Rachel Slatter (#1)

Rachel is the main character in this short story. The small east coast village of  Newberg, still lives in the minds of all who lived there. 

Rachel was a sweet little girl, she had dimples, sparkling blue eyes, blonde hair that was the color of the sun. Rachel had a funny sense of humor, and would often hide in the laundry basket, and jump out to scare her mom. Rachel made friends so easily, that it made her parents a little worried. Rachel had just started kinder garden and took a bus to school each day. She would say hello to every person she met. Rachel was a very smart child and her mom had always told Rachel not to be so friendly with people she did not know. Her mom (Beth) taught her daughter all about stranger danger, and how to scream as loud as she could. Rachel practiced with her dad (Evan) and learned how to fight like crazy, scratch, bite, kick, and how to stomp on a bad person’s foot to get away. Her dad told her to run as fast as she could and not in a straight line. He told her to scream as loud as she could, and headed to the nearest house she could see. Rachel was the only child of Beth and Evan. They loved her with all their hearts and just wanted her to be safe. girl.jpgBeth worked at the seniors home, and many times Rachel would go with her. Rachel talked to the seniors, told jokes, and read to them. She loved to twirl around in circles, mixing some dance moves in to entertain the people at the home. If Beth, did not bring Rachel with her everyone would be sad. There would be no reading, no jokes, no dancing that day.  The seniors, and nurses just loved Rachel. Beth was proud of her little girl and always kept a close eye on her. Rachels sixth birthday was in a weeks time. Beth had put together a little party for her, and some of her close friends. Beth had plans to have games at the house, have a clown come to do whatever clowns do. She had planned to take all the children to the nursing home. They would have cake and ice-cream with the seniors. Rachel did not know about the nursing home visit, so that would be a big surprise for her. The nurses made sure the Happy Birthday sign was up, and the cake was on displayed on a table in the dinning room. there were birthday hats for everyone. A pile of books sat on another table in the hopes that the children would read to the seniors. clown.jpgThe house seemed to be over-run by children, plus the parents of the children. Beth had planned pin the tail on the donkey, sack race, balloon popping, and the clown was the big event. Rita was the clown that came to the party. She had a passion for making children laugh, dance, and have fun. She brought a fellow with her that was excellent at making balloon animals. Animal balloons turned out to be the favorite thing with all the children. Rita got the children going by singing songs that they could join in on. She had the children reaching for the sky, and trying to stand on their heads. She had music for the children to dance to. Rita was so good with the children, and they loved her. The time for balloon animals had started, and Rita and her helper got right down to business. They were swarmed by children, some wanting dogs, some cats, some lambs, and birds. It was getting near the time that the hot dogs and burgers would be ready. Most of the moms pitch in and helped with the eats. While a few other mom poured juice into cups for each child. Beth was really grateful for the help, and thanked the moms. dinner.jpgEverything was going as planned, as the trip was getting closer to the visit to the nursing home. Beth had been talking to a few of the moms about getting the children safely to their destination. Marty, Beth’s dog had been barking, and scratching at the bathroom door for a while. She could not figure out what was causing Marty to act so silly. Beth tapped on the bathroom door asking, “Is anyone in there?” No one answered. Beth got the screwdriver to open the door. Beth pushed the door open and found a little girl huddled in the corner. “You are okay now sweetheart.” Beth said in a soft voice. “Did you lock the door by mistake sweetie?” The little girl said nothing, she didn’t even look up at Beth. Beth scooped her up in her arms, and took her to the room where all the moms were hanging out. “Does anyone know this little girl?” Beth said, while explaining how she had locked the bathroom door. Our dog Marty, let me know she was in the bathroom. He’s so good with children. The little girl latched onto her mom, and stayed with her the rest of the party. wiggles.jpgIt was nearing the time to load the children in the vans, and head to the surprise place. Beth gave the signal to the moms, and the children were gathered by the vans, and loaded up. Rachel kept asking her mom where they were going? Beth kept telling her it was a surprise. Beth told Rachel that she had to put a blind fold on and not to peek. Rachel sat in the passenger’s seat not making a noise. Beth turned into the nursing home parking lot, followed by the other vans. The children were signaled not to say a word. Beth led Rachel into the building to the dinning room. All of Rachel’s friends were waiting for her. Beth signaled one, two, three, and with that the place rang out with the word, “Surprise!!” Rachel tore off her blind fold, and began to dance around saying, “Yes,Yes,Yahoo, my favorite place to be!!” Rachel gathered her little friends and made her way around to all the people in the home. Rachel seen the pile of books, and started giving her friends one book each to read to a senior. The smiles at the nursing home that day were amazing. Marty the dog came along for the trip and was making a good effect on the residence. He never licked so many hands, and was happy doing a second round of licks. The children were reading and talking away, and did not even see the cake on the table. Beth did not want to disturb the children, but it was time for cake and ice-cream. Rachel with her friends surrounded the table. The candles were lit and everyone sung “Happy Birthday to Rachel who was bouncing up and down with excitement. Once the song was done Rachel blew out her candles, with the help of friends. Cake and ice-cream was given to each person by Rachel and her friends. It was so cute to see them being so attentive to the seniors. The home was pretty quiet while eating. Rachel opened her presents from her friends, one by one. She had been surrounded by her little friends.balloons.jpgcake.jpgAfter things had been cleaned up by the moms, the loading up of vans began. The children had such a wonderful time, and had asked if they could visit the seniors home again sometime. The home was more than happy to hear about the interest the children had expressed about returning to visit.

Join Rachel, her mom, and dad to see what is in store for Rachel.

Take care of those you love, and always be there to back them up.

Thank you to all my followers, reads, and new visitors to my Blog. Enjoy!

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a great Tuesday, and keep warm when outside.” “It’s cold.”

I would like to say a big thank you to all the fantastic photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.

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