Trouble X 2 (4)

Jasper had gained the famous name of Picasso. His dad had found, talent in his creative designs, he had used to paint Millie. Buster, was still carrys the stains of his paint job. The children’s hair, has returned to their natural color. Doris, and Jasmine have, regained their emotions, and think of themselves as good parents.

Today, is a new day in the lives of Jasper, and Millie. The two trouble magnets, had been quite good over the last month. But, that month was over, and Jasper, and Millie needed a break, from being good. Millie wanted to run away, and leave notes, and maps so their parents could find them. Jasper thought, that was not a good idea. Jasper asked Millie, “What would happen if mom, and dad could not find us?” “What would we do, how would we eat, and where would we live?” Millie, just sat staring at Jasper, with a defeated look on her face. “What, we do den?” Millie asked. “We can do something nice for our mommies and daddies.” Jasper said, with a slight devious smile on his face. “I know Millie said, as she jumped to her feet.” “We tood make the tichen foor clean.” “I don’t know, how can we clean it?” Jasper asked. Jasper, and Millie kept talking, as they sat on the front stoop. Heavens, knows what Millie, and Jasper will decide to do. It makes me wonder if this decision, will put them in trouble.        (Best Friends)child.jpg Jasmine, and Doris, were having fun planning an upcoming Birthday Party. They had become so consumed by the preparations for the party, that they had lost track of Millie, and Jasper. The trees across the road, had a great place to play. There was a small brook, that ran through the middle of the trees. Some of the neighbourhood children would go there, and play in the brook. Jasper, and Millie had seen the children, going into the trees, and followed them. John, Phillip, and their good friend Donald, had not seen Millie, and Jasper, follow them. The fellas had never been of any harm to any of the children in the neighbourhood. The fellas were older than, Millie, and Jasper, but had a childish nature about them. Millie, and Jasper hid behind a tree, watching the guys. John, jumped into the water, and made a splash that covered Phillip, and Donald. John’s clothes were soaked, but it didn’t seem to make any difference. Millie whispered. “That looks like fun, Jasper.” “Why don’t we go jump in the water too.” Jasper said he wanted to wait till the bigger boys, had gone home. Millie did not want to wait. She popped out from behind the tree, and ran for the water. “Hi!” She said, as she splashed into the water. Jasper was on his feet, and heading for the water as well. John, looked at them, with a shocked look on his face. “What are you doing in the trees?” “Does your mom know where you are?” John asked. Millie, immediately answered. “Yes, and we can play in the water too.”eater.jpgPhillip, jumped into the water, splashing Millie in the face. Jasper, jumped in front of Millie, to stop the water from hitting her face. Donald spoke up, and said. “Oh, I know who’s gotta girl friend.” He said, in a smug voice. Millie spoke up. “He my best freind!” John jumped into the middle of the name calling, and put a stop to it. John, was the bigger of the fellas, and could calm then down. John took a big jump into the water, wetting down his friends again. Millie sat on the bank, of the water making mud pies, and piling them up. “Lets throw the mud pies at the John.” Millie said. Jasper picked one up, and through it, and hit John on the back of his leg. John turned, and looked at Jasper, saying. “This is war!” And, the mud fight began. Phillip was hit square in the face. The mud rolled down his face and onto the ground. Jasper was laughing, when a mud pie hit him on his butt. Millie picked up a mud pie, and hit Donald on the head. Mud was tangled in his hair, and dripped down his back. Phillip hit Millie, with a mud pie right in the stomach. Millie bent over a bit, then threw another mud pie, hitting Jasper in the side of his head. Jasper returned fire, and hit Millie on the right arm. Donald, John, and Phillip had enough, and left for home. Millie, and Jasper smeared, mud all over each other. Millie gave Jasper a mud pie face smear. Jasper, spit and sputtered, then Jasper smeared mud all over Millie’s face, and in her hair. The mud pie fight, had left two clean children, looking like they had been sliding down a mud slide.mud.jpgMillie, and Jasper, where having so much fun in the mud, that they did not notice how dark it was getting. Millie, and Jasper could hear their moms calling them. Jasper tried to wipe some of the mud off his cloths, but none came off. “Come on Jasper, we have to go.” Millie said, as she grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the trees. There stood their moms, and the expression on their faces was not happy. “Where have you been?” Jasmine asked. “We, play in the mud pies.” Millie said, so innocently. Jasper was not talking at all. Doris pointed the way back to Jasmine’s house, and the children, dragged their feet, as they crossed the road. They both looked like they, where on the way to dungeon. They were actually happy, their moms found them instead of their dads. Jasmine took more photos for her album she was creating. Doris drew a bath, and Millie was cleaned up first. Jasper was second, and both of them were clean and ready for dinner. Mom said there was no more mud pies, across the road. In fact NO! crossing the road. road.jpgCrossing road.

Mom had said, no mud pies, and no across the road, but that didn’t mean Millie, and Jasper, couldn’t get into something right here in the house. They both had that passion and fire to do something out of the ordinary.

Join me tomorrow, to see what kind of trouble, these two best friends, can get into…  See you then. 🙂

Take care of your loved ones, kiss them often, and always say “I love you.”

Thank you, to all my followers, readers, and new visitors, for stopping by. 

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Thursday, and remember Christmas Day is only, 12 days away.”

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