Trouble X 2 (3)

Yesterday, I wrote Trouble X 2, the third part. I am introducing my domain, and I am having a great deal of problems with posting my blog through the site. I apologize for all the problems created. I will be writing on here till everything get solved. Till then, I hope you enjoy.

To recap, part three of Trouble X 2 (3), I will explain what happened in a condensed version.

As part three started off, the dads had arrived home, and were greeted by Buster, the dog. Buster, had been painted by Millie, and Jasper. Buster had a red tongue, he had red paint drooling , out of the corners of his mouth, his eyes were circled in black paint. He had purple hand prints on his neck and head. Buster had yellow circles on his back and belly. His legs were painted blue, for one, orange for the second leg, third leg was red, and fourth leg was blue, all solid colors. His feet #1 was circles, in pink, #2 was dots in orange, #3 was solid green, #4 was lines circling the foot. His tail was solid black. The poor dog, after being bathed had color stains on his coat, that would stay with him for several more weeks. Buster looked pretty funny, because of the stains. The dads really liked how Buster was painted. They said he was worthy of being added to an Art Gallery showing.

The moms, were laughing uncontrollably. So much that they started to judge their parenting skills. Jasmine had taken a lot of photos, and had plans to have a banner made up of  Jasper, Millie, and Buster poking their heads out of the fort flap. Doris, just could not control herself, and found the whole event too funny for words. The fathers tried to be stern with Jasper, and Millie, but, when they emerged from the fort, they could not help but laugh. Jasper, had painted Millie, and it was something else. Millie had stuck up hair, colored green, black circles, around her eyes, and bright blue on the eye lids, orange on her nose, and purple on her cheeks. Millie’s body was very abstract. Her body, over her clothing, was painted in all colors of the rainbow. That were  squiggly lines from her neck down to her feet. Her bare feet, circles of red and blue, and orange for her toe nails. Jasper’s father liked his son’s work of art, and started calling him, Picasso.   Millie had painted, Jasper. His hair green and standing up straight, his eyes were circled in lime green, with pink on his eye lids.  His lips purple, his nose green, and his neck purple. His clothing was stripes, of all colors, and  yellow on his black pants. His bare feet were painted in dots of green, pink, red, blue, and orange. Both fathers commended the children on the painting, of Buster, and each other. And, they did not get in trouble. Once they had bathed, the green had stained their hair. So, they had green hair for a couple of weeks.paint.jpgJasmine, was creating a photo book for each child. To have as a memory of the day, they painted each other, and poor Buster.

Thanks for stopping by. And have a good day.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS. 




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