Once upon a Christmas (2)

Giving is the best feeling of all. Christmas brings out the best in all of us, and the bad in others. There are many charities to give to, so if not money, gives toys, a visit to the lonely senior down the street, and help others. God Bless.

Millie, is a beautiful six-year-old child, with big brown eyes, carrot red hair, and freckles that dance over her cheeks, and little button nose. Millie was like most children, at this time of the season. She, went to see Santa at the mall. Millie whispered in Santa’s ear, “All I want for Christmas is, a little spotted  kitten.” Millie said. Santa said. “My cat “Molly” had kittens, and I will see what I can do.”  Millie, was so happy that Santa, was doing his best, to grant her Christmas wish. Millie, told her mom, all about Santa’s cat and what Santa had said, and how he would do his best. All Millie, did was talk about her visit, and how they should get food for the kitten. “She will be very hungry, after her ride in Santa’s sleigh.” Millie, told her mom. “Millie dear, what if Santa can’t get a spotted kitten, would any kitten do?” Her mom asked. “I would really like a spotted kitty, but anyone would do.”  Millie said, with a nod of her head, and big smile made her face shine. Millie seemed to dance on air, as she twirled around in a circle. Once, mom and Millie arrived home, dad was there with, some fried chicken, fries, and some chicken nuggets for Millie. While, the Adam’s family, sat eating their dinner, Millie filled her dad in on, her visit with Santa. She told him, how Santa’s cat had already had kittens, and how Santa would do his best, to grant her Christmas wish. Millie talked for a long time about the spotted kitten. Dad asked, “What would you name this kitten?” Millie sat very quiet, with a lost look on her face, for nearly ten minutes. Millie, turned to her dad, with her head tilted to one side, her finger on her chin, and a serious look on her face. “You know daddy, I never thought of a name.” “HMMM!” Millie said. “I will have to think of one, could you help me?” Millie asked. “I think I could help you with that.”


Daddy, and Millie, sat by the Christmas tree, and dad took out a small book. The book had pink, and blue colors on the cover. Dad gave Millie the book and she read, “Baby Names.” “What is this for daddy?” She asked. “Didn’t you want to pick a name for the kitty if Santa brings her?” Dad asked. Millie, looked at her daddy like she, did not quite understand, how the book would help. Daddy, opened the first page, and told Millie, what the book was used for. Millie, felt better because, she understood how the book would help, her with a name for her kitten. Dad asked. “How about “mud pie” as a name?” Millie laughed, at her daddy, and said. “Don’t be silly daddy, we need a real name.” Millie put the book on her lap, and turned through the pages, and stopped. “Daddy, what is this name?” As, Millie placed her finger on the word. “What word?” Daddy asked. “This one, under my finger.” Millie said. Daddy, bent close to Millie, and twisted his head so he could see the name. “Oh, that name is Minnie.” Her dad said. “I like that name daddy.” Millie said, rather excitedly. “That’s a great name Millie.” Dad said. “Do you want to look at anymore names?” Dad asked. ” Millie gave the book to her dad, and said. “No thanks, that is the most prefect name, for a kitty.” She said, as she slid off the couch, and went to tell mom the name, she had picked out.

NAMES. Betty, Jane, Sue, Millie, Annie, Beth, Elizabeth, Maggie, Nancy,                 Minnie.

Millie, was so excited, as she told her mom, the name she had picked out for the kitten. “What is the name?” Her mom asked. “I picked the name Minnie, and I think, that is the perfect name.” Millie said. “That is a beautiful name for a kitten, Millie.” “The kitten will love her name.” Mom said. “What other thing, do we need to get for the kitten, mommy?” Millie asked. Mom, sat with Millie, and wrote down: Food, crunchy kitten kind, Kitty toys, Kitty scratch pole/house, Litter box, and Litter. “Mommy, what is a litter box for?” Millie asked. “It’s a safe place for a kitten to go to the bathroom.” Mom answered. “Do we need a thing to put on the kitty, to take her for a walk outside?” Millie asked.  “We could, get a leash and a harness, so you can take her outside.” Mom told Millie. “Okay, mommy, I think we need that too.” Millie told her mom. kitten.jpgAs, Christmas drew closer, Millie became very excited. Millie, and her mommy had shopped, for all the items needed, for the new member of the family. Christmas, arrived with a blustery storm. The snow fell, and the wind blew harder than ever. Millie watched out the window, with a very worried look on her face. “Mommy is Santa going to come tonight?” Millie asked, as a small tear rolled down her chubby cheek. “Santa has a very special sleigh, and magical reindeer, that are able to travel through any weather.”  “Don’t forget Rudolph, with his nose that lights up, so Santa can see his way to all the boys, and girls in the world.” Millie’s mom explained. Millie felt a little better, when mom told her about Santa’s reindeer. Millie sat with mom, and dad, and watched a Christmas movie, had hot chocolate, and a cookie. Mom and dad, helped Millie put out milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer, Then, tucked Millie in bed. “Sweet dreams sweetheart.” Mom and dad said as they kissed, Millie good night. Mom, and dad, soon turned in as the wind whistled through the trees. The storm was not good at all, and the roads were filling in with snow.  Santa sure, had a big job ahead of him.Photo By: Mags

Millie, woke early in the morning, and made her way down to the Christmas tree. Millie, looked very hard to see if there was a kitten among the presents. Millie, went back up stairs to see mom, and dad. Millie, was very sad, and was sobbing. “What’s wrong Millie?” Daddy said. “I don’t think Santa brought me my Christmas wish.” Millie, said through sobs. “Lets go down and take another look.” Mom suggested. Everyone looked in the kitchen, the bathroom , the living room, and under the tree. There was no sign, of a small kitten. Millie was heart-broken, as tears fell down her chubby cheeks. Daddy, held Millie, while she cried. “Am I a bad girl, Daddy?” She asked.  “No, sweetheart you’re not a bad girl.” Her daddy said. “Then, why didn’t Santa bring my Christmas wish?” “I only asked for one thing, I’m not greedy.” Millie said, as she sobbed. Mom heard the door bell. “I will get it.” Mom yelled. Mom, entered the living room with, a round basket that had a handle on it, and a cover over the top. “The tag, says it’s for you, Millie.” Mom said. Mom brought the basket over to Millie. Millie stood up, then bent down to look under the cover. There, staring up at Millie was a spotted kitten. “Minnie, you are here!!” Millie said. Millie gently picked Minnie up, and kissed her on the head. Minnie, rubber her head against Millie’s face. Santa, made sure Millie got her Christmas wish.

santa.jpgSometimes, you just have to believe. And, miracles do come true.

Join, me tomorrow for another story, about Once upon a Christmas.

Take care of those you love, and give, and help when you can.

Thank You, to all my followers, readers, and visitors for reading my stories.

gran driving red lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Tuesday, and dress warm when venturing outside.”   🙂

I want to say thank you to all the talented photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

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