Once upon a Christmas (3)

One winter’s night, it was so cold, that all the smoke from the chimneys, went straight up into space. The kind of evening when man, nor beast would be outside. 

In the cold wind, and blowing snow, two small figures trudged along. Their heads were covered with ragged, dirty scarves. Wound in blankets, that barely sheltered them from the storm. Their little bodies, pushing snow, as they followed, the tracks of an animal. In front of them, stood a giant dog, showing them the way. His shadow, tall, and ominous, crossed the snow, as the moonlight  sparkled off the icy snow.  Who were, these two, figures in the night? Who was this giant dog? The wind had caught one of the small children, and blew them over. The other child, knelt beside the child, and tried to pull him to his feet. The exhaustion, created by their travels, was too much for them, and they collapsed. The giant dog, bounced through the snow. He let out a loud “Woof.”  When the children did not stand, he wrapped his body around them to warm their freezing bodies. The night was long, cold, and snowy, as the three friends trudged on.  Each time the children fell, their dog would warm them with his body. As the morning light, shone over the snow, a shack was with in sight.

Children’s guardian: Dog.

dog.jpgIn the warmth of the sun, they made their way to the shack. The two children had warmed a little, from the sun’s rays. As they drew closer to the shack, there seemed to be a light flickering in the window, and smoke lazily danced, from the chimney.  The faithful dog barked, to worn the person inside. Finally, there was hope, and joy pushing the children forward. The door of the shack flew open, and a woman stood in the door way dress in fur, and leather. Her hair stood high upon her head, making her look taller, than she actually was. Her skin was wrinkled, and worn by the weather, and the wilderness. Her hands were, blistered, calloused, and stained brown, by the harshness around her. Her name was, Snow, given to her by her mother. Snow’s hair was as white as snow, and that is why her mother named her Snow. She pushed through the snow, and grabbed up the smallest child in her arms, and headed for the shack. Snow returned again, swooping the other child up and taking them inside. Their dog “Bernie” was right on her heels. Bernie, was not going to let a stranger, be alone with his buddies. “Come on dog.” Snow yelled. Bernie, came dashing in as the door closed tightly, behind him.photo-1510611867250-6c8a231175d2.jpgThe warmth from the fire, started to warm the children up. Snow removed the rags that covered the children, and wrapped them in a fur coat. The coat was very warm, and soft. “What are your names, little ones?” Snow asked. The older child spoke up. “I am Charles, I’m ten, and this is my little sister Victoria, she is four.” He said with a sheepish grin. “And what is your dog’s name?” Snow asked, while petting Bernie. “He is our best friend, and his name is Bernie.” Charles answered. “Nice to meet you all, I don’t have visitors often out here, in the woods.” Snow said, as she shook Charles’ hand. Charles said, “Hello,” as he tried to get Victoria to talk.  “It’s almost Christmas, where is your mom, and dad?”  Snow asked, with a puzzled look on her face. “They have gone to heaven, with our baby brother.” Charles said, as his eyes welled up with tears. Snow, held Charles close, as he cried. Little, Victoria, sat speechless by the fire. There were, no tears in her eyes, as her sad little face, looked towards the fire. “Mama,” was the only word she whispered. “What happened to your parents?” Snow asked. fire.jpgIn the warmth of the fire.

Charles, began to answer Snow’s question. “Victoria, and I where in our bed sleeping. I heard Bernie, barking and felt him licking my face. I could smell smoke, a lot of smoke. I heard, the snapping of the wood in the heat, of the fire. I cracked the door open, only to have fire sneak into the room. I quickly closed the door, and gathered Victoria in my arms. I opened the window, and dropped Victoria into the snow. I jumped next, as Bernie followed me. We made our way to the front of the  house, only to find the fire, high in the air. I screamed, but no one answered. I screamed again, and a that moment the roof crashed into the fire.  I cuddled Victoria close, as we could do nothing, to save our family.” Snow’s eyes had been dripping tears, as Charles told her about what had happened. Snow, was consumed, with over whelming sadness. Her heart broke as she watch Charles, and Victoria, clinging to each other. There were no words spoken, and only silence filled the shack. The crackle of the wood, and wind outside was all that could be heard.burn.jpgSnow sat with the children, while they ate biscuits, and warm tea. Bernie got a big bone with some meat still on it. Charles, and Victoria, soon fell asleep.  Snow, carried them to her bed, and place a fur cover over them. They looked so peaceful. Bernie laid at their feet, in the bed.  Snow, sat going over the nightmare, she had just heard. These children, are so brave, and Bernie is a smart dog. If not for Bernie, they would have perished, with their parents in the fire. Snow, made a bed on the floor by the fire, and slept not very well. Sorrow walked through her mind, all night. In the morning, the light shone brightly through the window. The children were still asleep. Snow would talk with Charles, and see if there was any family that he knew of.  Christmas was coming in one more day. Snow did not want to see these brave children, with nothing under the tree. The village was only, five miles away, and Snow could go get food, and gifts, and be back in three hours. Charles woke, to see Snow getting dressed to go outside. “Good morning Charles, and how are you?” Snow asked. “I’m good.” he answered. Snow shoes.Snow Shoes.

