Jack and Nick ( part 10 )

Nick had moved his fingers as his father touched him. Nick’s mom had been singing Nick’s favorite lullaby each time she entered the glass room. Jack, Nancy, Burt, and Rene sat quiet on a bench the overlooked Nick’s bed .

Nick had moved his fingers, and everyone including the head nurse witnessed the movement. Everyone was floating on cloud nine to see the feat that Nick had performed. No one could have thought that movement was something that would have happened. Not for at least months, or maybe even years. Nick had surprised them all, and now the doctors where on their way to see him. Would he be able to move his fingers again, letting the doctors know someone was alive this broken body. Everyone waited patiently as Nick’s team of doctors looked him over, waiting to see some sigh of movement. They spoke between each other drawing up plans for rehabilitation for Nick. One doctor held Nick’s fingers, asking him to move his fingers to let them know he was inside. As the doctors waited Nick moved his fingers in a reply to the doctors request. Nick even did one above that by letting out a moan. He was unable to say really anything more than a moan, due to his face being reconstructed. Cheers came form the family on the bench outside the room, and from the head nurse.cheers.jpg The doctors stood looking at Nick in amazement. He was not a typical case by no means. The circumstances of his demise were text-book for a bad beating gone wrong. But, getting responses like this so early was not text-book. He was almost like a super hero, who had just been sleeping. Nick was ready to start on the road to recovery. There was one thing holding him back, and that was his body. The doctors spoke with him, telling him that he had to give his body sometime to heal, before he could run a marathon. His vitals were good, there was no blood loss, and his kidneys where working as they should. He was a lucky man to have such great support from a loving family. The doctors excited the room, and stopped by to let the family know how he was doing, and to give them a run down of the injuries the that were inflicted upon his body.patient.jpgThe police had not yet released Nick’s house from the investigation. Jack made a phone call to the police station, asking if there was any chance the house could be released. The Sargent explained that he was unable to make that call, and would let the Chief¬†know¬†Jack had called. Jack hung up the phone with a disturbed looked on his face. Nancy noticed the look, and wandered over, and sat beside him. “What is wrong Jack?” She asked in a whisper. Jack turned his face towards Nancy explaining how he was unable to find out if the house had been released from the investigation. Jack wanted to get a cleaning team into the house so they could clean up the blood, and get rid of the broken furniture. Nick’s parents wanted to go to Nick’s house and stay there. Maybe because they would feel closer to their son then at Nancy’s condo. Jack did not care much about leaving. He felt at home there with Nancy for some odd reason. Jack often wondered how Nancy felt about having him around her condo.clean.jpgThe day at the hospital had been a big one, and everyone was tuckered out and ready to go back to the condo. It was time to kick off their shoes, order pizza, and have a couple of beers. It was a night to play games, and have some well deserved fun. Jack was under the assumption that Nancy was going to work the next day. He went into the kitchen where Nancy was getting beer and some snacks they could eat while playing cards. “Hey Nancy, Are you going to work tomorrow?” Jack asked. Nancy smiled and told Jack, “I have vacation time owing to me so I took a couple of weeks off.” “I figured this way I could hang out with you wonderful people while you are here.”¬† Jack smiled amazement hearing that Nancy would do such a nice thing. Nancy explained, “I feel comfortable with all of you, and feel like I belong.” “I don’t know why but it’s a very strong feeling, and I don’t want it to go away.”pizza d.jpgOver the next few days Nick started to announce him self each time someone came into his room. Within a week Nick was moved into a normal private room. That move was so good for Nick. He loved having a lot more interaction with his parents, Jack, and Nancy. He had the bandages removed from his face, and the metal rods taken out of his leg. He still had to wear a cast for a few more weeks. Nick started physio, and was hobbling around the floors as much as the nurses would let him. He never asked about the lady who was found in the house with him. His memory had suffered a great deal, leaving him unable to remember what had happened to him. He would often ask Jack, “did you run me over buddy?” Jack would laugh, and say, “Ya, but you kept getting up all the time buddy.”crutches.jpgThe police had let the house be returned to Nick’s family, and it was up to Jack to get the house in ship-shape order before Nick’s parents went to stay there. The police had never found the person, or persons that beat Nick and Jane Doe. Sure there were all kinds of forensic evidence, and a few tips, but none lead to the killer. The saddest thing of all was, Jane Doe had passed away while in a coma. Her body was too broken to heal. She was cremated by the city. Jack, Nancy and Nick’s parents made sure they went to her burial. No one ever mentioned her, mostly for fear that Nick would remember the incident and slip into guilt over her death.Nancy and Jack finally figured out the obvious, and realized that they were destined to be together. Once Nick was well enough to attend their wedding, they tied the knot. After a couple of years passed by Nancy and Jack had a little boy, naming him after uncle Nick. Nick had two permanent house guest, as his mom and dad sold their home, and moved in with him. Jack had surveillance¬†cameras installed around the outside of the house, and a couple in the house. Just in case the killer decided to return. Jack and Nancy child called Nick’s parents Nanna and Papa, as they all considered themselves family. Not family by blood, but family by association.¬† Nick never gained his memory, which was okay. He had the chance to live from his recovery, and not live a nightmare for the rest of his life.¬†fam.jpgIt’s wonderful when things work out for the good. Miracles¬†do happen.

The end.

Take care of yourself, and those you love.

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