Unwanted company (1)

There are many things in life, that come our way that we want nothing to do with. Margo Zepher, was having the same problem.

Margo had found a house away from the city, where she had lived for quite a few years. Margo had six rescue dogs that she considered her children. They were her only companions, as Margo was not a social butterfly. She found the company of animals safer than humans. Margo had been attacked, while going for a walk along a bike path. Margo became a different lady after the attack, she surrounded herself with her dogs, and never went anywhere without them. Margo was shy as a child, but now she wouldn’t trust anyone, especially a man. Margo would talk to the odd lady, but only once she knew them better. Margo was a very beautiful lady, with a smile that drew people to her. Now Margo, carried a large knife scar on her right cheek, that the attacker had lft her with. It was a shame that such a beautiful lady, turned away from society.face.jpgMargo had found a place in the paper, that was away from the city, the drugs, the attackers, and the people. It was the perfect place for Margo to be with her dogs, and live a better life. At least that’s what Margo thought. She just wanted to be far away from the place of bad memories. She had an appointment to see the lady who owned the house, and was on her way to meet her. The house was off a  gravel road. The lady had met Margo at the end of the lane way, and Margo followed her to the house. The drive way was gravel and the trees looked like they where holding hands over her head. The trees had been that way all the way to the house. The twists, and turn around boulders that were too big to move made the drive a little spooky. As she drove, she could barely see the sun light, because the trees were so twisted together. She felt like she was driving through a dark tunnel.tunnel.jpgThe drive to the house had taken fifteen minutes, and Margo was beginning to get nervous. Around a sharpe bend the trees opened up, and a big house stood in front of them. The house looked like it had not been lived in for quite sometime. Ronda (Lady renting house), stopped her car, and got out. “Hi Margo nice to finally meet you.” Ronda said as she extended her hand to shake Margo’s hand. “Hello Ronda,” Margo said and shook Ronda’s hand. “How old is this house?” Margo asked. “I believe it was built-in the late thirties.” Ronda said. “Lets go inside and take a look around, it looks better inside than outside.” Ronda told Margo. The kitchen area, had been renovated to a nineteen seventies style. Margo loved the kitchen, and as they went through the house she loved loved the house even more. By the time the tour was finished Margo was sold. “I would like the house.” Margo said, with a hint of excitement in her voice. “Are there any shopping places close to here?” “Yes, in the village about twenty minutes south of here?” Ronda said. “How about the phone, is there one in the house?” “I did not see any hook ups for a phone.” Margo said looking around. “The hook up for the phone is in the kitchen on the wall, and one in the livingroom.” Ronda said, as she showed Margo where they were.house.jpg This is the perfect place for me and my doggies, Margo thought to herself. They left the house, and walked around the yard. Ronda said to Margo, “Lets go back into the house and sign the lease.” Margo was so happy knowing, she could finally leave the city. “When could I move in?” She asked. “Do you have a lot of furniture, and if you don’t we can leave the furnishings for you.” Ronda asked her. “I don’t have hardly anything, and I would love to have the furnishings left for me to use!” Margo said with a big smile on her face. Margo could hardly believe her luck in getting this beautiful house to live in. Margo signed a lease for a year, and only had to pay six hundred dollars a month. This rent was cheaper than the fifteen hundred she paid each month in the city.  Margo could budget her money and live here very comfortably. “Oh, when can I move in?” Margo asked Ronda. Ronda said, “It will be okay if you move in on Friday.” “And would that be okay for you?” Margo was so excited that she could hardly keep her excitement in check. “That’s fantastic, I will be moving in this friday!” Margo said while trying not to let herself jump up and down.pack.jpgMargo went back to the city and started to pack her things up. She could hardly wait for Friday to come, so she could move away to clean air, and wide open spaces. She talked to her puppies, telling them how much space there was for them to go on walks, and how big the house was for them to roam around in. Margo was so happy, that waiting till Friday, seemed like a life time. She could not help but smile, even when she went shopping for food to take with her. And the few ladies she knew noticed the difference in her walk and her demeanor. The lady next door to her had said hello, and Margo actually answered her. It was good to see the smile she wore on her face. She talked to the lady next door and told her she was moving on Friday. Margo refused to tell her where she was going. Margo said she would call her once she was settled, and have her come visit for a day or two. Annie(her neighbour) was excited to see Margo’s new place. lady.jpg Margo had found a release from the pain she had been dealing with for so long. She was feeling happier than ever, and this move was the medicine she needed.

Join me tomorrow, as we follow Margo in her journey away from the pain of her past.

Cherish every moment you have on this earth. Kiss the ones you love often. and always say “I love you,” when you leave each day.

I want to say thank you to all my followers, readers, and new visitors that drop by to read my stories. Thanks 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a wonderful Monday, and take care on the roads, and highways.”

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