Jack and Nick ( part 8 )

Burt and Rene were having a well deserved nap at Nancy’s condo. The emotional roller coaster they had been on as Jack gave them the full story about Nick, was weighing on their minds.¬†

Rene and Burt woke after an hour and twenty minutes. Burt spoke up right away, as he struggled to pry his body from the clutches, of that over sized arm-chair. “I love this chair, but I had such a struggle trying to get out of it.” Burt said. Jack chuckled saying, “I feel just as you do Burt, but when you’re trapped in the chair’s grip you drift off to sleep quickly, then when you try to get up the chair doesn’t want to let go. Rene asked, “Where is the powder room, I need to freshen up.” Nancy showed her to the bathroom and asked, “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?” Rene yelled out from behind the bathroom door, “Tea please.” Nancy walked briskly to the kitchen and put on a kettle of water for a pot of tea. Nancy asked Burt, “Would you like coffee or tea?”¬†Burt said to Jack and Nancy, “I would love a coffee please.” “Jack you have a wonderful lady, how did you ever find her?”¬† Jack let Burt think they were a couple and said to Burt, “I must have been lucky, and in the right place.” Burt began to smile as Rene made her way to the table. “This is my lucky charm Jack.” Burt said as he gave Rene a little wink.¬†tea.jpgcoffee.jpgNancy poured tea then coffee, and sat down at the table. The conversation was on where Burt and Rene would stay for the evening. Burt wanted to go stay at Nick’s house, but Jack told him that the house was still under police custody, and house has not been released by the police. Burt suggested they get a motel room, but Nancy insisted they both stay in her extra bedroom.” Well, Rene said, “I guess we are staying here with this beautiful couple.” “I will get the bed ready after we come back from the hospital tonight.” Nancy said with a smile. Chatting together the couples finished their coffee or tea, and cookies. Jack got up and cleared the table, while the ladies got ready for the trip to the hospital. The walk was not a long one, but for Rene and Burt the walk tuckered them out. As soon as they reached the entrance to the hospital, Jack said he was tuckered out, and wanted to have a bit of a rest before they went to see Nick. Jack wasn’t tired, but it was the best way to have Burt and Rene take a rest. “Okay, everybody let’s go up stairs and¬†see Nick.” Nancy suggested.chair.jpgThe glass room looked the same as earlier that day. Nick was still sleeping, and would likely be that way for a few days. Jack went to the head nurse and asked if Nick’s mom and dad could go in and see their son. The nurse brought some fashionable garb for both of them to put on, and told them they could have only five or so minutes to visit. She also told them not to remove their masks while they were in the room. Nick’s parents nodded their heads, and entered the glass room. Rene began to sing Nick’s lullaby, but this time she sung a little louder. She was hoping Nick would react to the song, but nothing happened. Burt watched his son motionless in his bed, his heart-felt so sad to see Nick in this condition. Jack could see Burt’s chin start to quiver, and Jack felt a sadness come over him, he was seeing a proud man almost in tears. Nancy put her arm on Jack’s back and told him, “It will be okay Jack, it’s okay for people to cry.” Jack nodded his head, and wiped away a tear.¬†older.jpgThe nurse came to get the couple out of the room, but Nancy began to ask her if there was any change in Nick. The nurse said that Nick would be sedated for a few more days to give his body time to rest after the surgery. Other than that he is doing okay. Nancy tapped on the glass window, and motioned to Rene and Burt that it was time to leave. Nancy could hear Rene singing to Nick, as she headed for the door she said, “I love you my son,” Burt told his son he loved him before he left the room. Jack helped Burt get out of the fashion armor that he had worn a couple of days¬†ago. Nancy assisted Rene in getting out of her hospital fashion.. Nick’s parents learned that Nick’s team of doctors would be visiting him in the late afternoon tomorrow, and they wanted to be there when the team arrived. Jack and Nancy agreed that they would be there on time. Nancy went and asked the head nurse when the team would be into see Nick? She said that they would be there between four and five o’clock the next day.mask.jpgIt was time to get something to eat and head home. Jack suggested they go out to eat, and he had a nice place in mind. Burt and Jack went to get Burt’s car out of the underground parking garage. Jack drove, as he knew where they were going to eat. The traffic was not bad so it took hardly anytime to get to Alto’s restaurant. The place wasn’t too busy for early dinner diners. The waiter led the way to an elegantly set table for four, he asked if he could get something at the bar for anyone. Jack ordered, water with lemon, and a soda, Nancy and Rene had water, and Burt ordered a frosty mug of beer. Everyone looked around at the decor of the restaurant, and commented on how wonderful the place looked. Jack said, “You wait till the food comes, you will be blown away when you taste your dinner.” Once the food arrived everyone realized Jack was not kidding, the aroma and taste of the food was beyond heavenly. Everyone had the most amazing time at dinner, and no one wanted to leave. But it was time to head back to the condo, and relax after a very long day.dinning.jpgAs they drove home it started to rain, and there was an amazing rainbow in the sky. It was so beautiful, and Rene said, “If we make a wish on the rainbow, it will come true. If we wish for Nick to get better,¬†together, the wish will be stronger. Nancy counted one, two, three, “My wish is that Nick get better soon.” With that said they all let out a cheer. Once at the condo everyone settled in for an enjoyable evening.

A wish for Nick to get better, was sent through the heavens on the back of a beautiful rainbow. Tomorrow will be another big day for Nick’s parents. Come join us as we follow their day.

Smile often, and treasure the ones you love.

Thank you to all my followers, readers, and new visitors. Happy to see you.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

“Have a fantastic Thursday, and bundle up when you go outside.”

I would like to thank the wonderful photographers at Up Splash for their talent, and their contributions.

PLEASE, leave any comments below. Thank you. 








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