Unwanted Company (4)

The milk had been moved in the fridge. Margo, could not get that out of her mind. Voices whispering, left Annie, excusing them away.

Margo’s mind would not excuse the milk being moved in the fridge. She was one of those people, who put everything in a certain place each time she used whatever it was. You could almost say she was, “Very Meticulous.” Annie, on the other hand didn’t care. I wonder, how these girls will deal with that? Margo thought maybe Annie had moved the milk, and she was going to ask her, first thing in the morning. It had never dawned on Margo, that there would be a permanent new person in the house. In the morning Margo, would talk about the subject with Annie. Margo, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. She, had been hearing the floor creeking, above her head when she went to bed.  The house was very old, and the creeks could be the old house settling, or moving a bit in the gusty winds. One way or the other, the dogs didn’t have any problem with the noises. Sure, the dogs would perk up their heads, look at the hall way, then put their heads down. It was really weird hearing these noises, and not knowing for sure, where the noise were coming from. It was disturbing for Margo. Margo finally fell asleep, and was cuddled by her dogs. The morning light crawled across the blankets on Margo’s beds. She felt a paw on her chest and a little whimper from popcorn (one of her dogs). She had felt the paw a couple of times, but tried her best to ignore popcorn. This was the fifth time, and Margo opened her eyes to see a long pink tongue, slather her face with slobber. “Ewe, DOG SPIT!” “Yucky!” Margo cried out. Annie had heard the noise, and bolted to the door way of Margo’s room. “Are you okay?” “I heard.. I thought you needed help.” Annie screamed. Margo had to push the dogs away from her face. As the dogs moved away, Annie could see the shiny slobber dripping from Margo’s face. “EWE.” Annie said. “You got slimmed really good, you should see your face!” Margo jumped up from the bed, and rushed down the hall to look in the mirror. “Oh my goodness, I got slimmed really bad this time!” “Then, Margo started to laugh.”  Annie was snickering, outside the bathroom door. Margo could hear her, and snuck to the door, grabbed Annie and gave her a slobbery kiss on the cheek. Margo made sure, that she rubbed her cheek slobber on Annie’s face. “YUCK!” Annie screamed, as she grabbed a face cloth, made it wet then washed off her face. Margo was still laughing when she came into the bathroom. Annie, flicked water from the faucet on to Margo. Margo, quickly washed the slobber off her face,then took the dogs outside to run around. Annie, poked her head out the door, and asked, Margo how much coffee she should put in the coffee maker. Margo replied. “Six scoops, then fill with water.” “OK.” Annie yelled back.coffee.jpgAnnie brought coffee out on the porch, and sat in the rocker. Margo said. “That’s my chair, I claimed it!” Annie got up, and claimed a chair for herself. “This is my chair, and I claim it for me!” Both ladies sat, and began to talk. “Annie, I need to ask you if you moved the milk in the fridge yesterday?” Margo asked. Annie said, “No I did not, why was it moved?” Annie said to Margo, “Where you talking to the dogs, when you were outside last night.” “NO!” Margo said. “I heard whispering, when I was getting ready for bed. I figured it was you.” Annie said. “Really!” Margo said. “Yes!” Annie said. “I guess I will have to call the land lord tomorrow, and ask if anyone, ever said anything about whispering, and things moving in the house.” Margo said, as she watched the dogs dragging a tree branch from the forest. Margo, was getting hungry, and it was time to go eat. “What do you feel like having for breakfast this morning?” Margo asked Annie. “I would like scrambled eggs and toast.” Annie said as she stood up and headed into the house. Annie got the eggs started, and Margo took care of the toast, and a new pot of coffee. They both sat down and ate their breakfast, while talking to each other. After the dishes had been cleaned, and put away, the girls took the dogs for a walk in the woods. Before they left, Margo left a pack of cookies open on the table, then counted, how many were in the package. If there was someone in the house, Margo and Annie were out to get them. The walk in the woods was so refreshing, and relaxing. The beautiful wild flowers were so pretty, and the dogs would run by, nearly knocking them down. “I swear, those dogs need glasses, they never seem to see the person standing in front of them.” Margo said, as they walked. ” Could you imagine our dogs in glass!” Annie said as she burst out laughing. Everytime, Annie snorted in, Margo laughed. It was funny how much Annie sounded like a little piggy. girl.jpgWhile walking along and talking, Annie seen something in the distance. “Hey, Margo do you see something over there?” Annie said, as she pointed her finger the direction of the something. Margo, noticed something ahead, but what was it? “Let’s go take a look!” Annie said, as she grabbed Margo’s hand pulling her along. There was something there, as they drew closer. “Wow!” “Wow!” The girls said together. There in front of them was an old grave yard, with head stones that had very little of the names left on them. The weather over the years had wiped them almost, unreadable. “Lets see if we can find any names.” Margo said. Over the years the head stones had been invaded by moss, and a dark mold or fungus. Most of the names no longer were readable, and the carving had been washed away. The ladies’ stood wondering how old the grave yard could be? Margo figured, that this would be a good project for both of them. They could find out more about this grave yard. The return to the house, was filled with many questions, with no definite answers. Once home, Margo gave the dogs fresh water, and got Annie and herself a glass of ice-cold water from the tap.  Outside the house was so relaxing and calm. Margo gave Annie her water, and Margo gulped hers down. “That tastes good,” Margo said. Annie took a big gulp of her water, and was amazed at how good the water tasted..”Wow this water is so tastie.” Annie said. “It’s not like the stuff you drank in the city, it’s from an under ground spring.” Margo filled Annie in on the details of how, an under ground spring works. Margo forgot to check the cookies on the table, to see if the mystery thing had helped themselves. She went into the house to count the cookies. “Annie come in here.” Margo yelled. Annie came busting through the door. “Whats wrong?” She asked. Margo said, “Some thing helped its self to the cookies?” Annie looked around to see if anyone was there, but no one was. “We need to go see if there are any hollow panels in your room, or even the closet.” Margo said as they took off up the stairs followed by the pack.grave.jpgAnnie started on, one side of the room. While Margo was on the other. They tapped on the walls, and came across two panels that seem to have nothing behind them. “There has to be a way to find out, if this is really hollow behind.” Annie said. Margo ran her fingers along the wall, and could feel a space, between one panel and the other. She ran her fingers around the area, finding what looked like a door frame. Wedging her finger into a larger space, about half way down the frame. She pushed the wall paper into the hole. “Should we open the door?” Annie asked. “Darn straight we will.” Margo said, as she yanked on the panel. Annie helped pull, once she could get her fingers into the space. The door creaked open, and a staircase lay in front of them. “I think we should have a knife or a bat or just something.” Annie suggested. “Annie slip down stairs, and get a couple of knives.” Margo asked, and I will wait here for you. Annie was back as quick as her legs would carry her. “One for me, one for you.” Annie said, as she gave Margo a knife. Margo let the dogs in the room and started up the stairs, as the dogs trailed behind. It was dark on the stairs, and they could not see too far in front of them. The stairs creeked as they climbed higher.stairs.jpgMargo and Annie had discovered a staircase behind a hidden wall, in Annie’s room. As they climbed the stairs, getting closer to the top. Annie let out a blood curtailing scream. Scaring the heck out of Margo.

I wonder, what was so bad at the top of the stairs, that it made Annie scream.         Join me, Friday to see what the thing is!

Be kind to those you meet along the way, and blast one of your best smiles their way, and say, “HELLO!”

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMags.

” Have a great Thursday. The weekend is getting closer. Be careful out there, on the streets.” 

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