Bruce Blackwell (4)

Bob was so disappointed in his first round of bowling, as he sat down in a chair shaking his head. Annie had bowled like a Queen. She even did a victory dance. Now, it was Bruce’s turn, and after many years of not bowling, Bruce was nervous.

“Come on Bruce, get a move on it.” Annie said. Bruce stood looking at the pins, at the end of the alley. He envisioned the pins dancing around, saying, “you can’t hit us!” As if he wasn’t nervous enough, the pins dancing in front of his eyes was too much to take. His mind was trying to control what he saw, and that was enough. He shook his head as he moved closer to the bowling balls. He looked to find the right ball that would fit his hand. Bruce picked up a red one, he tried to force his fingers into the holes. No, that one fit way too tight.  He chose a blue ball, inserted his finders, he pulled back quickly, but his thumb was stuck. “Need some help buddy?” Bob said, as a chuckle flew from his lips. Bob, relaxed his facial muscles, and tried to stop the chuckle before it broke into a laugh. Bruce’s face was red, and you could see the fire in his eyes. “Here, you pull, I’ll hold.” Bob suggested.  Bob got a good grip on the ball and stood fast. Bruce wrapped his fingers around his thumb and pulled hard. The ball remained in Bob’s hands, but Bruce was flailing fiercely,  as his legs went out from under him. “THUD!” Bruce lay sprawled out on the floor. “Are you okay Bruce?” Bob said as he laughed. “You should have seen that fall!” “I’ll show you on the video later.” Annie said. “You will love it.”ball.jpgBruce quickly jumped, to his feet brushing his hands across his bottom. He rubbed his hands together, while heading to the balls. Bob held out a purple colored ball, as he said, “This should fit your hand just right.” Bruce stood in front of the alley with his ball touching his nose. He mumbled to himself, “Let’s make this one a good one, you can do it, you can do it.” Bruce drew the ball back and crouched forward as he released the ball. The ball was rolling straight for the head pin, and at the last few minutes the decided to change direction. “Get back get back.” Bruce yelled out. The ball made a quick move to the right, taking out the head pin. The head pin hit the second pin, and the reaction continued, but one pin wabbled, and stood fast. Bruce could hear clapping behind him. This was a good sign he thought. He turned to get a ball of the same size. “You can do it.” Annie was chanting. Bruce raised his ball, stared at the pin. He drew back, crouched forward, and released the ball.  The ball kept a straight line, as it rolled closer to the pin. The ball grazed the side of the pin, it wabbled, Bruce held his breath, wabble, wabble, then “CLUNK!” the pin fell on the floor. Bruce, turned with a mile wide smile on his face. “Good job buddy.” Bob shouted. Annie came up and shook Bruce’s hand, “Have you ever bowled before?” Annie asked. “When I was in my teens I did, but that was a longtime ago.” Bruce answered. Bruce sat on a chair, sipped on a beer he had, and felt a lot more confident. pin.jpgIt was Annie’s turn, and she was ready to go. Annie raised her ball to her chin, her eyes peered down the alley to the pins. Her arm moved drawing the ball backwards. Annie followed an invisible line along the side of her body, crouching forward, she released the ball from her grip. The ball skipped then rolled towards the pins. You could hear Annie whispering to herself. “Go, Go, And A Hit.” Annie stood perfectly still, watching the pins as they fell. Her arm went up in the air, as she pirouetted in a circle like a ballerina. “Strike.” Annie had done it, she was the Queen of the bowling alley. It came to Bob’s turn, and he was ready to strike it up. Bob walked over to the bowling balls, his confidence was oozing from every pore in his body. Bob picked a green ball, the color of money. He raised the to the tip of his nose, Bob gave a laser beam stare at the pins. Bob drew his muscular arm back, crouched forward lower than before. He swung his arm forward, as Bob’s hand opened and releasing the ball. Bob’s right foot gave away and down he went on the alley on his belly. He tucked his hand under his chin, then crossed his legs at the caves, as he watched the ball role smoothly down the alley. “Crack!” The pins danced in every direction, Bob had a strike. “Yes!” Bob said as he jumped to his feet. Bob walked back to his seat with his head held high, so high that you could see all the hairs in his nose. “Your turn Bruce.” Annie announced. strike.jpgBruce was ready for this one, he had it. Bruce looked at the balls, and picked the ball Bob had given him. Bruce placed himself in the middle of the lane, and drew the ball to his chin. He relaxed, looked at the pins, then flew his arm backwards, he could feel his grip loosening. His mind yelled out to him, “It’s gonna fly.” and on that word the ball sailed past Bob and Annie as they ducked under their arms. “Bang.” The ball hit the wall and shot back towards the lane in front of Bruce. The bowling ball rolled straight down the alley in a perfectly straight line. Annie and Bob where on their feet straining to see the ball as it rolled and hit the head pin with enough force to scatter the pins every where. “STRIKE!” Annie yelled. Bob clapped his hands, and cheered, as Bruce stood in amazement watching the ball disappear from sight. “Way to go Buddy, you did it!” Bob said as he fist bumped Bruce’s fist. Bruce was walking on air, he made a strike. An unethical strike, but it was a strike. Bob said, “I figure if we do another round Bruce may kill us.” They all stood laughing and talking about the shot Bruce had pulled off. His strike would be something Annie and Bob would never forget. Bruce had a great story to tell the people, at Blue Prints Inc. when he got back home. Bob suggested a swim in the pool or a relaxing sit in the hot tub. Bruce had not brought a swim suit, but Bob had an a ray of swim suits for all sizes of men. strike.jpgBruce picked the hot tub to relax in, while Annie and Bob did laps in the pool. The water in the hot tub was so warm that all of Bruce’s sore muscles melted away into pure relaxation. His body felt so good, and he could feel himself going to sleep. This was the time to jump into the pool and wake up.

Join me tomorrow, to see Bruce dive into the pool. “OR DID HE.”


Keep those you love close, and share your beautiful smile with all you meet.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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