“Charles, I am going to the village for some supplies, and I need you to stay here, inside with Victoria.” Snow said. “I will be back in three hours, and then we will get a tree, for Santa to leave gifts under.” Snow said, as she grabbed her gun, bow, and arrows, and her snow shoes. “You will be safe here, and do not leave.” Snow said to Charles. “Okay.” Charles answered. Snow was off, walking on top of the snow. Charles watched her till she disappeared. Charles, put, a log on the fire, then went and laid down beside Victoria. Charles had bolted the door, so no one could come in. After, an hour or so, Victoria opened her eyes, and snuggled up to Bernie. Charles asked if she was hungry, and would like something to eat. Victoria shook her head yes, as Charles left the room. Charles found some biscuits, and some strange stuff in a jar. He opened the jar, and took a smell. The smell, was oh so good, that Charles poked his finger into the jar, and tasted the strange stuff. His mouth, had never tasted anything as good as this, ever. Charles took another dip into the jar, then ran into the room, to give Victoria a taste. Victoria smiled, as the sticky stuff clung, to the roof of her mouth. Charles went back to the kitchen area, to make a biscuit with the yummy stuff on top. Both, children sat by the fire, and ate till their tummies were full.

Peanut Butter.butter.jpgSnow, finally returned, and she had a back pack filled with food, cookies, milk, gifts, glue, and paper scraps. Oh, and popcorn to decorate the tree.  Snow, only took what she figured had to be seen, out of her pack, the rest she stored away. Charles, asked Snow. “What is the stuff in this jar.” Snow looked at him and his sister, and asked. “Have you ever had this stuff before?”  Charles shook his head No. Snow, was really surprised that they had never had peanut butter before. “This is called peanut butter.” Snow said. “It is good.” Charles said, as he rubbed his tummy, with Victoria following his lead. Snow, had a lot of explaining to do, and the children listened closely to everything she said. “Charles, you help your sister, look out the window, and I am going to get us a tree.” “Okay.” Charles said. Charles held Victoria, up high enough so she could watch Snow, cut a small tree down. Snow, dragged the tree into the shack, and put it in a bucket of water. Snow, showed the children, how to make a chain to decorate the tree. Charles helped Victoria make a big long chain. Snow was busy stringing popcorn to put on the tree. Once, the tree was decorated, the children sat back, and looked intensely at the tree. “Why are we doing this?” Charles asked.  Snow, was astonished by the fact, that they had, no idea what Christmas was. Snow, felt sad for the children. She explained, about Christmas, and Santa Claus. Snow, told them stories of Christmas, she even sang them songs of Christmas.

Christmas tree.

c tree.jpgSnow did her best to wrap the gifts she had brought home for the children. Snow was very excited, to see the children, sitting in front of the tree.  The morning came, none too soon for Snow. She woke the children, and told them Santa, had been there at night. Snow led the way, to the sitting room, and under the tree, there were gifts.  The children were excited, and touched each gift in the hopes, they knew what it was. Snow took each gift, from under the tree, and gave one each to the children to open. Snow had a gift, from Santa too.  Victoria had a dolly, that she held very close to her, and never put down. Charles, got paper, and pencils to write or draw with. Snow had to show him, but when she was done, he started drawing.  Next gifts, were clothing, and boots, and a warm coat, made of fur. There were, toys, necklaces, and things the children had never seen, nor tasted. Snow made a special dinner of chicken, potatoes, beans, and biscuits.

Chicken dinner.

dinner.jpgThis was the best Christmas, for Snow, and the first one for Victoria, and Charles.

Join me tomorrow as we, visit another Once upon a Christmas.

Take care of those you cherish, and let them know you love them.

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