Bruce Blackwell (2)

Bruce had gone on a very long ski-doo ride, and Bruce’s hands were freezing. In his mind he conjured up visions of frost bite, and having his fingers amputated.

Bruce tapped on the door leading into the house, he patiently waited for someone to open the door. He could hear the stomping of feet approaching the door. The door knob turned, and the door opened. A warm blast of air cloaked Bruce’s body in heat. Bruce relaxed a little while he  waited to be invited into the house. ” Hi, Bruce Blackwell from Blue Prints Inc.,” Bruce said, with his gloved hand extended. The home owner (client) Bob Gould, shook his out stretched hand. Bruce flinched as the pain in his hand heightened. “Come on in Bruce, and you too Rusty.” Bob said, with an inviting smile on his face. ” Would you like something hot to drink or whiskey?” Bob asked. Bruce said, “coffee please.” Rusty didn’t want no darn coffee, after all the whiskey would heat up his insides, and relax him from the ride. The uneven ground, and the pounding from the ski-doo did nothing to help his old bones. At least the whiskey would take the edge off. Bob passed the coffee to Bruce, and Bruce clumsily took the coffee with his glovesd hands. Bob looked at Bruce, saying, “You can take your gloves off, I know your hands must be pretty cold.” Bruce answered, as he pulled at his gloves. “Yes, my fingers are pretty frozen.” Bruce fumbled as he slowly pulled off his gloves. Bruce was watching, and waiting to see if his fingers were covered in black flesh. Bruce was holding his breath, and peeking through a slit in one of his eyes, that was closed shut. Bruce’s jaw was clenched tight, as he held his breath. The glove finally cleared to the end of the fingers, and there they where all five of them, nice and pink in color. The tips where a little red, but not the black color of dead skin bruce had imagined. Bruce, felt the fear he had conjured up in his mind, just melt away. He could finally relax.cold.jpgBruce wrapped his cold fingers around the steaming hot mug of coffee. He sat there for a few minutes feeling the heat radiate through his hands. Bruce raised the mug to his lips, and took a sip. The taste was amazing, and the warmth started to remind him of a warm fire-place, and his cuddly warm blanket. Bruce was feeling warmer and better, as he watched Rusty drink the whiskey Bob had given him. Bob asked Bruce if he would like to see the house they built a few years earlier. Bruce was invited to stay over for a few nights, that would give him more time with his clients. “Yes I would love to see your home.” Bruce said as he stood, and took his mug to the kitchen. Bruce followed Bob as he explained all the small touches that were added to the house as they built. Bob’s house was amazing, and Bruce thought it was as high-tech as any expensive home in the big city. Bob had great taste, and Bruce knew this customer would be expecting beyond fabulous blue prints. Bruce wasn’t worried as being the top blue printer, in the city, this work was like second nature to himself.prints.jpgBob led Bruce to the basement, and Bruce was amazed when he seen the area before him. This was a man cave, one like Bruce had never seen before. Theater seats, and projection machine, with a drop down screen the size of the full wall. The pool table, and pin ball machines where too much for Bruce to take in. The bar was elaborate with carved pillars, and marble counter. The bar was stocked with any and all beverages one could hope for. If that wasn’t enough, Bob had a full-sized bowling ale in the next space. Bob kept moving along into a full gym area, and a pool in the same area. Bruce was in awe, and stood there trying to find the words to say about such a beautiful home. Bob led Bruce, back up the stairs to another level he had not yet seen. These rooms where bedrooms for guests, and Bruce was one of those guests. Bob took him to one of the rooms, and said, “This room will be yours while you are staying with us.” Bruce was beside himself, as he said, ” Thank you very much Bob.” ” Your house is amazing, and you sure have filled it with all a guest could ever dream of having during their stay.” Bob replied, “Got to have the best to keep the guests coming back each year.” pool.jpgBob said, ” Tomorrow we will sit down and go over the lists we have put together for the lodge.” “We can snow shoe over to the sight we have chosen for the lodge to be located.” Bruce was already getting excited about the lodge, and different items that could be added for the guests pleasure. Bruce was slated to stay in Alaska for a week, and he was looking forward to the time. The country was wild, but the beauty could capture a person soul, and make them fall in love. Bob didn’t spare on the comforts of home. The snow shoeing would be Bruce’s first time and his adrenaline was pumping over time. Bruce and Bob made their way back to the living room, where Rusty was on his fifth drink. Rusty had been speaking with Bob’s wife Annie. They had been in a heated conversation just before Bob came into the room. Annie whispered to Bob, Rusty will need food, and coffee to make it through the evening. Bruce could smell an aroma he recognized coming from the kitchen. ” Is that a roast in the oven?” He asked Annie. Annie was surprised to find a man who could tell what was cooking in the oven before he seen it. “I can smell the faint scent of rosemary, and a little ginger, and the meat is elk.” Bruce said, with a smile on his face. Annie was really blown away, because he was right. ” How did you know that? ” Annie asked. ” Well, I’ve had the pleasure of cooking the same dish on one of my adventures to the Yukon.” Bruce answered. ” I will be looking forward to dinner, and my taste buds are salivating already. Annie turned and disappeared into the kitchen. The fellas talked about the wilds of Alaska, and Bruce asked a lot of questions. roast.jpgDinner had been called and the men made their way to the dinning room. A large round wooden table with carved legs, and carved designs on the table top. The chairs look like the ones the knights of the round table had sat in. Bruce had them made to his design, and they were exquisite. The table had been designed with an opening in the middle and an opening, so that guests could sit facing each other. The conversations over this table had been many. Bruce tasted beyond amazing, the roast melted in his mouth, and a knife was not needed to cut it in bite sizes. Annie had served it with mint jelly on the side. Annie sat watching the satisfied look on Bruce’s face as he ate his first bite. ” Well, how does that taste, and how do you like the mint jelly with it?” Annie asked. “This is exquisite, and the mint is the perfect addition.” “My hat is off to the chef.” Bruce said.  Once dinner had been eaten, desert was served in the dinning room with coffee. coffee.jpgThis was only the first day of Bruce’s stay with Bob and Annie, and if the food was this good, he would leave with a couple of extra pounds around the middle.

Bruce was having the time of his life, and the snow shoeing tomorrow could be an adventure making great memories. Join me tomorrow as we continue to follow Bruce on his first winter hike.

Take care of yourself on the roads, and always say “I love You when you leave.”

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and any new visitors for stopping by. Thanks. 🙂

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a safe Tuesday, and take care in the snow, and dress warm.”

I would like to thank all the talented photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

Please, leave any comments or questions below. Thanks! 🙂



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