Rachel Slatter (#3)

Rachel’s parents had hatched a plan, that would hopefully, find out what happened to Bella. The day she got stuck in the bathroom. The sleep over was a go ahead. Bella’s parents have left, and it’s movie time.

Popcorn was ready, the movie sat in VCR waiting, for Evan or Beth to gently slide the movie to play. The girls where up stairs giggling, about what, no one knows. These two little girls were full of energy, silliness, and down right ready to jump around in a bouncy castle. If they didn’t want to sit still on the couch and watch a movie, Beth and Evan had their work cut out for them. “How do we get the girls quiet enough to sit for the whole movie?” Beth asked. The both of them shrugged their shoulders, looking dumb founded at each other. They paced back and forth, like family waiting for a baby to be born. “Think man think!” Evan said in a whisper. Evan stopped dead in his tracks, with one finger in the air. “Eureka, I got it!” He boasted. “Bribery!” He said as he dropped his arm quickly, clapping his hands against his thighs.  “You got it, Watson.” Beth said. “Now what do we give?” Beth asked. “Hmmm, what, will we give?” She said to herself. Evan blurted out, “ICE-CREAM.” “That’s the most fantastic treat, the girls have been asking for some all day.” Beth said, as she clapped her hands together, and did a little jig. ice.jpgThe plan had been hatched, and now to put it into motion. Evan called the girls, “Come on down, the movie is ready.” “All we need, is you two giggly girls.” Beth could hear stomping feet, heading down the stairs. “Here they come, get ready.” She said. Evan turn to face the stairs, and came face to face with two, giggly girls. Popcorn sat on the coffee table, and both girls began to munch away at the handfuls they had.  Beth said, “If you promise to be good, and watch the movie, and not wiggle around, I will get you ice-cream!” “Okay, Okay,” the girls said. “We won’t wiggle or giggle.”  Beth headed for the kitchen to get ice-cream for everyone. Evan had pushed the movie in, and it was ready to go. Beth brought the ice-cream in, on a tray. Placing it on the table, then she passed one to the girls than to Evan, and one for herself. She sat down next to Evan, and the girls on the sofa. The movie started to play. The girls were fixed on the movie, as their hands led spoonfuls of yummy ice-cream to their open mouths. This ice-cream was really good, with the tantalizing flavor of fresh strawberries. Beth was enjoying the treat a lot, as she watched the movie play. Bella watched every move made on the screen. She had never seen this movie before. movie.jpgEvery once in a while the girls would turn to each other, with a softly whispered “OH” coming from their lips. Then, they would turn right back to the movie. The movie was near the end, when Rachel started to talk to Bella, about the bad stranger in the movie. Bella whisper to Rachel, you have a bad stranger in your bathroom, and he is very bad to little girls. Beth could not believe her ears, who was this bad stranger? Rachel asked, “was he hiding in the bathroom?” “No, he took me into the bathroom.” Bella said as the memory brought tears to her beautiful brown eyes.  Beth had to stop Rachel from asking questions. Before she could say a word Rachel put her arm around Bella’s shoulder and said, “You don’t have to be afraid Bella, I will beat that bad stranger up for you.” The look on Rachel’s face was one of determination, as she clenched her little hands into fists. “My daddy showed me what to do, I will show you, so you know how to fight.” Rachel told her best friend. Evan was so proud of his daughter and her kind heart. She had grown into a warrior. children.jpgOnce the movie was over, Beth helped the little girls up the stairs to Rachel’s warm bed. Beth kissed Bella then Rachel, then tucked them in and she left the room. Bella and Rachel started whispering between themselves. Evan was waiting down stairs for Beth to come back. He had taken the dishes, popcorn, and juice cups into the kitchen and had washed them. Beth thanked him for cleaning up the mess, and she plunked down right beside her husband. Evan asked, “How are the girls?” “Oh, they are laying in bed whispering to each other.” Beth said in a sad voice. “I could not believe the words that came from Bella, and her little tears falling broke my heart.” Beth said. “I wish I knew who the scum was that did that to her.” She said, as tears started to fall from her eyes. Evan, held her close, and kissed away her tears. It had been a very busy, stressful day, and it was time to turn in. The girls slept later than usual. Usually, the minute the light hit the window glass they were bouncing all over the bed and laughing. Evan had been up ahead of Beth, and made coffee. Beth, came sleepily shuffling her bunny slippers over the vinyl floor. Her hair was standing up at the back and out at the sides, but, she was Evan’s beauty queen. Evan couldn’t help but snicker, as he ran his hands through her hair trying to get it to lay down. But, there was no way a hand could lay that style down. Beth, was not quite awake yet, and sat sipping her coffee. The coffee would take effect very soon, and then she would be on the move. friends.jpgEvan heard the thumping of little bare feet coming down the stairs. “Good Morning girls.” He said. “Hi daddy.” Rachel said through a yawn. Bella said, “Good Morning, as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. “What would you like for breakfast ladies?” Evan asked. Rachel said, “Ice-cream.”  Beth’s answer to Rachel’s request was, “No, I think cereal would be better for breakfast.” Rachel got the bowls, spoons, and glasses for herself, and Bella. “What kind do you want?” “Captain crunch.” Rachel said, and Bella wanted sugar pops. Beth had gone up stairs to pull herself together for the day.  The girls finished their cereal and ran up stairs to get dressed. Bella’s parents would be coming over to pick her up. After the girls were dressed they watched television, while Evan went up stairs to get the tape machine he had left close to Rachel’s bed, to see if Bella had said anything about the locked door incident. But, for the time being there were two beautiful girls waiting for him down stairs.eat.jpgOnce, Bella was gone and the house was quiet, Evan went upstairs and listened to the tape. His jaw dropped when he heard Bella tell Rachel what happened. Evan had to find the right time to tell Beth, what he heard on the tape. When Rachel went to bed that night they heard the words the girls spoke. The day was pretty much one of those days, that make ya want to kick back and put your feet up. The best kind of day.  Night rolled around, and Rachel was sound asleep in her bed. Evan and Beth sat listening to the whispered words of best friends. Rachel asked Bella, “Was you afraid with the bad stranger?” Bella answered, “Yes, I was very afraid, and he scared me more when, he wanted me to, to.” Bella didn’t know how to say what happened. Rachel said, “It’s okay my best friend, I will keep you safe.” Bella spoke, “The bad man asked me to put my hand on his thing down there.”  “I ran to the corner, and would not look at him.” “Your mom saved me, and when she opened the door, he hid in the shower.”  angry.jpgBeth was furious, she just wanted to find the man who would do such a thing to a little girl. “It’s maybe best if we keep this to ourselves for the time being.” “I don’t think this is a good time to tell anyone else.” Evan said. Beth agreed with Evan’s words.  Beth was determined to look for this man.

This person had hurt a little child, and this village would not put up with that. Join me as we follow Beth on her quest to determine who this person was.


Be safe out there in the snow. Take good care of those you love.

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