Jack and Nick ( part 3 )

Jack was frantic, and freaking out. He had got a phone call from Nick saying he was in trouble, and then the line went dead. Jack had no luck so far, reaching Nick.

Jack had dialed Nick’s number and someone answered, but Jack had no idea who the person could be. ” Hello.” Jack said. Jack could hear breathing, hard breathing, and then nothing. “What is going on, and who are you?” Jack said as he raised his voice in sheer frustration. “Look Nick, if this you and you can’t speak, try to knock something over or clap your hands, anything so I know this is you?” Jack spoke in a commanding voice. Jack listened for some sign of a bang, a clap, a fart, anything at all that would put him a little more at ease. Jack had a bad feeling that Nick was hurt, and unable to talk or move. Was he beaten by someones husband for sleeping with his wife? After all, Nick had a reputation as smooth mover with the ladies. He could talk any lady into a night of passionate love-making, or a quick shag in the bushes. Jack had always warned him that someday there would be a husband jealous enough to shoot him, or kick the crap right out him. worried.jpgJack tried one more time to get a response. Yelling at the top of his voice, Jack bellowed into the phone, ” Nick, if this is you, do something to let me know that you are there.” On the corner close to Jack people where looking at him. ” It’s my friend, I think he is hurt. ”  Jack said calmly, and watched as the people walked away. ” That’s it Nick, I’m on my way, hang in there buddy.” While Jack headed to get his car he rang Nick’s parents, and asked if they had seen or heard from Nick?” Nick’s mom said, ” I have not seen nor heard from him in a couple of days. ” ” Is there something wrong?” Jack explained, “Nick had called me, and wanted me to come visit for a couple days.” ” Oh by the way, I’ve forgotten the address to Nick’s house, could I bother you for that.” Jack asked politely. ” Yes dear, the address is 696 Miller road, Boston.” ” Thank you. ” Jack said, as he drove off in the direction of Nick’s place. jack.jpgJack drove all night, and by noon the next day he arrived at Nick’s place. Jack could see Nick’s car in the drive way. “He has to be there,” Jack mumbled to himself. Jack parked his car behind Nick’s car and ran towards the door. Jack raised his hand to knock on the door, but the door was slightly open. Jack cautiously pushed the door open, then yelled, ” Nick buddy, are you here? ” There was no answer, so Jack walked further into the house. Nick wasn’t in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or the bedrooms, where could he be? Jack had a strong feeling that he was there, but where?  “Think, think,” Jack said to himself. “Where, where, oh my god, his man cave in the basement.” Off Jack hurried through the house to the basement stairs.basement.jpgJack started to go down the stairs, but noticed it was very dark. He turned and headed to the top of the stairs to find a light switch, there was none, maybe there is a light at the end of the stairs. Jack headed back down, and stumbled into the sofa. ” Where is that light, it has to be here? ”  Jack felt his way along the length of the sofa to the other end, where he found a lamp and turned the switch. “Nothing.” The light did not work, by this time Jack was saying words that his mom had always told him not to say. ” Fun, what the heck, Fun, Fun. And those where not the words Jack had said. Jack was at his limited, and was ready to lose his cool. “Okay, Okay, if I go this way, the light might be over here?” Jack stumbled his way around, and hit something on the floor. Reaching down and picked it up, it was a light. What was it doing on the floor? Jack thought as he turned it on. lamp.jpg The light was one of those cheap desk lights that only cast so much light, and that usually went only so far. Jack turn the light away from himself, and started to shine the light along the walls of the basement. Jack stopped the light as he could see two arm chairs flipped over. ” Nick are you there? ” Jack yelled out as loud as he could. There was no answer, but Jack was sure he heard something move. Jack started shining the light back and forth on the walls, then the floor. There was a bra, and stockings littering the floor, and beside them was a shirt, a man’s shirt. ” Oh boy Nick, you must have had some fun by the looks of things.” Jack muttered to himself. Things got worse as Jack panned the light over the floor. Papers, books, trophies, and the bookcase, had been thrown to the floor with some force. Jack was getting freaked out by all the chaos and the blood that had been spattered on the papers and books. Jack was sure there had been a fight, but where was Nick?papers.jpgJack shone the light further around the room. The light stopped moving.  Jack heart was thumping so hard he could hear it. There before his eyes was blood on the floor.

Did Jack find Nick or was it someone else? Join me tomorrow when we find out who had left the blood on the floor.

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