Jack and Nick ( part 2 )

Jack and Nick had met as children, and the bond they had, was like brothers. Both had the power of imagination, which made it  easy for them to make crazy stories out of the blue. 

Nick had attained a scholarship for college threw his talent as a football player. Nick was football’s type of guy, broad shoulders, strong legs, and he had the power behind his physical attributes. Nick did better than average in his school work, but on the field he was a cut above all the other players. He was their number one-quarter back, and he had hands like Spiderman, and when he caught the ball, no one could get the ball out of his hands. Nick’s dad had been a football player when he was in high school, and college. His dad would always say, that Nick got his talent from him, and that someday Nick would be a star player. He would tell his son that the star player would always get the girl of his dreams. Nick would always laugh at his dad, and say to him, ” Things have changed dad, and it’s not quite like that anymore.” Dad would reply, “I got the queen of my dreams.” What could Nick say to that, and as he walked away shaking his head, he had a smile on face.quarter.jpgJack was the totally opposite of Nick. He had dreams and goals that he wanted to achieve early in his life. The first was the book he wanted to have published, and two was to meet the lady who was waiting out there for him. That may sound very funny, but Jack had a gut power, that most don’t have, he could feel her closer than ever before. He would often wonder why he had this power, and why was it only this girl he could feel. Was it someone from his past, that was destine to be his mate, or just someone he had seen or met. Time would give Jack his answer sooner than he figured. Mean while, Jack just kept on track, with his goal to publish his stories in a book. Jack had taken his stories to his publisher, and was waiting patiently for a call back to see if they would publish. While sitting in a small book store, doing one of his favorite things, his cell phone rang. That was funny he thought, ” No one ever calls me.” Looking down at his phone, he noticed a familiar number, it took his by surprise, and it took him a few minutes to figure out who it was. It was Nick’s number, he answered saying, ” hello buddy, longtime no see.”  ” Is there anything wrong buddy? ” Nick answered, “Yes I’m in trouble, and I need your help?” The line went dead. cell.jpgJack stood trying to figure out what had just happened. “Why did Nick hang up, and what was the trouble he was in?” Jack grabbed his jacket, and headed for the door of the store. “Everything okay Jack?” The owner asked. ” I sure hope so,” Jack replied. “I’ll see you later,” Jack said as he burst out the door. Nick was in trouble, and Jack had to get to him right away. Jack was hoping Nick would call him back, but no such luck. Jack decided to try Nick’s number, he dialed the number, it rang once then twice.  Someone picked up the phone, “Is that you Nick?” “There was no answer.” “Is that you Nick?” Jack yelled into the phone. A tiny squeaky voice answered the phone, “who is this?” Jack asked, in a surprised tone of voice. “Who are you looking for sweetie?” The voice on the other end of the line asked. “I’m looking for Nick.” He said as he was starting to panic. ” I’m sorry honey, but there’s NO Nick living here.” The squeaky voice replyed. ” Is this 555-3829?” Jack asked. There was a pause for what seemed like forever, and the voice came back on the phone. ” This is 555-8392.” ” I’m sorry, I must have mixed the numbers up, when I dialed.” Jack blurted out. ” No problem love, I hope you find your friend.” The squeeky voice said, then she hung up the phone. panick.jpgJack stood with his hand on his head, wondering how he could have mixed up the number so badly. He didn’t usually make mistakes like that, and he just couldn’t get his brain to wrap around what he had done. Jack finally came to his senses, and dialed Nick’s number again. This time he made sure the number was correct. The phone rang, six times, then finally someone said, “Hello.” Jack didn’t recognize the voice, and had no idea who it was. Did he mess up again? Who the heck could this person be? Jack was freaking out, and started to get impatient. “Who are you?” Jack bellowed. Did Jack find Nick, or was there something going on, that Jack didn’t know about?

I hope this is Nick, because Jack was in total panic. Join me tomorrow when we find out, who is on Nick’s phone this time.

Thank you to all my followers and readers for visiting, and being here each day.

Take care of the ones you love, and be careful.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a wonderful Tuesday, and keep warm.”

I would like to thank all the magnificent photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.


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