Jack and Nick ( part 1 )

Jack Goodwin, was an active five-year old with an imagination, that could create a story about a big bag bandit who fought him, and won his favorite pair of shoes.

The shoes where green and yellow, with little bees on them, and when he stepped on the ground the shoes would light up. Jack would tell his friend Nick, how two little mice, in his room would talk to him, while he tried to sleep. Nick would always believe Jack, mostly because Jack was his only friend. The two boys had met when their parents  become friends. Nick spent more time at Jack’s house.  There were sleep overs, camping trips, and just good old hanging out together visits. The boys became best friends. Nick took Jack’s lead, and began to tell stories about monsters, little green visitors from Mars, and big hairy giants who stomped on the cars as they drove down the road. Imagination for these to young fells was a way of communicating with each other. They were the cutest boys ever, and to hear them tell their stories was a delight. boys.jpgWhen it came time for the boys to go to school, they where lucky enough to be in the same class. The boys would often play by themselves, until the teacher started to separate them into different groups. As soon as  the boys realized they would have more people to tell their stories to, which seemed great. As time went on Jack began to write his stories on paper, and had a dream that someday he would write a book. As years passed, Jack and Nick had made many friends, but they always had time for each other. Public school turned into High School, the time when sports was an important part of a fell’s life. Nick played on the football team, and won a scholarship to college. His mom and dad were extremely proud of him, and had a party to mark his achievements. Jack was the studious type, and did well with his studies which made him almost seem like somewhat of a geeky type.jack.jpgJack would spend a lot of time sitting in the back corner of a small book store reading, and researching how to publish a book. Jack did not see much of Nick, as their lives had taken different roads. Even with all the changes in their lives, every  now and then, they would meet at a local pub, and talk about life in general. Nick talked about the new girl he had met. Nick changed girl friends, like he changed his socks. Jack was not interested in the fairer sex, or should it be said that the girls found Jack to be a little creepy.  Jack was a book-worm, and there are not too many girls hanging around small book stores, or at least not the ones Jack frequented. But Jack knew in his gut, that he was going to meet a girl in the near future. And they would be partners till the end of time.Libraries.jpgNick was soon heading to college, and Jack would not see him for long periods of time. It was tough for Jack, but he kept his mind on hid dream of writing a book. Time passed by quicker than either of the best friends had realized. Jack had finished most of his studies, and was working hard on getting his first book ready for the publishers. The book was a gathering of all the stories he kept writing, short stories about his childhood, and of his best friend Nick. Jack had only a week to finish the stories he wanted in his book. Then publisher would handle the book from there. While Jack waited to hear from his publisher he still hung out in the libraries. Nick on the other hand, was partying every night, and not doing so good with his grades in college. He still played football, but spent most of his time on the bench. His skills had gone from the best of the best, to not so hot.type.jpgnick.jpgTime can only tell if Nick changes his life, and gives up the party time and the drinking. His life was once so promising, and now, “well.”Jack studies, and read all kinds of books, to help him achieve his dreams of getting his stories complied into a book.

Join me tomorrow to find out if Nick changes his ways, and see how Jack’s stories impress the publishers.

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Take care of those you love.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have a great Monday, and share a smile or two.”

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