Jack and Nick ( part 7 )

Jack had found out through comparisons of recorded blood tests the man is intensive care was Nick. Jack was more than excited, and was dancing with Nancy in the hallway beside the nurses station. It’s funny, how positive news can make all the negative energies go away.

Jack danced with Nancy in his arms whirling her around in circles. Jack stopped dancing. Nancy looked at him strangely, as he said, “I’m sorry.” Nancy laughed as she blurting out, “No problem that was lots of fun, we should go dancing sometime.” Jack did not realize at the time that he was dancing with a nurse, in the hospital hallway, and God knows who was watching. He felt like fool, and embraced, because he latched onto a nurse without asking permission. Nancy didn’t seem to be upset with his actions. Jack changed the subject, asking if he could go visit Nick. Now the dreaded call was inevitable, he had to call Nick’s parents, and explain what had happen, and how he had found their son.  Before, Jack made the call he had to see Nick. Nancy showed him the way to the intensive care unit. Nancy stood in front of a glass room, with Jack by her side.care.jpgJack stood looking at his friend in total disbelief. The amount of bandages covering all of his face except for one eye. While the one eye had multiple stitches on the brow, eye lid, under the eyes, and there was blood slowly trickling down his cheek area onto the bandages. His right leg was elevated by a metal frame, and long rods ran through the cast which covered his foot from the tips of his  toes up to his hip. Nicks one arm was placed on a pillow beside him, and a cast covered the once bloody wounds. There were tubes going into Nick’s body, and tubes coming out of Nick’s body. Nick was badly broken in ways Jack didn’t realize. His body had been covered in blood the last time Jack had seen him, and now reality was bringing a bright light to the injuries that were covered by dry and dripping blood.cry.jpg Jack leaned towards the glass, and began to cry. Nancy put her hand on his back and softly rubbed his shoulder. “He is going to get better Jack, and he is going to need you to help him achieve full recovery.” Nancy whispered. Jack looked at Nancy with tears in his eyes, and said, “You are right and I will be here for Nick, and thank you very much for being here for me.” Nancy just smiled saying, “It’s all part of the job, and it’s my pleasure.” Jack was getting kinda hungry, and it was time for him to take a break and get out of the hospital. Jack said he would be back in an hour. He left the hospital on his way to find a quiet place to call Nick’s parents, and give them the bad news. Jack entered a quiet little bar, slash diner and chose a booth at the far end of the place. A place where all the noise was almost eliminated by the sound of a compressor. Jack ordered a beer, and asked not to be disturbed till he was finished his call. beer.jpgThe phone rang six times and Jack thought maybe they had gone out to shop, or to eat dinner. Just when he was going to hang up Nick’s mom (Rene) answered the phone. “Hello.” “Hi, this is Jack.” Jack said.  “Oh yes my dear, how are you doing?” Rene said in her usual cool calm voice. She was the kind of lady everyone loved, and as sweet as cotton candy. She was short in stature and looked oh so frail, but was as strong as ox. She was funny, and loved playing Bingo. “I’m calling with not so good news, is Burt (Nick’s dad) at home with you?” Jack asked. “Yes he is here, what’s wrong dear?” Rene asked Jack. “It’s Nick.” “I found Nick in his house in the basement, and someone had beaten him and a female, very badly.” Jack said through the lump in his throat. He could hear Nick’s mom yelling for Burt her husband to come to the phone now. The urgency in her voice had even Jack worried. worried.jpgJack could hear her frantically telling Burt that Nick was badly beaten in his house, and Jack found him. Burt got on the phone, “Hello Jack, what happened, and how is Nick?” Jack didn’t know what to say, he was tongue tied and was tripping over his words. “He is in the hospital in intensive care, and is expected to recover.” “What hospital?” Burt asked. “The Mary of Mercy Hospital, not far from Nick’s house.” Jack mumbled. Burt blurted out, “we will be there tomorrow.” “Are you going to be there Jack?” “Yes I will be waiting for you both, what time are you going to be at the hospital?” Jack took a big breath in and then let it out. Burt said that they would be there by eleven o’clock in the morning.”  Jack said, “I love you both, and see you in the morning.” Burt hung up the phone. Jack glanced at his watch, and noticed he had been there for an hour, and ten minutes. He dialed Nancy, telling her he would meet her at the hospital in ten minutes. “I need to see Nick before we go back to your apartment for the night.” Nancy answered, “No problem.” Then she hung up the phone. Jack knew that tomorrow would be a very draining, and emotional day for Nick’s parents, and himself. All Jack wanted to do, was visit with Nick, get something to eat, and relax in that big chair Nancy had at her place. chair.jpgNancy was finished work by the time Jack arrived. She had planned to go with Jack to visit Nick for a bit before they left for the night. They entered the elevator, and pressed the fifth floor. Jack stared at the floors passing by without saying a word. Once the elevator door opened Jack and Nancy walked down the hall to the room Nick was in. Jack asked the person in charge if he could go in and let Nick know he was here with him, and not to worry. The nurse talked to Nancy, and said to Jack, “you must put on protective clothing, and a mask, then you can only visit for five minutes.” Jack agreed, and with protective armor he got to speak to his best friend, Nick. “I’m here Nick, and you have nothing to worry about, I will be here till you have recovered.” “I love you Nick.” Jack whispered to Nick.  Jack turned and headed for the door. Jack and Nancy headed for a nice place to have dinner, then went back to Nancy’s place, had coffee, and talked about the call he made to Nick’s parents. home.pngNancy and Jack talked about their day, the phone call to Nick’s parents, and the fact that Nick’s parents would be at the hospital by eleven tomorrow morning. Nancy told Jack that she was off for two days, and would love to be there as support for all of them. Jack said he would be more than happy to have her there to help Nick’s parents deal with the emotions, and to tell them that Nick was a fighter, and he was going to recover over time.

I know this story may seem long, but like most stories I have limited to a certain units of time. This story has many twists and turns, and I would like to share them all with you. Join Jack tomorrow as he lets Nick’s parents know the whole story.

Take care out there, and spread those smile where ever you go.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS. 

” Have a fine day on this Tuesday in November, and take a umberlla with you today.”

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