Once upon a Christmas (1)

Christmas, (to me) is a wonderful time of the year. People carry smiles on their faces, that aren’t usually there all year round. The feeling of giving, or helping a friend in need is a great way to celebrate.

People reach out to help those less fortunate than themselves. There are toy drives, for the Children’s Aid, sick kids hospital, and the low-income families, who are unable, to give a Christmas to their children. There are events, all over the world, that collect food for the Food Banks, Salvation Army, and many other charities. Toy Mountain, Stuff a command post with toys. Donations collected from, Christmas light displays, that home owners  put together, for the enjoyment of others. Large companies, who donate money and, food. Grocery stores that give, huge amounts of turkeys away, farmers that, dip into their storage of vegetables, and give them to food bank, soup kitchens, and shelters.  Restaurant owners, that open their doors, to the homeless. College student in culinary classes, that take the time, to use their skills, and serve the less fortunate. A lot of times, these restaurant owners, and College functions, will supply a shuttle to bring people to the food, and take them back to the bus station. It’s amazing what people do for others, at this time of the year.food.jpg Banquet, Christmas dinner.

Christmas, is a time for giving.

Turn the coin, over to the other side, and there are those who, take, steal, rob, and beat others for what they have. This is a time of, watch your purse, cover your bank card or credit card, as thieves will steal your pin number. Pick pockets, frauds, crooks, and those that live, on the wrong side of the tracks. Those, that case your home, and when you least expect it, they enter your home, and take, that which is not theirs. It’s hard to understand the reasons why. There are those who, we would call the “Hum bugs” who hate, the thought of a Christmas celebration. The Grinch, who could not, stand the residence of Who Ville, having fun at Christmas. And then we have Scrooge, who only thought of the all mighty dollar. This may seem silly, but to me, this is the ultimate, examples of “Hum Bugs.”  At least in my opinion. robber.jpgDanger

The spirit of Christmas is all around us. We just have to look around us. There are homes, dressed in sparkling lights, evergreen, Christmas trees, displayed in the front windows, of homes we pass by. The great tree lighting, in the middle of town. City displays, in department stores. You can walk, or drive down the main drag of your city, or town, and delight in the beauty, of colored lights, greenery, and fluffy white snow. At a time like this, as our world seems to be, falling to pieces. There is always the kindness of others, that will always, lend a hand, no matter how small, or how large.

christmas.jpgFamilies, come home to spend time together. They travel, near or far, just to be together. I wish, to ask, all who read my blog, to not forget the shut ins, (those that can not get out,) or those who do not have families, to visit them, the seniors in medical facilities, and in seniors homes. A friendly face, can make a big difference, and create a smile. A pair of socks, a scarf, a pair of warm gloves, a stroll down the hallway, and back. And don’t forget the animals. They need help too. There are so many things, we can do, to make this Christmas special, for everyone. When, you give to others, your smile will never, leave your face, and your heart will feel warm a squishy.

Till tomorrow, Take care of  those you love, give, and help when you can.

Thank you , to all my followers, readers, and new visitors, who have come to read my stories.  🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

“Have a wonderful Monday, and take care on the roads today.” 🙂

Thank you, to all the amazing photographers, at Up Splash for their contributions.

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