Trouble X 2 (5)

Millie, and Jasper, really had fun playing in the mud. Mud pies, are always fun. Smearing mud in each others hair, and on each others clothing was the best part of the mud pie fight. Their mom’s where looking for them, once it became dark. 

It would seemed, that Millie and Jasper, mud pie fight was not that bad. Their moms seemed have saved them from, facing “The Fathers”. They had been, grounded from the trees, the brook and crossing the road. “No crossing the road!” Was what they had been told. Now their fun was limited to Jasper’s house, or Millie’s house, or their backyards. This may seem like a limited area, but for these children, this was all the space they needed. With, the amazing imagination Millie, and Jasper had, the sky was the limit. Sitting in the living room watching television, was boring. Millie whispered to Jasper, “Us needa, do thumting, I bored.” Jasper said. “Me too, can you think of anything we could do?” Millie rolled her eyes, then placed her hand under her chin, to hold up her head. “HMMMM!” She said. “Vee coud pay in dat ard, out sid.” “Yes, we could, but it is really hot out there.” Jasper explained. “Let’s ask our moms what they think we should do?” Jasper suggested. “Kay.” Millie said, as her and Jasper headed for the kitchen. bored.jpgBored children

There is nothing worse, than bored children. Especially, the ones with over active imaginations. Doris, said. “Hi kids, whats up.” Jasper answered. “We are bored.” “Do you have something we can do?” “Can we help you guys?” Jasmine, looked over at the two of them leaning, on the table with their, hands under their chins. “Boy, you too look like, you do need something to do.” Jasmine said. “Do you know how to clean up the floor?” “Yef, we do.” Millie, blurted out. “Doris, and I need to go out, to the backyard for a break.’ “Do you think you could clean up the floor for us?” “YES!” “YES!”  Was all the moms could hear from the children. “Okay, once you are done let us know.” “Okay, we will.” Jasper said, as Millie stood behind Jasper shaking her head yes. This was the chance, to do  something nice, for their moms. “There are too brooms, in that closet, so you can sweep the floor, and a dust pan to clean up the dirt.” Doris said. Both moms got a coffee, and headed outside. “Call us if you need anything.” Jasmine said. Jasmine, and Doris went out the door. This may have been, a big mistake for the moms. Leaving, Jasper, and Millie in charge of sweeping the floor. They are very brave moms.sweeping.jpgSweeping.

Millie grabbed the brooms from the closet, and the dust picker upper thing. She gave Jasper one, and together they cleaned the paper bits, and dirt from the floor. After, they had finished sweeping, Jasper collected the brooms, and dusty thing, and placed them in the closet. “Why don’t we wash the floor, it will look better.” Jasper got two cloths, from under the sink, and small bucket. He put water, and a little soap in the bucket. Jasper took the pail, and put it on the floor, then dunked their cloths into the water, then squeezed them out. Millie, started in one corner of the kitchen, and, Jasper in the other corner of the kitchen. Millie, did big sweeps with one arm then, the other. Jasper, had two hands on the cloth, as he pushed away, then pulled back. Both ways seemed to work quite well. They both took a break, in the living room, till the floor looked dry. About ten minutes went by, when Jasper checked the floor. “It’s dry Millie.” He said, as he walked into the living room. Millie, and Jasper stood at opening to the kitchen. “It lok not shin.” Millie said, as she looked over the floor. “No it isn’t.” Jasper said.  “We can shine it up.” He said.clean.jpgCleaning floor. (Waxing)

What, do children know about, shining up a floor? I guess it’s time to find out.

Millie, looked for something that would shine up the floor.  Millie pulled a big can, out of the cupboard. The stuff, looked like it would make the floor shiny. Millie, opened the lid, and put some on a cloth, she got on the floor, and smeared it across the floor. Jasper took his cloth, and did the same, and the floor looked really shiny. Together, they smeared the polish on the floor, and rubbed it in. When they were done the floor looked fantastic. “Mom will really like the floor we made shiny.” Jasper said. Millie hit, Jasper with her cloth, and it stuck to the side of his face. Jasper, walked over to Millie, and rubbed the cloth he used in Millie’s hair. Her hair was stuck against her head. She looked so funny. Millie started to run across the floor, and shot all the way over to the counter. Jasper went after her, and slid right into the wall. The floor was shiny, oh yes it was, but slippery as all get out. Jasmine and Doris heard, the thud against the wall. Both moms, came running in to see what had happened. Jasper, was slumped over, against the wall he had hit. Jasmine, started to step on the floor, her hands where flailing in the air. She stepped from one foot to the other. Doris watched as Jasmine, did the funky dance across the floor. Doris pulled her phone, from her pocket, and snapped several photos of Jasmine, funky dancing, and then she got the best photo of all. Jasmine, plunking down on the floor. Doris was laughing as Jasmine slid across the slippery floor. Doris asked. “What did you do to the floor?” Millie said. “We shin it fer uoo.” “What did you use on the floor?” Jasmine asked. Jasper said. “The stuff in that can.” fall.jpgFalling

The can contained Lard or shortening, for baking. Things were great up until the floor needing to be shinned. I, really hope Jasper, and Millie, grow out of their trouble faze.

The end.  🙂

Take care of those you love, and tell them you love them everyday.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Friday, and be safe out there on the roads.” 🙂

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