Jack and Nick ( part 6 )

Jack had spent the night at Nancy’s place, sleeping on a large chair that had consumed his body when he sat down. Sleep did not take long, as it had been two days since he slept.¬†

Jack sat looking out over the city, from the large window in Nancy’s apartment. The coffee he had made to help him wake up was, just right, and tasted divine. The aroma of the coffee took Jack back to his childhood. He remembered the smell, when his mom would make a pot of percolated coffee for dad and herself. The smell was heaven, and to this day Jack loves a cup of coffee when ever the aroma tickles his nose. Jack’s mind returned to the busy streets, as people scurried around taking care of their business. The city was beautiful, streets of trees, as far as the eye could see, this was a place that Jack could live and be happy. Jack had to get back to the hospital to get the up date on the two people he had found in his friend’s house. Jack could not bare the thought of going back to the house, because it was so creepy, and depressing. Jack finished his coffee, had a shower, made breakfast, and cleaned up before he headed out the door. When he arrived at the hospital, Nancy was with a patient. She was getting Miss Emma ready for her day. Jack waited patiently in the waiting room for Nancy to come talk with him.coffee.jpgJack didn’t like the hospital, because of the food, sick people, and the smell. The smell was different from any other. It was the smell of disinfectants, sickness, and death. Jack always used to say if he was in a hospital, just bring me a large strawberry shake, cheese and bacon burger with the works, and a large fries with double gravy. He knew all that food was not good for him, but as he said, “We only live once, so I’m eating the things I like.” Jack heard a familiar voice talking outside the waiting room, and it was Nancy. He thought it strange that he had become so fond of her, she was beautiful, funny, smart, and had the best smile he had ever seen. He stood up, and walked to the door way, saying, “hello, have you heard anything?” The gentleman he found was in intensive care, and would be there for at least a month or more. He will be okay, but it was going to take quite awhile for him to get back on his feet. Jack was so happy to hear the fella was going to make it. Jack had a feeling in his gut that the man was his best friend Nick. “Nancy, how long do you figure it will be before the swelling goes down on his face?” Jack asked. “I would figure by three weeks for sure, as the man’s face needed to be reconstructed, and that always takes longer than normal.” Nancy replied with a sweet smile on her face. Jack asked, ” Should I call Nick’s parents and let them know that their son is in the hospital, and could we do blood tests to find out if the man is Nick?” Nancy had no straight answer to Jack’s question, but she tried to make Jack feel at ease. ” We could see if Nick has ever been in this hospital, or get a hold of the college he goes to and get records from them?” ” Then we could do the blood test to make sure?” Jack said with a ray of hope on his face.¬† Nancy agreed with Jack as they headed to the nurses station to look for any records for his buddy, Nick.¬†station.jpgNancy asked Jack a series of questions about Nick, and entered the information into the computer. Jack and Nancy chatted for a while, as the information was being found. Sometimes the computers are¬†slow due to all the units on the same internet. Nancy looked down and there in front of her was the information on Nick Banach. “We got him,” she said to Jack. “Looks like he has been here for a few times.” Nancy said. She ordered up blood tests to be done, and have it compared to the samples in his charts. ” It’s going to a bit before the results are in, and maybe you should get some lunch, and…” Nancy stopped talking for a few seconds. Then she continued with what she was saying to Jack. “I will be off for lunch in five minutes, if you want to come have lunch with me.” “Sure I can wait till you are ready to go, come get me in the waiting room.” With that said, Jack turned and walked to the waiting room and sat down.¬†blood sample.jpgLunch ran longer than usual as Nancy and Jack talked about bits of their lives. It was a kinda get to know you better conversation. Nancy looked at her watch and jumped to her feet, “I’m late, let’s go.” “Maybe, there will be an answer,” Nancy said with her fingers crossed. Then Jack would know for sure if the man in intensive care, was really his buddy, Nick. Nancy looked for the results of the blood test she had ordered. She typed into the computer, and found that the test would not be done till one-thirty. “Looks like it’s going to take a bit longer to get the results, but that’s not too long.” Nancy said to Jack as she answered the phone. Jack went to the waiting room and stood looking out a window that over looked a parking lot. He was excited inside, but he did not want to say anything for fear of jinxing the results.watch.jpg If the man was Nick, Jack would have to call Nick’s parents, and let them know how he had found him, and what his condition was at the present time. That was a phone call Jack was dreading. Jack kept looking at his watch every few minutes, then finally it was one-thirty. Jack headed right for the nurses station. Nancy was standing with a print out of the blood test, and she seemed almost like she had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. “Is it him?” Jack blurted out. Nancy could not hold her excitement any longer, and let Jack know, “It is your friend, and the test prove that the man is actually Nick.” Jack had a tear rolling down his face. “It is my buddy?” Jack said with disbelief¬† on his face.

It looks like Jack’s best¬†friend was here in the hospital. I wonder what it will be like when Jack calls Nick’s parents, and when he finally sees Nick. Tomorrow we will find out what happens.

Take care of yourself and the ones you love.

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gran driving red  lips (2).jpg MAGS.

” Have a wonderful Monday, and pass a smile onto who ever you meet.”

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