could move around the Palace. At night-time she would whistle, and the mice would return to their cages. At Christmas, during the party, Miss Sarah would give the children turns, holding the mice. She would tell a tale of how, a little boy, named Oliver, gave, her his mice to take care of, while he was in heaven. The children delighted in hearing Miss Sarah tell the story of a wonderful boy, and his family of mice. Most of the children had already, heard the story many times. But, when Miss Sarah started the story, it was like hearing’ it for the first time. She had called the mice, “Christmas Mice,” because of that last day with Oliver.

That’s how we became, a special breed of mice, called “Christmas Mice.”

Miss Sarah, had always had a big party once a year for the children. Each child, held a special place in her heart. The children would visit often, and she would never turn them away.

“I think it was because, she never had children of her own.”  “Also, being around, the children gave her a chance to be a child.” “It was an escape from being an adult.” 

As time passed, Prince Oliver, and Queen Olive passed away, and were buried on the right shoulder of Oliver. Miss Sarah, was aging, and had a hard time getting around. She hired a young nurse, named Katie, who would live in the Palace, as Miss Sarah’s full-time care giver. Katie, loved the “Christmas Mice,” and the tale of how they were named. Each day, the children would visit Miss Sarah. Telling her, the things they had learnt at school, and how their families were doing. She would smile, and give them a kiss on their cheeks, as they left for home. Katie enjoyed the visits from the children. She had fallen in love with the “Christmas Mice.” Especially, one little mouse, Katie named, “Prince Oliver II.

“Prince Oliver II, was a cute little fella, who was actually, my cousin.” “I think he got his good looks from me.”moucef.jpg

Prince Oliver II          “I can see, he has my eye color.” 

Katie could be seen carrying “Prince Oliver II, on her shoulder. He would sit close to her neck, and rub his cheek against her neck. Katie would take Miss Sarah’s “Christmas Mice,” to her, and let her hold them, in her shaking hands. Katie, was Miss Sarah’s best friend, and would spend hours reading, and talking, about what had happened in the world. Christmas time had come again, and everything was prepared for all the families to come and visit. Miss Sarah, had not been feeling very well, but insisted on being at the party with the children. She would say to Katie, “I’ve never missed a Christmas party, and won’t miss this one either. Katie dressed, Miss Sarah in her prettiest party dress, and put her hair up, in a modern style. She looked like a Queen, waiting on her subjects. The guests started to arrive, and all the children would go over to, Miss Sarah and gently kiss her on the cheek. You could tell she was loved. The party went on as usual, and the children would gather around Miss Sarah, and listen to her stories.  Miss Sarah, didn’t seem like herself that evening. She would fall asleep in the middle of her story, and Katie would take the story up, from where Miss Sarah had left off.  The party came to an end, and as the children kissed Miss Sarah. Katie, noticed she was not responding to the children. Katie, held Miss Sarah’s hand, looking for a pulse. There was none, Miss Sarah had passed away sometime near the end of the party. Katie, whispered to each parent that Miss Sarah had passed away. The children were allowed to say good-bye, and the parents would explain what had happened later.

Miss Sarah was buried beside Oliver, and her beloved “Christmas Mice.”  The whole village turned out for the funeral, and each child gave Miss Sarah a pink rose.

The reading of Miss Sarah’s Will, happened a few days later. Miss Sarah had bequeathed each family in the village, one hundred thousand dollars. Katie, was bequeathed, the Palace as her own, and the care of  the “Christmas Mice.” Katie was given, Miss Sarah’s fortune, of  two hundred million dollars. The Will said that Katie, was to carry on the tradition of the “Christmas Parties,” for the families in the village. Katie was to treat the “Christmas Mice” as she would her children. 

baby m.jpg

blue mouse.jpgspot m.jpgb mouse.jpgMiss Katie, as she is called, devoted her life to the care of her beloved “Christmas Mice.”

“There were many cute, “Christmas Mice,” born at Donnelly Palace. Miss Katie, was there for every one of the births, and loved each “Christmas Mouse” that was born. As for me, I am getting old, and I move a little slower now. I still wonder around the Palace Halls, and take part in the Christmas Party for the villagers.


Prince Mortimer

Take good care of those you love, and treat them well.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a beautiful Friday, and enjoy the approach of the weekend.”  🙂

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