Trouble X 2 (2)

Jasper, and Millie had been up to their usual antics. Getting into trouble was one their traits. Together, they made the world a funnier place. If not for, what they did, or the way they told the story of how something happened.

Painting a stranger’s car, with orange paint, was something the parents could never figure out. But, the story they told, was an adventure in itself. A giant in the trees, carrying around a huge pail of orange paint, and a giant brush.. The giant threatening them, that he would mash them with his giant foot, was just too funny. The expressions on the Jasper, and Millie’s faces, led their parents to the point of hysterical laughter. Their parents, loved them dearly. In their homes, there was never a dull moment, when the blend of two great story tellers, happened to get together. Millie’s parents, Bob, and Doris, felt they had been blessed with a beautiful girl. And life was normal, till the day Millie happened to make, a best friend. They never knew, that their life had been blessed with a creative story-teller.
Jasper’s parents, Derrick, and Jasmine, had been blessed with a bouncing baby boy. From an early age, Jasper had shown an interest in stories,  especially the ones his dad told him each night. Was it the stories that influenced, the behavior that preceded the act?stories.jpgJasper, and Millie, had recently tried painting again. At least they hadn’t painted some strangers car. Doris, and Jasmine had decided to have a play date for the children. Jasmine, and Doris had coffee, and talked about a clothing exchange that was to happen the next Thursday. The children were building a fort out of sheets, pillows, and a stool or two. The sounds of the children playing echoed through the house. Jasmine’s dog, “Buster” was supervising the building of the fort. Buster was a pure snowy white, Golden Retrieve, and he loved being around Millie, and Jasper. Doris, would periodically check in to make sure, there was no unexpected trouble. As the ladies gabbed about the exchange, time passed quickly. Jasper, Millie, and Buster, where in the fort talking, and giggling from time to time. Doris had not checked on them for a long time. Jasmine looked up at the clock, and seen it was four o’clock. “Oh my goodness!” Jasmine said. Oh, I haven’t checked on the children in a quite a while. Doris made her way down the hall, where she could hear the laughter of children playing. “How are you doing guys?” she asked. The room was dead silent. “Oh no!” Doris thought to herself. As Doris reached for the opening of the fort door. The dog poked his head out. Doris’s eyes, just about popped out of her yelled. “Jasmine, get your camera or cell phone and come here?” Jasmine, took off down the hall way to the bedroom. She was carrying her cell phone, which, was on camera. Jasmine looked in the door way, and there in front of her eyes, were two smiling children, and one smiling dog. Jasmine, clicked a picture right away. Doris, was sitting on the end of the bed with her hand over her mouth. Doris ast with wide poen eyes. Jasmine was in the same condition, with the exception, of having her mouth wide open. She wanted, to yell at the top of her lungs. But, no words came out of her mouth. Then she started to laugh, as tears rolled from her blue eyes. Now, both moms were laughing. Jasmine said. “Fine parents we are, we should be asking what happened.” “But, here we are laughing like little girls at their first comedy show.” She said with her hands in the air. Doris said. “I know, but this is too funny.” “Wait till they see this picture, at their graduation party.” Jasmine, laughed even harder, as a vision of that photo on a wall, blown up to banner size. Doris was already laughing harder. Then the children started to laugh too. “Wow!” “We don’t need to see a comedy show, we don’t even have to leave home” Jasmine said through her laughter. Jasmine was certain, she was going to wet herself. She said. “Excuse me, I have to tinkle!” As she hurried away. Doris, was having a hard time controlling the laughter. When she looked at the three pals, she just laughed more. Jasmine entered the room saying. “We have to control ourselves, and get to the bottom of this before, Bob, and Derrick get home. Every time, she looked at the two smiling faces, looking out the fort door, she sputtered out bits of laughter.
laugh.jpg“Oh My goodness, daddy is home.” Jasmine said. Millie looked at Jasper, with a surprised look on her face. Jasper, went and sat down in the tent, followed by Buster, and Millie. Derrick, could only hear laughing coming from Millie’s room. “Hello, I’m home.” “What is going on?” He said as he made his way down the hall. Buster, came running out of the fort, once he heard, Derrick’s voice. “Oh my goodness, what happened to Buster?” He got no answer. He called Bob. “Get over here, you gotta see this!” Derrick said, loudly. Bob was at the house in minutes. He came running into the house. “What’s ha.” was all he could say before Buster, jumped up for a pet. Bob’s face said it all, no need to speak.

“Looks like our story tellers, have something to explain.” Join me tomorrow, to listen to what the little one’s have to say.      See you then!

The season is here, and there are only fourteen days left, till Christmas Day. I’ll be joining you late shoppers, for some odds and ends. 

I’d like to say, thank you, to my many followers, readers, and great visitors. For stopping by, to read my stories.  🙂

gran driving red lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have yourselves a wonderful Tuesday, and dress warm when you leave your home.

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