Bruce Blackwell (5)

Bruce had sat in the hot tub enjoying the heat of the water on his muscles. Bruce had started to fall asleep from the soothing heat. Bob and Annie were in the pool doing laps.

Bob and Annie had been racing against each other. Annie was ahead by a couple of laps. Annie could cut through the water like a dolphin. Where Bob, was of a larger stature, and had a lot of difficulty cutting through the water. The wave, he was generating would drag him back making it hard for him to go fast. It was well known, that Annie had been a medal winning swimmer in high school. Bob would never learn, that a lap challenge in the pool, was going to turn out the same way. “Annie being the winner!” Bob was king of the belly flop, as he showed at a challenge on a cruise they had taken. He won, and a lot of people got very wet from his splash. Annie would never, accept a belly flop challenge from Bob, because ladies weren’t made quite the same as men. Annie held herself up against the side of the pool with her arms, as Bob made his way over to take a break. Bob was huffing and puffing like an old steam engine, plus his arms and legs felt like rubber. “Hey, there puffy, how you doing?” Annie said to Bob. Bob could hardly get a word out of his mouth, and kept making the sign for, “Wait a minute!” Annie would always laugh when he made these signs, as she had no idea what they meant. Bob was so dramatic as he acted out the sign he was using, Annie had lots of fun with Bob, mostly because he would raise his arms wave them around, point his finger at her as she laughed. Annie would usually look at him and mimic his actions. The both looked like a pair of crazies, doing a pantomime gone wrong. pantomime.jpgAnnie, and Bob stood talking at the side of the pool, when Annie seen something out the corner of her eye. She turned to warn Bob that someone was coming into the pool. It was too late, all they heard was “CANNON BALL!” The water went splashing high into the sky, and the wave from the cannon ball action, engulfed Annie and Bob. Bob flew out of the water like a bullet shot off by a gun. Bob was spitting out water, like he had swallowed an ocean. Annie had moved to the other side of the pool in the hopes that the tittle wave would not catch her. Annie stood on the deck that was around the pool, and Bob had made his way out. They stood with mouths wide open and eyes wide, as Bruce came rocketing out of the water. He had a little boy look on his face, he stood looking at Annie and Bob who had not moved. Bob cracked a smile that turned to laughter, then the “CANNON BALL!” cry was heard as Bob sank deep in the water. The splash shot towards the sky and the wave knocked Bruce off his feet. Bob sprung out of the water like he was in a slow motion movie. He shook his head as his hair tossed droplets of water away from his face. Annie stood watching with a smile, as she watched her man shake the water away. Bruce was still under the water, and was swimming his way to the side of the pool. Annie was startled when Bruce came to the surface. ball.jpgAfter everyone had come out of the water, and changed. They met in the kitchen for a round or two of cards. Annie was busy making wings and loaded potato skins as a snack. Annie made sure to do up another dozen wings, to make sure she would get a few. The boys where playing poker, and having a great time. “You sure surprised me when you jumped in the water.” Bob said. “I yelled cannon ball before I jumped in.” Bruce told Bob. “We should have a cannon ball challenge before you leave.” Bob said to Bruce. Both Bob and Bruce could smell the bacon cooking in the cooking area. It made their stomachs growl like wild animals was trying to escape from within. Bob rose from the table to get a couple of beers from the fridge. He stopped to peek over Annie’s shoulder to see how the wings where doing, and how long it was till they ate. Annie chuckled at her big old bear of a man, telling him it would not be too long. Bob made his way to the table, gave Bruce a beer then sat down. “Food won’t be long, and you wait till you taste Annie’s special wings, they are to die for.” Bob said to Bruce as his stomach let out a very noisy growl. Bruce snickered, just at the same time that his stomach let him know he was hungry. Annie could hear the noises coming out of the fellas. “Hold on guys, five minutes left, then we eat.” Annie yelled from the cooking area. Annie brought a big platter of wings to the table, sat them down, then headed back to get the potato skins. Bruce had jumped up to get plates, forks, and damp paper towels for their hands. Bob was busy getting sour cream from the fridge, and some hot sauce. It was time to eat, and Bob and Bruce took no time diving into the platter of wings. The first bite Bruce took, had his taste buds exploding. The flavors where so intense, that he could hardly speak. And when he did he looked at Bob then at Annie saying, “These are amazing wings, Annie you have done it again.” Annie did get a few wings, and a couple of potato wedges. They sat eating and talking.wings.jpgThe next morning the weather was pretty much the same. The day began with coffee, then breakfast. Bruce, Annie and Bob sat going over the special items that where wanted on the blue prints for the lodge. Bruce had a big job ahead of him as far as the blue prints where concerned, but that was work he would do once he was back home. Bruce was furnished with the list of items Bob and Annie wanted plus a few notes he had taken during the talk. By the time they had finished their chat, it was lunch time The fellas where hungry again, but Annie was not going to cook till dinner. Annie arranged a plate of meats, condiments, butter, mayo, and fresh buns, she had baked the day before. “This will be a “make it yourself lunch,” as I’m not cooking.” Annie said, as she took her seat. The fellas ate while gabbing. When done, Bruce, with Bob helped clean up so, Annie didn’t have to move from her seat. Annie kinda like this kind of treatment. The boys headed down to the man cave to see what they could pick up on the big screen. While Annie spoke to her friend in Florida. Annie liked Florida, but she would never leave Alaska. Bob and Bruce where planning a “cannon ball challenge” later that day. Annie would be the judge, even if she didn’t know it now . The day rolled along slowly. Bruce was hoping he would get the chance to go snow shoeing before he left. He had been invited back, in a month with the a rough copy of the blue prints. One way or another Bruce would get the chance to go snow shoeing. The cannon ball challenge had started with Bob, as the first cannon baller. He took an extra long run, flying into the air with his one leg tucked up, and one leg pointed towards the water. “SLASH!” water went everywhere as his body disappeared under the surface. Bob emerged from the water shaking his head as water droplets flew from his face. It was Bruce’s turn, and he was on the run headed straight for the pool. He took off into the air. He pulled both his knees tight to his chest, and entered the water creating a large splash, that seemed to touch the ceiling. He was gone in seconds, the wave he made rocked the water back and forth in the pool. Bruce shot out of the water like a rocket, heading into outer space. Annie didn’t want to judge, so at the end of the challenge, she announced that it was a tie. prints.jpgThe rest of the week was filled with games, food, beer, and good company. I would by chance, say that a bond had been formed between Bob and Bruce. Annie had formed a bond with Bruce, but her bond, was one of a friendship that would grow with time. Bruce would be returning to Alaska soon, and when he does we will follow him as he tries different things he had never done before.

This is not the end of Bruce Blackwell, but the end of this part of his story. We will follow Bruce again.

Take your time while walking or driving out there, kiss your loved one often, and say “I love you” all the time. 

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