Unwanted Company (5)

Margo and Annie had opened a hidden door in Annie’s room. Both ladies, followed by the dogs had started up the stairs. All of a sudden Margo could hear Annie scream. The darkness on the stairs, made it so hard for Margo to see Annie.

The stairs were covered with dust from many years past. It was weird to see the stairs, let alone climb them. Margo wondered, if the land lord knew anything about the stairs. Margo was going to sit down with the land lord, and have along talk. When Annie screamed, Margo flew up the creaking stairs, like they were on fire behind her. Annie was laying on the floor, passed out with a small cut on her forehead. Margo, tried patting her on the hand, while yelling her name. With no response. “Annie, are you in there?” “Wake up Annie, you scaring the crap out of me.” Margo said, while shaking Annie. There was no response. “This is going to hurt me more than you.” Margo said. Margo raised her hand, and “WACK.” Annie sat straight up, looking like she had been on another planet. “Are you okay Annie?” Margo asked. Annie was disoriented, and had no idea what had happened. Margo, noticed that there was little light in the attic. “Annie, do you remember who I am?” Margo asked. “I think I do, just a minute… I think you are… Mmm. Wait a minute…. Margo! Yes, that is your name.” Thank goodness, Annie knew who she was, that was a good sign. “What, happened to you Annie?” Margo asked. “I seen something come at me really fast, and all I remember is it hitting me, then my mind went blank.” Annie replied. “You have a cut on your forehead, and a bit of blood is coming from it.” Margo said. Margo, could hear a swishing sound over her head. She squinted her eyes, and got the out line of a bat. “Bats!” She said. “That was a bat that hit you, and cut your forehead.” Margo said, as she waved her hands above her head, making the bat disappear. “He’s gone, can you stand Annie?” Margo helped her to her feet. Annie wabbled, then gained her ground, she would be okay. Margo would be keeping a close eye on Annie for the next few days. “You sit here, on the top step, and don’t move, I will be back.” Margo instructed Annie. attic.jpgMargo stepped slowly, as the floor creaked under her feet, the dogs followed her sniffing the ground. Popcorn started to growl. “What’s wrong popcorn?” Margo asked. Popcorn moved slowly ahead, with Barney at her side. (another dog’s name) Margo could faintly see a pile of clothing in the far corner, and dirty blankets on the floor, close to the pile. The clothes seemed to look like a childs clothing. “Come out who ever, you are?” Nothing happened. “Don’t make me come and get you.” Margo yelled. Margo heard the clicking of dog nails. Margo looked around, and could not see Barney, nor Popcorn. She could hear a little girl giggling. “Popcorn, Barney come?” Margo commanded. Both dogs came walking out from the dark, with a little girl standing between them. “Hi there sweetheart who are you, what is your name?” Margo asked, as she held two tiny dirty hands. “Jolene.” The tiny little girl said. “Do you have a mommy and Daddy?” Margo asked. The little girl looked pretty sad, as she pouted, and hung her head down. “I did, but we were in a car, and… tears started to roll down her cheeks. Margo pulled Jolene, close to her and cuddled her till she stopped crying. “What happened to mom and dad?” “They went to heaven.” Jolene said. Her words, made Margo cry. Jolene hugged Margo, and put her hand on Margo’s back. “It’s okay, don’t cry.” Jolene kept saying. “My daddy always said, don’t cry.” Jolene softly said. Margo, cuddled Jolene tightly, and rocked her back and forth. “It’s okay sweetheart.” Margo kept repeating.blankets.jpgMargo picked Jolene up in her arms, and took her over to meet Annie. “Annie this is Jolene.” Margo said. Jolene smiled, and said a shy “Hello.” “You stay here with Annie, and take care of her, she has a big boo boo on her head.” Margo told Jolene. Margo went back into the dimly lit area. She was looking for any signs of a bigger human, but there were none. The covers on the floor where disgusting, and they smelled like urine. Margo left the blankets in the same spot as they had been found. She made her way over to the pile of clothing, and found a small suitcase with Jolene’s name on it. There was a glass with milk in it, on the floor and cookie crumbs all over. Margo wondered how long Jolene, had been in the attic alone, and how did she get in. There were a lot of questions to ask Jolene  tomorrow. Margo stuffed the cloths in the suitcase, and the dolly she found under the cloths. Margo headed over, to Annie, and Jolene. The two of them were chatting, like they were best friends.mom.jpgAnnie went down the stairs followed by Jolene, and Margo and the dogs behind. Margo took the dirty clothes from the suitcase, and put them in the washer, then the dryer. Annie gave Jolene a well deserved bath, and washed her hair. When she came out of the tub, Annie wrapped her in a very large towel. Margo, noticed how pretty Jolene was after her bath. The dogs kept close to Jolene. I guess it was to keep her safe. Annie put the smallest tee-shirt, she could find, and put it on Jolene. It was pretty big on her, so Annie tied a knot in one side. Annie only had big sock for now, but Jolene did not seem to care. “Are you hungry.” Margo asked, Jolene. “Well, come on into the kitchen and we will make something for you to eat.” Annie said. They all went to the kitchen, and made Jolene a peanut butter sandwich, and glass of cold milk. Annie, and Margo sat at the table, and drank coffee, and ate cookies. After everyone, had finished their snack, they went to sit on the porch outside. Margo held Jolene close, while rocking in her in the rocking chair. Jolene fell fast asleep in Margo’s arms. “She is such a precious child.” Annie said. “What happened to her, and how did she get in the attic?” Annie asked. “She said, that her mommy, and daddy were in heaven, and I broke down in front of her. She just told me it would be okay, and not to cry.” Margo said to Annie. “Awe,” Annie said, that is terrible. “Poor little thing.”child.jpgMargo took Jolene, and passed her to Annie. “I have to check on her laundry. We will have some cloths to put on her then.” Margo said. Annie held Jolene in her arms kissing her tiny hands, and forehead. Margo had finished Jolene’s laundry, and now she had something to wear. The rest of the after noon went along slowly. The dogs kept getting up to check on Jolene to make sure she was okay. “The dogs really liked Jolene.” Annie said. Jolene began to wake up around two thirty in the afternoon. Margo asked her if she would like to go for a walk with the dogs. Jolene, shook her head yes. Annie took her into the house, and put her in her clothing, and a pair of sandals. Jolene was a little bouncy girl after her nap. She was ready to walk with the dogs. Margo locked the door, and off they went into the forest. Jolene was chasing the dogs, as fast as her little legs could run. Jolene picked little wild flowers, and gave them to the ladies. As they walked along, Jolene pointed her little finger towards a tall bunch of reeds. “Mommy, and Daddy.” She broke out in tears, that ran down her cheeks. Annie picked her up and held her tight. “It’s okay baby.” Margo made her way down to the vehicle, and in the front seat, was Jolene’s mom, and dad. The vehicle traveled so far off the road, that no one could see it. Plus it was upside down in a muddy pond. Jolene must have crawled out of the vehicle, and made her way to the house. child.jpgMargo had to call the police, and let them know what they had found in the muddy pond, and in the house. Once they got back to the house they had to call. Neither one of them, wanted to have Jolene, put in a strange place.

What a hard decision to have to make, and hurt a little girl again. They knew it had to be done, but it could wait till tomorrow. They would call, and have the police come to the house.

There is a lot more of this story yet to come. I invite all of my followers, readers, and visitors to join me on Monday for more. See you then.

Take care of your family, give to those less fortunate, and help when you can.

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