Jack and Nick ( part 5 )

Jack had found two bodies that were beaten so bad, they were unrecognizable. The bodies were found in Nick’s house, and Jack is sitting in a waiting room at the hospital, waiting for word on the people he found. 

Jack sat praying for God to lay his healing hands on the people he had found. He prayed for hours, pleading with God to save his best friend, if that fella was him. Jack knew the road to recovery was going to be hard, and he vowed to stay right here, in Nick’s house to help no matter what. Time passed so slowly, and Jack was getting sore from sitting. He had decided to take a walk around the block, and stop to grab a bite to eat before he made his way back to the hospital. On his way out, Jack stopped by the nurses station to tell Nancy that he was heading out to get some air. Jack told Nancy he would be an hour at least, and gave her his cell number just in case someone woke up.  Nancy was more than happy to let him know. walking.jpgJack’s mind played over again, and again what he had seen in the basement. The visions didn’t seem to want to go away. Jack was traumatized by what he had witnessed, and his brain was trying to process the event. Jack needed to get a good nights sleep, and maybe then he could come to grips with how he was feeling. Sleep and time was the best medicine for him. Jack noticed a sign for a wonderful pizza place, and his stomach was reminding him that he hadn’t eaten for quite sometime. When Jack opened the door, the smell of the pizza baking in the ovens was a heavenly smell. A very loud growl was welling up in his stomach and ready to explode. think.jpgJack found a place to sit, and was craving a whole pizza, because he was starving. The waiter sauntered over to the table, and at that very moment the growl exploded from Jack’s stomach. The waiter said jokingly, “well you need to feed that before it jumps up on out of you.” Jack shyly snickered saying, “Yes I better.” The waiter took Jack’s order, then returned with an ice-cold beer for Jack. “This may not feed the beast, but at least it will calm it down, and your pizza won’t be long.” The waiter said with a smile, and a snicker or two. “Thanks!” Jack said, while taking that first chug of beer. He could feel the icy cold liquid wonder its way down to his roaring beast of a belly. The beer tasted so good, and seemed to calm the beast. When the pizza arrived Jack ordered another beer to sip on while he ate.pizza.jpgJack enjoyed his pizza, and had relaxed somewhat. He was ready to return to the hospital to see if there was any word on the people he had found. His cell phone rang inside his pocket, as he reached to answer it there was a gentle tap on his shoulder. It was Nancy the nurse from the hospital. “Hello, would you sit a few more minutes?” Nancy said. “Of course, I sure can, and how did you find me here? ” Jack said with a pleasant smile on his face. “I live a few minutes from here and usually stop for something to take home and eat.” Nancy said as she sat across the table from Jack, and began to speak. ” The lady you found is in really bad shape, she is fighting for her life, and doctors only give her a fifty-fifty chance of survival. She was placed in a coma to give her a better fighting chance. No one knows who she is, but the police are looking into finding someone who may know her. The Police are unable to take a photo of her, till the swelling goes down on her face. She is a Jane Doe. Jack let out a big sigh as if he had been holding his breathe. He was over whelmed with sadness, and he put his face in his hands, as tears fell from his eyes. Nancy did her best to make him feel better, but the tears just kept falling. Nancy sat next to Jack, and hugged him, consoling him as he cried. chat.jpgJack had just about cried as much as he could, then dried his eyes with a napkin Nancy had given him. Jack looked up at Nancy, and apologized for the tears. Nancy just waved it off with a wisp of her hand. Jack asked the big question, “how is the man?” Nancy said, ” the man was in isolation, and under constant care.” His prognosis was not good either. He was fighting very hard to stay alive, but no one could see him for the next forty eight hours. Jack was both happy and sad at the same time. Jack asked Nancy if there were any hotels close to the hospital. Nancy said, “No but you can crash at my place, for as long as you need.”  “I have two bedrooms and you are welcomed to use the second one.” She explained. Jack graciously accepted. “Thank you so very much.” Nancy’s food had arrived awhile ago, and it was time for her to head home, as she worked early in the morning.apartment.jpgNancy’s apartment was tastefully decorated, and had large windows that let in the sun. Nancy sat on the cough and ate her dinner listening to the news. Jack sat in a cozy over stuffed large chair by the window. As he sunk into the chair, Nancy could see all the tension in his disappear. Nancy finished her dinner, then showed Jack his room, then disappeared into her room. Jack went back to sit in the cozy chair by the window, and fell asleep. Nancy came out to get a bottle of water, and noticed Jack in the chair sound asleep. She grabbed a warm blanket in the closet, and covered Jack. He never even stirred, when the blanket touched his skin. Nancy went off to bed.sleep.jpgJack woke the next morning to an empty apartment. Nancy had left at six A.M. She had left a key on the counter with a note. “Jack, sleep as much as you want, and have something to eat.” “This is a key for you to use.” “See you at the hospital.” Nancy. Jack made a coffee, and sat looking out the window at the city.

Join me when Jack goes back to the hospital, and finds out more.

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