Bruce Blackwell (3)

Bruce had seen the house Bob and Annie, had built. Their home was built not only for them selves, but for their guests that came to hunt and fish all year round. Bruce loved the home, the food, and the two clients that where perfect hosts.

Bruce had slept like a baby in a bed, covered with a feather quilt, and flannel sheets that where as soft as cotton candy.  Bruce opened, and rubbed his eyes, he stretched, and tossed the covers off. Bruce put on the slippers that where beside the bed. The slippers felt so warm and cozy. Bruce made his way into the en suite and laid out his razor, toiletries, tooth paste and tooth-brush. He put his shampoo into the shower, he disrobed, while stepping in a stream of warm water. The water felt good on his body. When he was finished he drapped a robe over his wet shoulders . Once, Bruce was dressed he went down the stairs to the kitchen.bed.jpg He was met by Annie and Bob, who were talking about the weather and how the hike maybe off. “Good morning Bruce.” Bob and Annie said together. Annie got up to get Bruce a cup of coffee. Bruce told her to relax and he could get it himself. “I may need you to tell me where the mugs, the cream and sugar would be located.” Bruce said. Annie chuckled, saying, “Open the cupboard in front of you, the cream is in the fridge, and the sugar is in the dish with the lid on it, right in front of you.” “Thanks!” Bruce said. He poured his coffee, dressed it up, than went to sit at the table in the kitchen. “How did you sleep?” Bob asked. “I slept like a baby.” “Those covers are warm and comfortable. I thank you also for the slippers that are on my feet.” Bruce said. Bruce could see the snow whipping around outside. “Wow!” Bruce said. “That snow sure is flying around out there.”  Bob turned his head to look out the window. “Yes.” He said with a big sigh. “If this keeps going on our hike will be off today.” Bob said. “Darn!” Bruce said. “I was looking forward to the hike, I’ve never used snow shoes before.” Bruce said, as he turned towards Bob. “We can always go tomorrow as long as the weather is clear.” Bob explained “That’s great.” Bruce said, with a wide smile. He looked like a kid in a candy store for the first time.snow.jpgBob and Annie, made breakfast as Bruce watched. They seemed to have a truly beautiful connection, as they knew what each others movements would be. “Breakfast is ready, grab a plate, and fill it up.” Annie said to Bruce. “How do you make such good food Annie?” Bruce asked, as he sat down. “Oh, I was a chef in the big city when I met Bob, and we planned to move, and have a place for people come and stay.” “I grabbed my bags, and followed Bob, and here we are, living our dream.” Annie said. “Ya she couldn’t resist my charms.” Bob said, as Annie gave him an elbow to the arm.  Bruce hoped that some day he would find a lady, and have the same kind of relationship. “Bob, you are one lucky man, some day I hope to find what both of you have.” Bruce said.  The three sat talking as they ate, than Bruce piped up and asked. “Where is Rusty?” “He went back home at four a.m. this morning.” “He seemed to have been in a hurry.” Bob explained. “The old fellow is an unusual kinda guy, he’s got a funny way about him.” Bob said. “He lives on his own, and everyone who lives around here knows him. He’d do anything to help any person out.” “He’s a good guy, but loves the whiskey.” Bob explained to Bruce. Once breakfast had finished, Bruce cleared the table, rinsed the dishes then put them into the dishwasher. Bob said to Bruce as he laughed. “You want a job?” Bruce joined him laughing. “How Much do ya pay?” Bruce said. “Not near as much as you make at your job.” “Oh well, I guess I’m out.” Bruce replied as he threw up his hands as he spoke.  food.jpg“What you got planned for today, Bob?” Bruce Asked. “Nothing much today.” Bob said. “We could go over the list you have for the lodge?” Bruce replied. “Na!” Annie said as she waved the thought away. “We got time for that tomorrow, or the next day.” She added. “I got something you fellas can do.” Annie exclaimed. “We could use some fire wood from the garage, for tonight.” “I think we can do that for you Annie.” Bob said.  “Come on Bruce, let’s go get the wood for Annie.” Bob and Bruce put on their coats, and gloves, and headed for the garage. As soon as the door opened, Bruce could feel a bone chilling blast of cold air. He could see his breath, and hear the wind whistling through the trees outside.  “It’s cool out here.” He said to Bob. “You bet ya, a man could freeze to death in this storm. That’s why we are not going out there today. We are better off inside.” Bob explained to Bruce.  They piled their arms up with wood, and headed for the inside. “Just pile the wood in the corner.” Annie said as she pointed the way to the area. “One more trip.” Bob yelled. Out they went again, and a cold breeze caught Bruce, and made him shiver. Bob was so used to the weather, that he didn’t even notice the cold. Bob and Annie had lived in Alaska for quite some time , and seem to have changed into a true mountain couple, with a twist of city mixed in. They filled up then went inside to the heat. Bruce was happy to be back inside. “You need anything else Annie?” Bob yelled from the mud room. “No I’m good.” Annie replied. fire.jpgBruce and Bob made their way to the man cave and had a game of pool, Bob won of course. Later, Annie joined them for a crack at the bowling alley. Bruce did not do too bad at the pool table, but bowling was not really something he had done since he was a teenager. He had been on a league, and bowled at least three times a week. This would be his first time since then, and anything could happen. The pin set up was mechanical.  Bob brought up the score board, and the game began.  Annie started first,  the way she bowled you could just tell she had been practicing. Annie stepped up to the ball, she inserted her tiny fingers into the holes. Annie held the ball close to her face, as she whispered.  Her eyes so intensely staring at the pins. She looked like she was casting a spell on the ball, and the pins. She started to move, one foot in front of each other. Annie half crouched, and bent forward, she swung the ball backwards, the follow through, then the ball rolled down the alley. It rolled in a straight line headed for the head pin. “SMACK!” The ball hit the head pin and set a chain reaction that sent all the pins flying in different directions. “STRIKE!” She yelled, as she turned and took a bow. “And, that’s how ya doo it!” She said as she did a victory dance. It was Bob’s turn. Bob picked up his ball, wiped his other hand over the ball, he placed his large fingers into the holes. He made his approach, eyed the pins, drew the ball back, and swing. The ball jumped a little then rolled down the alley. The ball was a little off the straight line, but heading for the head pin. “Boom.” The ball hit the head pin and took out the left side pins. “Darn.” Bob said, as he threw a fist in the air, then twisting around to pick up his next ball. He drew back and let the ball go, bounce, bounce, a gutter ball. Bob did a double fist clench, and you could see his jaw tighten. Bob turned, and took another ball, he eyed the pins, drew back and slowly let go of the ball. The ball rolled quickly down the alley. The ball grazed the first right pin, moving it back. Pins flew. Bob shook his head and sat down on a chair. “Next Time.” He said, as he drank a gulp of beer. “Okay, Bruce it’s your turn.” Annie said.alley.jpgJoin me tomorrow to see how Bruce bowls, with no practice and so many years since he bowled.


Keep warm outside, and watch out for those icy patches.

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