Trouble X 2 (1)

Jasper Adams, was a boy with a talent, for getting into trouble. Jasper has always been able to turn, a boring day into an adventure. Millie Roberts, is Jasper’s best friends, and partner in crime. 

Today, just happened to be one of those days. Millie, and Jasper decided to do something that would be trouble for them, by the end of the day. Jasper, seemed like a little angel, with his puppy dog eyes, and sad little pout, he could get away with almost anything he did. Millie was the same. She could be the most charming, young lady you would ever meet. Her smile, and big brown eyes, could turn you to mush. She was very good, at getting whatever she wanted. But, when you put the two of them together, they were like lit dynamite. The parents had done there best, to keep the two of them apart. But, all there had to be, was that one little moment of distraction, and it was over. puddle.jpgJasper, and Millie had painted a car with orange paint. The only thing wrong, was the car belonged to a visitors. Both, moms, and dads did not find any humor in what they had done. Sure, the story behind, who painted the car, got a slight snicker from the owner, of the car. It was cute as, Jasper started the story. Jasper; “We was over here, I saw a big giant, come out of the trees over there.” As he pointed towards, an area of twisted vine-covered trees, across the road. Millie; “I saw dat giant too, he was so big. As Millie, held her arm up as high as she could get it. She stood on the tips of her toes, and said. “He were ugly too!” The expression on her face was priceless. Her eyes were as big as saucers, and her face was distorted into the ugliest face she could make. Jasper was doing the same motions as Millie.sad.jpgMom had her hand over her mouth, trying not to let a gut busting laugh. Dad stood sternly, in one place, with his hands on his waist. He too, was trying not to burst out laughing. The owner of the car, had lost his control and was laughing holding his belly. Tears ran down his cheeks, and his face was turning red. Jasper; “It’s real daddy. He carrying a giant brush, and a huge pail of orange paint.” Millie; “Yup, me see him too, with that preddy paint.” “He tell us, if we don’t paint car, he going to mash us, with his big huge foot.” The moms were done, they could no longer hold in the laughter. They ran to the house, and watched out the window, while they repeated some of the things the children had said. The owner of the car, had never recovered from his first bout of laughter, and was crying tears. It was so funny.laugh.jpgMillie’s dad spoke up. “Come with us, and we will go see if, the giant is in the trees.” Jasper; “Oh no, he gone now.” As Jasper, shook his head, as he looked like, a bobble head in the back window of a car. Millie’s dad was just about to bust out in laughter. He kept turning around, with his hand on his mouth. He tried to make it look like, he was talking to the moms in the window.  Jasper’s dad, was doing his best, to hold his laughter in, and be serious. But, with two good story tellers, that was the hardest thing to do. Jasper, and Millie had told a really good story, but the parents knew better. The owner of the car had a talk with the Millie, and Jasper. He tried to make his voice sound mean, and angry. “What are you going to do about my car?” He said in a gruff voice. “You know that paint isn’t going to come off, my new car.” He said, with a loud voice. Millie, and Jasper stood frozen in place. “Well, what are you going to do about my car?” “Do you have any money to pay to get it painted again?” “WELL!” Millie was picking at the corner of her shirt, and Jasper was playing with button on his pocket. They were not looking up anymore. The owner asked again. “How are you going to pay?”  He turned and went into the house. Millie, and Jasper sat on the curb in front of their paint job. Mom, could see them sadly talking to each other. Mom, called them into the house. Dad, looked at them as they stood against the wall. “Well, I will have to pay for the car, but you two, will have to work to pay me back. You both will be grounded till the money is paid off.” Millie’s and Jasper’s dads said. “Now, go wash up, dinner is almost ready.”paint.jpgMillie and Jasper can sure, get themselves into a pretty good mess.

Join me tomorrow, to see if, and what kind of messes Millie, and Jasper can get into, then.

Do good to others, and you will see your life change. Be very careful on the roads out there.

Thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors for stopping by to read my stories. 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Monday, smile often, and see how many smiles you receive back.  🙂

I would like to say thank you to all the very talented Photographers at Up Splash for their amazing photos.

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