On the Ocean(5 of 5)

This will be the final post for “On the Ocean.” During our cruise we stopped, at an island called Labadee, Haiti. The “Royal Caribbean” cruise lines have two home islands, where passengers can have fun in the sand and sun, and enjoy a barbeque. The island is the last place on our stop, before heading back to Florida.

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On the Ocean

” I have several photographs of this beautiful ship, and the many things anyone can partake of” “There are so many photographs that it may take the rest of this week to share them with my readers.”   ” Join me each day as I walk you through our vacation.”

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On the ocean

Well here I am,still on the ocean.

Land should be insight as of tomorrow. We arrive at Saint Martin I would imagine around 7 AM. Yesterday the sea was extremely rocky you could feel the boat move up and down. We were watching the horizon and when the boat went up,the Horizon got thinner, then when the boat went down, the horizon got larger. Yesterday my adventurous grandson tried climbing the rock wall. I must say he was exceptional at it. Today we are sitting around the pool. We did the same thing yesterday. But the pool had to be drained as some garbage,that was floating around But, heavy winds blew them into the pool. As it’s customary for them to drain the pool, clean it and fill it up again.Last night was a feast for the pallet in dining room. There were so many varieties of food that you could choose from. There several categories to choose your food from, starters, entrées, and desserts.

As you can see food is delightful.

It was just at night so a lot of people walking around in suits and beautiful gowns. It was also picture night. There is one more dress-up night, and at that point I think we are going to get our pictures taken in our beautiful wear.

This picture was taken in Central Park.

The reflecting lights in Central Park in the evening.

The ocean is much calmer today. All you can see are a few ripples. As the ship cuts through the water,a wake is created.

From somewhere on the ocean. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Take care of those you love and be safe.

Mags. 🚗 beep beep

On the Ocean (1 of 5 )

Hi Mags here.

I’m On vacation on the middle of the ocean. As you can see this is a picture of the ship that we are on. The name of the ship is Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas.

I will be sending out Posts each day,to all my readers of my blog Nannabblog. Updates of what’s going on the ship, and places that we will see.

This is our second trip, on the Allure of the Seas. On this trip there over 6000 people on the ship now you would think there’d be no space and you to see everybody at once well you don’t see everywhere and you don’t see everybody this ship is amazing.

There are many activities for children and adults. The amount of places to get food is staggering. You can find, pretty well anything you want, from hot dogs 🌭 to ice cream and more. And may I say the fine dining in the main dining room is a dream come true. Your served by not one waiter, but two. The food is impeccable, with flavours touch your pallet and explode. Below you will see a photograph of my dinner last night and this was just the main course.

Pork chops in here was at least an inch and a half thick so tender and juicy I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t eat it all either. The pork chop was cooked to perfection. My dessert for the night was crème brûlée that tasted so yummy ate all of that.

This lovely morning I woke to breakfast on the balcony in the middle of the ocean.

And now that is finished, the breakfast, I’m talking about, I’m off do you have a full day of fun.

I’ll report back later.

Join me tomorrow for more.

Take care your love ones and be safe out there.

Mags 🚗 beep beep

“Have a wonderful Monday.”