Rachel Slatter (#4)

Beth is a lady of determination, and conviction. Beth’s mission was to find out who the person was that hurt an innocent little girl.

Evan knew all about Beth’s ability to stay focused, on whatever she put her mind to. Evan felt a bit concerned, for the person who had done such a heinous thing. Beth was off to the nursing home to work a twelve-hour shift. She liked to work the part-time shifts she usually worked. She had been called in to cover one of the full-time ladies as she had caught the flu. Thank goodness, Beth did not cover often, and for one day it would feel good to get the few extra dollars. Evan had made plans to take Rachel out for dad, and daughter dinner date. He would make a habit of doing this with Rachel at least once a month. Dinner was always fun with dad, and Rachel knew just how to twist dad around her finger enough to get ice-cream for desert. Evan knew what Rachel was doing, and loved letting her think she had him fooled. Little girls and dads, just click. He had the whole day with Rachel, and he did his best to have fun. Evan had done breakfast in the play house. Later on there would be a Kings and Princess tea, and cakes party.  Evan had to think fast, he had no idea what to wear. King with sword and armour. How the heck was he going to pull this one-off? Off to the garage he went, standing in the middle he look around. “Aha!” Evan spotted a large cardboard box. There was a piece of flat wood, and old black plastic bucket. “I think that’s about enough.” Evan started to assemble what he figured was a Kings outfit.king.jpgEvan’s costume was not as elaborate as he wanted, but as long as Rachel thought it was fabulous, he didn’t care. When he go back in the house, Rachel was already dressed in her Princess outfit. She was busy getting little mini cup cakes on a plate,  two tea cups with saucers, napkins, two spoons, and two desert plates. Rachel placed them on a small tray, and headed for the play house. Evan watched, as she carefully walked into the play house. She placed the items she had on a counter area. Then she headed for the house. This time she got a table-cloth mom had in a drawer, gathered the rest of the things she needed for the tea party, and went out to finish set up. Evan figured he best get dressed or he would be late for the party. He tapped on the door of the play house, and waited for Rachel to answer. The door slowly opened, and there on the other side was the  door was the most beautiful princess he had ever seen. “My fair lady.” he said as bowed. “Welcome fine sir,” Rachel said with a little curtsy.  Evan entered the play house, and pulled a chair out for Rachel to sit on. “Thank you sir,” she said with a smile and rosy red cheeks. Evan was somewhat bent over, as he postured himself it sit on a small seat. Rachel was always amused when her dad sat on one of the chairs. He was twisted in an uncomfortable position, and his legs where up almost to his chin. Rachel was giggling a little, as she passed her dad a small cake on a plate. “Tea sir?” Rachel said in a fine ladies voice. “Yes my lady,” Evan said with a smile filled with amusement. He loved the acting Rachel was doing. They sat in the play house talking about all the fun things they could do together. tea.jpgBeth was having a busy, but enjoyable time at work. There had been a couple new residents admitted, and one sent off to the hospital, after they took a spill in the hall way. The doctor said, it was best to get an ex-ray to make sure nothing was broke. Beth had led the sing along with the seniors, and everyone asked about Rachel and why she wasn’t there with her mom. A lady came in form a book store and read a short story. She made everyone feel like they were right inside the story. Beth, had been keeping busy all day, but the thought of the stranger, still stuck in her mind. Beth asked a couple of the nurses if they had seen any new people move into village, over the past couple weeks. No one could remember anyone new in the village at least not moving here. “Did we have visitors, I had no idea were here?” Beth said. One of the nurses said, “there had been a clown and some guy worked with her, about that time.” Beth said, “That was the birthday party I had for my daughter.” “Why?” The nurse asked Beth. “My husband seen the fella with a beer, and thought he was not old enough to drink.” “He wanted to know more to make sure he would not get charged by the police.” Beth explained. “Yes, you never know how old the younger crowd is these days.” The nurse said with a chuckle. The village was a place where everyone, knew everyone. Even if, just one outsider showed up the nurses would know. They hear everything. Beth knew now, that she needed to contact the clown from the party, and find out what the fella’s name was. danger.jpgIt was time for Rachel and her dad to head out for date. Rachel had dressed up, and dad had done the same. Evan had bought a pretty flower, that Rachel could wear on her wrist. Rachel was so excited that she was going on a date with daddy. Evan went out the back door, and rang the from door bell, and Rachel opened the door. They always did the same thing each time. Evan put the flower on Rachel’s wrist, and off they went to a steak house where the crowd was a little better than Mc Donalds. LOL… Rachel usually had chicken fingers and fries, and dad could have a big juicy steak. Dinner was enjoyable, and Rachel did get her ice-cream for desert. Beth would be coming home soon, and Evan wanted to be at home when she got there. It was just after seven when Beth arrived home. She was tired, and ready to have a glass of wine, and cuddle up on the sofa with her family. Rachel met her at the door with the flower dad got her for their date.  Evan had a glass of wine waiting for Beth, and a movie in the VCR. Beth was happy to be home.wine.jpgAfter a glass of wine, Beth called the clown lady, asking her what the name of her helper, and how old he was? She explained, that Evan seen him with a beer and wanted to know his age. Evan was afraid that he maybe not old enough to drink. She also asked where he lived? The lady said, that he was from Medford, a little town about one hundred miles north. Beth said thank you, and hung up the phone. Over the next few days, Beth asked a friend at the police station run the fell’s name in through the system. She found that he was listed as man who loved children, and not for a good reason. Beth, now knew who he was and where he lived. Beth called the clown lady, and let her know that the fella she had with her at the party, was not the kind of person that should be around children. The lady was so upset, and kept saying sorry, over and over again. Beth asked politely, not to bring him to this village ever again.  Beth’s desire to keep the children safe was her passion. Rachel grew up in a safe place, and she still lives in the village with her own family. 🙂

The end.

Kiss those you love often, say I love you everyday, and be safe out there.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

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