Jack and Nick ( part 9 )

Having a relaxing time at Nancy’s condo was a great plan, and after all the stress everyone had gone through the past couple days. Burt and Rene, were staying with Nancy and Jack, which made the hospital easier to get to.

After a good nights sleep everyone woke up well rested, and ready for their day at the hospital. Rene was hoping that her singing to Nick would help him respond. She prayed each night for her boy to get better, and the wish on the rainbow, was a special kind of power. The wish ment a lot to Rene, and the fact that everyone did the wish with her was the high light of her day. Once breakfast was over Rene had the first position  in line for the bathroom. Nancy had her own bathroom and got herself ready to face the day. Burt and Jack were at the counter washing and drying dishes as they talked back and forth. Nancy liked the idea that Jack was a man who did not have to be asked to help out. He just did it on his own. Nancy had a feeling about Jack from the first time she seen him, what that was she couldn’t quite figure out. All she knew is that he was  very nice, considerate, and she liked that.hair.jpgRene, exited from the bathroom, yelling to Burt, “Burt, your turn.” Burt started to run down the hall to the bathroom, he grabbed Rene around the waist and planted a big wet kiss on her cheek. Rene wet her finger, and placed the finger in his ear with the quickness of a ninja. Burt let out a squeal. Jack ran towards the bathroom followed by Nancy, they looked at Burt and Rene with amazement. “What happened?” Jack asked. Nancy was laughing now, she had an Idea what was going on, but Jack thought that one of them was hurt. Burt blurted out, “Rene put a yucky wet finger in my ear, and I don’t like that.” Jack and Rene joined Nancy in some good gut busting laughter. It was funny! Burt was acting like a little boy who just got kissed by a girl, he didn’t like. Burt turned to Rene, and went to plant a kiss on her cheek, but he licked her face. The fun was on, Nancy and Jack wanted nothing to do with those two, and turned to head down the hall to the kitchen. “You’d think those two were children,” Jack said. “Yes wasn’t that too funny?” Nancy said as she burst out laughing. “It was funny Jack, lighten up.” Nancy recanted.do.jpgBurt made his way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Jack was in Nancy’s bathroom, while Rene and Nancy were in the kitchen laughing and talking. The fellas finally finished getting ready, and came out looking really handsome. Nancy and Rene both looked at the guys, licked their finger tips, and place their fingers on their thigh, and said,”sizzle oo hot,” and pointed at the boys. Burt said, “I think we are sizzling hot.” “Ya!” They all were laughing as the exited the building. Nancy said, while holding her stomach as it was hurting from laughing so much. “You guys are so funny, I really like all of you.” Rene said, “Right back at ya girl.” The walk to the hospital seemed less stressful this time, maybe it was the mood of the group today. The sun was shining, and birds could be heard sing a happy day tune. Beautiful day for all of them. It took no time at all before the hospital came in sight. It was time to visit Nick and they would also see his team of doctors when they came back in the afternoon. In the elevator there were nurses and doctors heading to their designated floors. Nancy said hello to a couple of doctors she knew, and a nurse she was close friends with. The elevator stopped on the floor Nick was on and the group of friends got out and headed to the glass room that Nick was in. bo.jpgThe head nurse met them as they came down the hall. “How is everyone today?” she said with a big smile. “Nick is doing very well, and had a quiet night.” She said. She followed them to the fashion room and mom and dad got decked out in fashionable garb. Jack said, “Wait a moment, I want a picture of both of you.” After a fun photo shoot, the parents entered the room. Rene was singing again so Nick knew she was there. Burt stood close to the bed touching Nick’s fingers, and talked to him about the things they had done the day before. They both were sure Nick could hear them even though he was locked inside a broken body, and mind. Their faith in their son was the strongest it had ever been. Jack and Nancy could hear them talking to Nick, and they could also hear the sweet voice of a mother with her child in her arms. The lullaby was so sweet and soothing, a song that no one but Rene knew. Today they were allowed ten minutes with their son, and they didn’t want to waste one minute of that time. Nancy tapped on the glass, and waved her arm for them to come out, as their time was up. hands.jpgBurt was still touching his sons fingers, and when he said he loved Nick the fingers he held moved a bit. Nancy and Jack seen the fingers move too. Burt was overwhelmed by the joy he felt inside, Rene came over, and touched Nick’s fingers, saying “I love you my son.” Rene could feel the fingers move beneath her hand. Tears began to fall as they told Nick they would be back in a while. Nick moved his fingers, and this was a great event. Nick was in there, he just had to get well, and heal. It was like everyone was walking on clouds, even the head nurse had witnessed Nick moving his fingers. It was a time to rejoice, and celebrate Nicks movement. This was an achievement no one expected this early in his recovery. There would be a lot of questions for the doctors when they came back to see Nick, and the doctors. Once Rene and Burt had left their hospital fashions behind, it was time to have a well deserved coffee, and maybe a pastery or cupcake. hugging.jpg“Lets get out of here for that coffee and go some place else.” Nancy suggested. It was a suggestion that no one could refuse. “There is a cute little bakery shop where you can sit and eat lunch.” Nancy said with enthusiasm in her voice. “We need to head that way,” she said as she pointed to her right. Off they went following the side-walk like it was the yellow brick road. The trees along the path had beautiful blossoms all over each branch, and the smell was heavenly. They were cherry blossoms. This was a time to take photos. Nancy took pictures of Rene, Burt, and Jack. Then Jack started clicking,  while the others were posing like crazy. “These photos are going to be the best,” Jack said as he laughed at the others. Jack flagged down a couple coming up the walk way, he asked them if they could take a few pictures of them. The couple was more than happy help out. The group started posing around the trees and each other. They looked totally crazy.picture.jpgAfter the trip to the bake shop, everyone headed back to the hospital as Nick’s team of doctors were due to show up anytime. Rene, Burt, Nancy and Jack sat on a set of chairs located near the room Nick was in. When you sat in these chairs you could see the whole room. Time was something that the parents, and friends had, and they weren’t moving from this spot till the doctors came.

Waiting for a doctor is something that is the norm in our everyday life. The team of doctors did show up. Join the Nick’s parents, Nancy and Jack as they speak to the doctors tomorrow.

Help those you can, and be kind to those you interact with.

I would like to thank all my followers, readers, and new visitors who have found my blog.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a great Friday, and be careful when driving in the snow.”

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I’m sending out a great big thank you to all the amazing photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.






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